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  1. I'm finding the workouts in the morning are good getting some good gains
  2. Have found training about 0645 in morning is not to bad, strength levels are good come home shake shower in bed by 0800 have a good deep sleep
  3. How's it Jimmybro1 you you been back in big bad TA lately? Just did some light stretching wasn't to bad thanks for that
  4. As anyone done a quad tear or strain before? I have done mine, did good warm up was doing Bulgarian split squats second rep second set felt something tear from hip down to mid thigh. I was warming up so no weight in hands at all so that was training over home iced it compression sleeve on. Hopefully not to long to heal so can hit legs again. Getting to old to get injuries takes longer to recover
  5. Well mates had surgery out of action 5-6 months again
  6. What ever works for you do it , we are all different I hate the same routine when I train so I try and change it up every workout.
  7. gee the sarcasm haha
  8. My mate tore his bicep in this comp second time different arm, surgery once again
  9. Always someone
  10. What time a day does everyone train? I've started to train at 0630 after I finish night shift as I have eaten during the night and have enough carbs in me to get a good workout done, then shower up and sleep. I was training about 1330 after I had woken up and had something to eat but sometimes just felt lethargic. So what's everyone thoughts on this what time does everyone train??
  11. I know thanks
  12. I think you hit the nail on the head Pseudonym
  13. Will let my Recruiter mates know
  14. All the prep is good but don't over think it , just go with it you will find out sooner or later if your up to it
  15. Awesome I'm the same eating a lot giving me the motivation to hit the gym at 0600 just getting there hard bit when tired