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  1. getstrength nz

    Hi guy's, does anyone know whats up with getstrength nz? Ordered a safety squat bar back in november and finally got confirmation it would be shipped 16th jan and still nothing. Won't answer e-mails or answer the phone. Got the most ordinary customer service iv'e seen in a long time.
  2. getstrength nz

    Hey guy,s, finally got squat bar yesterday 09/02. Yeah won't be using them again, not sure how they are still in business.
  3. superpump 250

    Hi guy's, i got some superpump today and compared the label to one i bought earlier this year. after i pulled off the NZ label which shows one third the dose that the US version has i noticed that the original label underneath only had 15mg of superpump blend compared to the older one of 20mg.Does anyone no if anything specific has been taken out? Use to find it a good product but will have to see if this blend is the same. cheers mike