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  1. Olympia coverage (updated hourly)

    DEXTER WILL WIN THE O , heres why : 1 He does not have any week pionts. 2 His condition is Flawles . 3 He has the Mass and Fullness to Macth Jay just in a Shorter package . 4 Jay has Flaws . 5 He is the Cuurent MR O thus you need to be Better not &qu...ot;CLOSE" 6 He will bring a Far Better Poseing Routine ( still to be Judged ) 7 He can hold his condition for more than 24 hrs ... There thats why
  2. Facebook :

    For One to Find Something Gay one First must Desplay Gay tendincies I would suggest Guys LOL
  3. Facebook :

    "Pumpupthejam" how can I say this Politly . Oh I cant . Piss Off . Regards Marc Rainbow IFBB Pro .
  4. Facebook :

    Become my Freind on Face Book Serach Marc Rainbow Ifbb Pro ( the picture of the Guniea pig ) I used the Pic of the Ginea Pig for a specific reason a year ago when I changed to my new Facebook Page in order to make people read my Posts before they judged me ... I get so many people saying it was a great Idea and have noticed people who are my freinds changing there profile pics of late as well ??? . Anyhows join me and my 1000s of freinds world wide there for Fun ... Lots of Youtube uploads ... the ogasional talk by me Via web cam and Myspace and all the Good spirit you can ever need . Regards Marc Rainbow IFBB PRO .
  5. JONAH LOMU - competing for NZFBB this Saturday!

    Wow Cooool as ... just hope he doesnt get a Trophy ( no I hope he does ) but get a TROPHY pic it up Fend of the other Two on Stage jump off the Stage running through the audiance Fending of Fans alike and reaching the back of the Audatourium and Diving in for a Lonnnng dive smashing the Trophy on the Floor as he does then gets up Undies half mast from the big slide and Start celerbrating a "TRRRRRRY" Yeeeeah
  6. Marc Rainbow's training

    September 14th 09 Chest and Biceps and Abbs . Started with 20 kg aside on the bench press did 3 sets in between stretching ( torn right Rotar cuff but feels ok ) Went to 40 kgs a side Did 3 sets of 5 reps. Went to 60 kgs a side Did 4 sets of 5 reps . Went to INCLINE Barbell . Did 3 sets with 30 kg aside for 5 reps . Then Did 3 sets with 60 kg aside for 5 reps . Went to INCLINE flys . The did 3 sets with 17 kg dbs of 8 reps . Then Did 4 sets with 37.5 kg dbs of 8 reps . Went to FLY MACHINE. Then did 3 sets at the pin at 12 plates for 6 reps. Then Went to the Bottom of the stack at 20 plates and Did 3x sets at 6 reps ( just made the 6 actualy each time ) Then Biceps . Z Bar curls 3 x Focus sets with 10 kg aside . Then went to 25 kg aside and Ground out 3 x sets 8 - 6 reps ending . Then seated db curls 3 x Focus sets with 15 kgs 6 reps . Then went to 25kg dbs and knocked out 3 sets for 8 reps each side . Then Preacher Curl Machine 3 x Focus sets for 8 reps . Then placed the pin on number 12 and ground out 2 sets for 8-6 reps ending . Then db Hammer Curls 3 focus sets with 15kg dbs for 6 reps each. The dbs to 25 kgs and ground out 3 sets for 8 -6 reps each ending . Then did abbs and now I am home writing this before I foregot Regards Marc .
  7. deca VS EQ

    Im not saying you cant use them Together not at all But a Lean Bulking stack of Deca Boldene and Test I dont know about wouldnt be my choice ... The reccomendation of choseing a different a Test rather than useing both Deca and Bolodone is based on the current economic climit and what most guys are telling me there money situations are like
  8. deca VS EQ

    Deca © ( Nandralone Deconate ) / Equipoise © Boldonone Uundeclenate Androgenic Proberty 37 / Androgenic Proberty 50 Anabolic Proberty 125 / Androgenic Proberty 100 If you look at both ANABOLICS you will see there is very Little differance between them and Both Favour the Anabolic Status rather than a Androgen Staus thus each item Promotes Protein Synthisis rather than Hyper Micro Nutrient and Fluid up take like a Androgen Does . I dearly One of these Items should be taken with a ANDROGEN at the same time to get Optium Growth requirements and I can see no scence in DOUBLING up on a Product that is so similar in structure . One would be better of spending there Money on a ADROGEN to get Ideal results
  9. Do Doctors Prescribe Enanthate?

