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  1. Acupuncture question

    Mate put this guy to shame.
  2. Acupuncture question

    Good afternoon team, now before I get into this I just want to let you'll know I'm serious as a heart attack, I'm not pulling your legs or taking the piss, this happened today, to me and had me walking out thinking WTF was that all about, so with that been said please let me paint you'll a picture. Over the long weekend while doing some landscaping I tweaked my right shoulder again, now because this is not the first time I have had this issue, I knew straight away that it was the rotator again and would need more rehab, now I've done the physio thing, the massage thing but never the acupuncture thing, so thought "f*ck it, lets give it a go". So here I am at the clinic, nice place on the North Shore, after a short chat with the nice Chinese lady I laid face down on the bench and the nice Chinese lady went to work, now this is where things for me got weird, now I know she has to find the right pressure points to insert the needles, which she did but then it started, she started burping hard out and her stomach was making some fucking weird gurgling sounds, I mean this happened with each and every needle, the thing is, when she stopped to ask questions like "does the pain start from here or from here" no burping but as soon as she started again it would be burp city. As I said team, not taking the piss here, has anyone got experience with this, is this sort of thing normal practise. In before burn.
  3. Fat Loss Sups/ first time

    cheat days aye, I keep things tight 6 days a week, but on Saturday she's on like donkey kong, I don't go bat shit crazy but I don't count cals or carbs.
  4. Arimidex - dont want to biff them.

    Get in line ratz, it’s gonna be pretty long, bet he’s got a lot of PMs to read. On the outside chance you still got em swing them this way, ratz don’t need them, I heard he was trying to grow moobs, fuhuhuhuhuhuhu.
  5. Sarms NZ

    Hi ya team, was just having a chat with a couple guys at work re: training, supplements and all that, one of the guys showed us a site he came across last night (https://www.sarmsnz.co.nz ) , have just had a look myself, looks fake as f#@k, anyone heard of this site and care to advice. chur
  6. Looking for a mentor.

    Hunter1 my bro, get some yum yum in yourself brother, try the following link, even if you don't buy anything at least it'll give you an idea of what to eat, https://musclefuel.co.nz/ . Bro look at it this way, muscle growth does not come from going to the gym alone, you gotta have everything dialled in, training, nutrition and rest. Eat like a horse, train like a beast and sleep like a baby (not the one that wakes every 2 hours crying for tit, : )).
  7. first time user after a bit of advice

    Have ya started your cycle yet huff, when ya do don't forget to run a cycle log on here, training, nutrition, pin frequency etc, also don't forget to get bloods before ya start.
  8. Shoulder gone again, Fark!

    turns out the problem comes from under the shoulder blade, physio explains the discomfort and general weakness in arm / shoulder stems from inflammation under the should blade, so not as bad as what I first thought, physio and voltaren for a while. Looks like it's leg day today and tomorrow and the day after that.
  9. Shoulder gone again, Fark!

    Well here we go again, this time last year was doing work around home and stuffed shoulder, physio said I had a pinched nerve under the shoulder blade, this weakens my left arm to a point almost all push / pull movements are gone, so at work this Saturday, loading cement into customers truck felt a pop, no pain at the time but after a day of stripping wallpaper today I know it's gone again, so back to physio tomorrow, last time it took 10 weeks to fell right again, gutted. ?
  10. Weights n protein shakes

    How's it again, try Dorian Yates Blood and Guts routine, add one or two tweeks here and there as you feel fit and you will find this a pretty awesome HIT programme.
  11. Weights n protein shakes

    I was thinking the exact same thing and was about to post the above but Leeroid got you covered, I do have another question regarding your training, why on a chest day do you do tri's and on a back day you do bi's, the reason I ask is when you do chest you are inadvertantly training your tri's, same goes for your back day and bi's, if you have a didicateted arm day say on Saturday you could shift all your focus to the major body parts for that day and not worry about thinking you have to save some energy for your minor body parts or even worse under training them because you are already fatigued. My routine is Monday legs, Tuesday chest, Wednesday rest, Thursday back, Friday shoulders, Saturday afternoon arms and Sunday rest. Anyway all the best with your cycle dude.
  12. First ever cycle!

    Here we go, mate this is the basic cycle you should concider when your ready. test-e for 12 weeks at 400mg per week.Pin Monday 200mg and Thursday 200mg (.8ml per shot)Drop the Dbol and Clen, no need for these first cycle.you could use Adex but I would save for 2nd or 3rd cycle.PCT 2 weeks after last pin.Nolva PCT 40/40/20/20Just my 2 cents mate, train hard, eat, sleep, repeat. Be safe.
  13. Is the HCG Diet using Real HCG

    my wife is currently on this stuff, I tried to tell her that my feelings towards the product were very low and that I failed to see how this stuff could work (I did my own research into it), unfortunatly she is sold on the hype and believes this stuff to be the real deal to help her regain her pre baby body. I hope this isn't one of those told you so moments, but somehow I think it will be. maybe I might talk her into some clen :pfft:
  14. Endo will not be pleased ...

    wow that is low.. :shock: How do you feel? Do you have energy? Here is the opinion of what constitutes low test levels from another site. "What are the signs and symptoms of low (or high) Male Testosterone Levels? For example, just what does low testosterone affect in us guys? The most accurate answer is "everything"! Low testosterone effects almost every major system in the male body and has very serious long term health consequences, all of which I outline below. Before I explain more, I have noticed that over half of all you reading this will have already had a testosterone lab reading taken and are wondering if your number is okay. (Read this link on testosterone levels for more detailed information.) I mention this because some of you have had a doctor tell you that a very low number is okay. The standard range that the labs and doctors will give you for total testosterone is 241-847 ng/dl. But trust me - if you are in the 241-399 range, you will almost for sure be experiencing various symptoms of low testosterone. There are some guys who do okay in the 400's, but even in the 400's most males will be struggling a little. Again, it is possible for a male to have, for example, total testosterone of 450 ng/dl and feel just as good as a guy that has total testosterone of 700 ng/dl, but this is unlikely. The same goes for high testosterone as well." holly shit, just goggled conversion of nmol/l to ng/dl ,using calculator that I found I have worked out that my US reading is 348.38 ng/dl. think I might pay a visit to that mens clinic afterall.
  15. Endo will not be pleased ...

    In. Well having slightly higher rates than normal certainly seems to keep depression at bay. Feeling like a million bucks has got to help us live longer. Positive mind + active body = good times. yep, but where do you draw the line? I think you are spot on whey you say "slightly higher rates than normal" Been giving this some thought lately. Peak for young males should be on average 35 nmol/l? Body builders cruise at aprox 40 nmol/l between cycles? If I have that correct then Im guessing that's a good guide to go by.. last year I had my bloods done as part of a study into test freak and anobolic freak, results came back reading 12.08 nmol/l before and 17.03nmol/l at end of 8th week, decided to call NZ Mens clinic last year and run these results by them to get their throughts, after a short chat with the consultant I was asked to make appointment, they claimed that my test levels were a little on the low side and taking into consideration my age (turning 40 this year) this would not improve naturally and that they would be able to help. Didnt end up going to see them but my real questions is, is 12.08nmol/l really that low. :?