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  1. getting after it, Nats build up

    Good work buddy Strong pulls today's mate
  2. getting after it, Nats build up

    Good onya Piglet solid outing mate.. you have four wheels now onto five buddy..
  3. Optimass 2015 - Chronicles of Power

    Give it heaps big fella... easy numbers for you train hard..
  4. getting after it, Nats build up

    all over it tonight - raged from average efforts last night went down to one of the local gym which has just got in some new gear to my surprise it was sweet racks 4 of them, what a find!! so this has now solved mid week issue, and will be my home 1-2 per week - any way hit all main lifts working upto a heavyyish 3 at about 8/10 pause squats - 3s to 190 comp squats - 3s to 240 deadlift - 3s to 240 bench - 15x100 - 3 sets, 20x100 then did a light circuit around some cable machine to stretch out 3 rounds 15-30 reps 4 exercises really enjoyed that, bit knee seems to be fuked out again,,,,kinder hoping it just blows out at comp so i can just bench on the daily.... What's this kinda of hope knee blows out so you can do bench only - WTF f**kin rest it, strength is there 3's at 240 is only going to keep the nighle there you mad bastard come on I want to see PB total don't be a pussy
  5. getting after it, Nats build up

    Easy numbers for you mate... Keep pushing
  6. getting after it, Nats build up

    Hello Red Dog... might start up a training log again... and keep a close eye on you...
  7. Selling steroids here? Don't.

    Its all good mate you are a freak of nature and I amire your lifting and committment to the sport - keep up the good work buddy.... best of luck overseas to mate
  8. Selling steroids here? Don't.

    :pfft: :pfft: I think every one needs to claim down :wink: ... I have read the whole thread its all just rumours at this stage a warning has been given out a couple of people have made comments no proof has been published from what I can read ? all these comments etc etc doesn't do both feds any justice of the hard work going on behind the scenes just because its an untested fed which everyone knows doesn't mean ya jacked or selling....... Its two Powerlifting Feds offering different opportunties and different set up opportunties in each lift, you can choose who you want to lift for doesn't mean its better or worst than the other fed so why the consisted bagging on each fed?, BB there have been people banded in the pass from NZPF for using and completeing you know this so why are you asking for proof mate? As well run as NZPF is they will still catch out people trying to cheat in a tested fed thats just life .....WADA post people that have been caught on there web site so its easy to keep track off that question. Peace guys :wink:
  9. Capo Auckland Champs 3-Lift Meet

    Yeah this should bring out some good numbers... looking forward to it..
  10. Bench Only - The making of a Bench Monster

    Time to rock and roll
  11. A couple of great clips that impress me at the moment,
  12. getting after it, Nats build up

    who is this guy!? haha ok for me but shit in the big picture as we know! 13th april is comp, do it, but be warned i will crush you (maybe my only chance to take that win iv been looking for) :pfft: :pfft: :pfft: weds deads today, delt n squat squat - 5x3x180, 1x6x180 ohp - 10-12x30,40,50,60,70,70,60 btn pp - up in 1okg jumps to 100kg for 5s then 3 or so other shoulder things on these fancy machine, delts blazing back super pumped from weds dead was crazy, so just hit 3 instead of 5s for squats apart form last set, still easy just mad pump!! then smashed delts from all angles, bench tonight or tomorrow then rest feast grow Ok Saturday April 13th shit 13 weeks build up f*ck you would hope to take me aye with a full year of good training behind ya hahaha you never know what will happen on the day see you then over and out good luck champ 8) GPA rules ok so no sneaky squat suit will come out of your bag on the day either... not that you would need it :roll:
  13. getting after it, Nats build up

    great lifting mate, :clap: what date is the hamilton comp?
  14. I thought this was worth posting he is a freak and made it look easy....first clip 300kg second clip 318kg
  15. Multi Ply Phene

    solid work big fella looking strong mate.