    Enanthate could be Prescibed by a Doctor as it is Now Gazeted in the Medicines act 1981 on there Prescription lists as are many other Products Now . Prior to this only Suztanon 250 and Deca Duarbolin where alowed to be descriped and where on there List . Organon ( Douglas Phamacuticals NZ ) have brought out a 10 ml multi use vial of Enanthate and Cypronate Testosterones to go with there Suztanon 250 single dose amps. "BUT" "BUT" "BUT" Getting these items Prescriped from any one may prove to be very Difficult indeed as MEDSAFE in all there wizdom whom put thses items on there List as legaly allowed to be Prescribed Medicines are Hounding any Doctor that may do so and thus driving people Back out to the BLACKMARKET again so they can then go BUST the BLACKMARKET to justify there exsistance ... so GOOD LUCK with the above info Hope I helped
  10. info on nolvadex!!?

    You wont get Nolvadex from a Mens clinic unless you have ample reason to ... and also as you are not a Women ... which this product is desighned for and is Gazetted in the Medicines act NZ as the gender of use .. you will find it hard to get . Try the GASPARI RANGE for a similar acting product ok regards Marc .
  11. deca VS EQ

    Equipose : Adrogenic Component 50 Anabolic Componet 100 also know as "Boldenone Undecylenate " Vetaniry . Considered to be a Longer acting Anabolic Than Deca Durabolan due to the " Undecylenate " ester of the product . Boldnone is a REPLACEMENT for Deca and taking the 2 items togther I would consider a waste of money . It Progestational Activity ( bitch tits) has not been studied but it is my expearnce it has LOW Aromatization just as Deca does. It would be best to be taken in a Single dose Injection just once a week due to its long activity in the Body . Regrads Marc .
  12. SQUATS

    TOM PLATZ himself Taught ME and LEEPRIEST this in GOLDS in Venice LA . SQUATS FOR QUAD GROWTH and SHAPE : Heals elevated apx 2 inches of Floor . Motion . Toes staight ahead not splayed . Width just slightly narrower than shoulder width , Squat Kness over toes to Parelle no Further with Head looking up . Slow the squat down on descend and Power up to Verticle . One may have to drop present weight back to achive the above in Proper form but the results are far far better for Quad Growth and shape
  13. Marc Rainbow's training

    Saturday 12th Sept 09. Legs and Stuff . Got to the gym NO TRAINING PARTNERS !!! Big Babys So I decided "STUFF THAT KEEP IT SIMPLE" So I did 4x sets of warm up squats with Heals elevated 2 inch of floor with 20 kg a side. Then I had a BRAIN WAVE " JUST SQUAT WITH 55kgs aside for 6 reps a set to I cant be bothered doing any more " SO 15 sets later I couldnt be BOTHERED DOING ANY MORE !!!! Then I did 6 x sets to TOTAL FAILURE of Leg curls Then 5x sets ADUCTORS. 5 x sets Leg Curly Things in the Machine that goes up and down like a BULL RIDE Yeeehah . 4 x sets Stiff Legged Dead Lifts with 30 kg aside on the bar . 4 x Super sets of Bis and Tris . 6 x sets of calves ... Alternating feet place ment on the LEG PRESS THINGY ..that also goes up and down Like a BULL RIDE Yeeehah . And wellllllll That was That realy ... TMW OFF and CHEST AND BIS ON MONDAY ... man Immmmmmmm hungry as FOOD TIME :nod:
  14. Marc Rainbow's training

    THANKS PSEUDONYM Sorry for all I PISSED OFF by POST JUMPING ... I knew No BETTER so I apoliges . Training is going GOOD ... Been doing DORIAN YATES " BLOOD N GUTS" Style Training now for 1 month and all is holding together despite a TORN RIGHT ROTAR CUFF . I Have nearly run out of Stacks on the Machines and The DBs In my GYM stop at 50 kg so they to have become redundent . I have 2 Training Partners whom alternate between soreness as to whom Trains with me and I havent missed a work out in 6 months now ... well just heading into 6 months to be exact . Im off to TRAIN legs so I will endevour to inform you all here on how that goes ok . Be well all Regards Marc .

    All is Good In my HOOD I have just about run out of weights on the Machine Stacks and and DBs in my Gym and I havent missed a day of Training in the now 6 months I have been back training and so many are saying how good I look so it cant be all that bad ... catch you all here soon ok . Love and Respect Marc .