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  1. Iron Mind

    CAPO national bench 1st - 135 WWW 2nd - 145 WWW 2.5kg Comp PR 3rd - 150 RRR Abit gutted not to get my goal of 150 but happy to walk away with a comp PR atleast, Next comp ill be focusing on is nats DE Squats Foam rolling 10 minsdynamic stretching 5 mins Sumo KB squats (warm ups20x5 - 5 sets Hi Bar squats barx8barx8barx860x397.5x3 - 8 sets front squatslots of sets just working on form so just work alot with the bar and up to 60 for triples LLC60x8 - 4sets Kneeling rope crunches48x15 - 5 sets
  2. Iron Mind

    Have had a really Bad bout of Stomach Virus since the weekend, only today im coming right *touch wood* have lost afew Kgs again with the low cals. (its like an ongoing battle for weight atm) . but still need to get stuff done week 3 day 1 ME deads stretching with bands, Opening up the hips and hitting the hammies hard - foam rolling too Deficit Deadlifts60x5140x5 PB180x3 PB200x3 pb220x1 PB240x1 pb260x1 pb280x1 Pb300x0 - miss220x5 RPB220x5220x3 Chest sup DB rows30x10 - 5 sets (big focus on squeezing the back) Seated calf rises60x20 - 4 sets ghetto land mines10x20 - 4 sets hanging leg risesbwx8 - 4 sets
  3. Iron Mind

    Week 2 day 4 DE bench foam rolliing and Scap protocol 10 mins bench pressbarx10barx1040x560x580x3 - 10 sets DB seated press25x1530x10 RPR30x1030x10 head supported rear delt flyes5x1212.5x12 - 4 sets - flamming 1 arm DB tricept extentions (control neg)12.5x12 - 4 sets 30 mins foam rolling and stretching
  4. Iron Mind

    Some big changes are underway to reconstruct my squat/dead. had a work shop on saturday with coach and planning our way forward towards nationals. and we are going to go for a more higher bar narrower stance for my squat. and im back into Oly shoes. alot of key points (or should i say weaknesses) have come up and we are going to hit them pretty hard. glutes/hips/hamstring/core Going to be an interesting next few months. week 2 day 3 saturday DE squats usuall dynamic stretching SSB - to paralell box (form work)barx10barx10barx10barx1060x3 - 12 sets Trap bar deadlifts (farms walk handles)240x1240x3240x1 alot of work needed here do not like Lat pulldowns75x15 - 5 sets Rope crunches67x12 - 5 sets band crunchesbx15 - 4 sets
  5. Iron Mind

    week 2 day 2 MRE bench Scap protocol 10 mins with foam rolling Incline benchbarx10barx1040x560x380x3100x3110x1120x2 REP PR missed 3rd- hit the Jhooks 120x2 same here120x1 and a half. Incline DB press25x530x535x5 (PB)40s yeaaah, nah bro...soon Rear delt flyes12.5x15 - 7 sets
  6. getting after it, Nats build up

    Not sure if calibrated plates...trolol.
  7. Iron Mind

    Deadlift party, please bring your Grazed shins, heavy metal, and your runny noses Week 2 day 1 MRE Deadlifts foam rolling 10 mins Deadlifts60x10140x5180x3200x3220x3240x3260x3280x1 - Lost the groove piss poor on my part, got pissed...time to redeem280x3 RPR280x3 Pendlay rows 100x5 - 4 sets Decline crunches20 - 5 sets Knee rises12 - 5 sets Great sesh
  8. Iron Mind

    week 1 day 4 DE bench delts were still fried from MRE on wednesday. just got plodded on regardless Benchbarx10barx1040x560x575x3 - 10 v.short rests OHP - strict60x8 - 4 sets JM press40x5 - 4sets 21s30x21 - 5 sets
  9. Iron Mind

    CROSSFIT Powerfit powercross
  10. Iron Mind

    week 1 day 3 DE squat/deads GCB box squats + 20kg in chain each sidebarx10barx10bar+cx1060+cx580+cx380+cx390+cx3 - 8 sets Speed pulls 140+20 chainsx3 - 6 sets Crunches20x5 setsSS with rope crunches62x12 - 5 sets
  11. Iron Mind

  12. Iron Mind

    good night in the trench tonight MRE bench week 1 day 2 Scap protocol 10 mins Benchbarx10barx1040x560x580x5100x3110x3120x5 - 3 sets RPR! Floor press100x8 - 4 sets100x6 DB rear flyes 20x10 - 4 sets Superset with upright rows40x10 - 4 sets Done in an hour
  13. Iron Mind

    Week 1 day 1 RE night Just easing back into things Paused squats - 2 sec pausesbarx10barx1060x5100x5 110x5 - 4 sets SLDL 140x8 - 4 sets Abs - more focus on core over the months Decline crunches SS DB side bends 30-22.5x20 - 4 sets Done