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  1. LOW T & TRT

    Don't they prescribe you a vial and show you how to do it yourself ? Then you can dose weekly.
  2. Laced test e??

    Maybe ask drug free sport NZ for a freebie test Say you took some protein powder and are worried it was laced. BTW How much does it cost to test a pee sample anyways?
  3. How has trt effected you?

    I have some questions. 1) Does the Doc prescribe you a vial to let you self administrator after being shown how to? Transgenders are allowed too so i guess it be no different. 2) Have you experienced any social "discrimination" from your peers who think your are 'cheating' a natural ageing process? eg oh your on steroids blah blah. Especially if you continue to play a competitive sports for fun/social aspects eg, A touch rugby 40+ team. Or do you keep it hush hush and explain away the comments of "wow your so fit for your age" to good eating. 3) Can you get TRT in NZ if you in 50s but display no physical symptoms of low Test. But would like have test levels at what had in your 20s? You are a normal 50 year old but want to feel 20 again for anti ageing purposes. Just to feel younger. 4)Since you are pinning for the rest of your life do you need rotate alot of injection sites? Or do you pin a fatty areas like a diabetic. 5) Now that you got legit TRT to fall back on do you ever get tempted to do a 12 week cycle every now and again? Knowing that you do not need pct anymore. 6) If you already have kids. Is the lifetime of pinning the biggest commitment of TRT or is there other issues things to think about like Keeping body fat in check? 7) Does TRT for men = HRT for women? 8) Do most chemists have 10ml vials on hand to make up you prescription? 9) Does your GP normally prescribe it. Or do they always pass the buck on ? Or do you have to go to a mens clinic to get prescribed for anti aging purposes? 10) Has anyones wife asked to try it? Wonders what 1 week would do to the missus.
  4. I once Asked at the local needle exchange, they have seen use increase alot due to steroids use and a general idea of users. Also there is a very large increase women as well too.
  5. Blood work

    Do not goto a GP it will go on your medical records effecting your insurance. Just go private, rock upto the lab and get it done. Using any old name.
  6. Trt advice

    This, and when you get private blood tests done use a different name, birthdate so your result history not get linked to your NHI number. Life insurance claims look at blood tests results history.
  7. fake test e. think its olive oil?

    Jeez, Test E is so easy to tell if its fake, after a couple of 250mg injections your bloods will come back off the scale. Dont be cheap and go to a lab get them done. You should have got them done before you even started as well. Presentation dont mean anything.
  8. Online steroids for sale

    sometimes it gets through, raws have the best chance
  9. Test/Deca/Dbol - Second cycle with Bloods (First Post)

    I meant the Lab for blood tests sorry, I see you got SBHG and Free Test done. SCL labs would not do that test for me.
  10. Test/Deca/Dbol - Second cycle with Bloods (First Post)

    No You only stopped taking Test Prop 2 weeks before this test ? Your levels still would be off the chart as there would have be a build up from your cycle as nate25 said. Also remember when you inject you are also injecting the oil its suspened in which can behave like a little reservoir in the muscle thus slowing down clearance time. Good that you got your bloods done, Looks like need torun your pct longer.
  11. Test/Deca/Dbol - Second cycle with Bloods (First Post)

    What lab did you use in christchurch?
  12. Blood test results

    Yes, it was the Tren
  13. Blood test results

    Heres is some of mine During a 250mg Test E and 350mg Tren Ace Mid cycle. Cholesterol: 10.3 mmol/L ( < 5.0 ) H Triglyceride: 1.5 mmol/L ( < 2.0 ) HDL Cholesterol: 0.5 mmol/L ( > 1.0 ) LDL Chol - calculated: 9.1 mmol/L ( < 3.4 ) Total/HDL Chol Ratio: 20.6 ( < 4.5 ) H Sodium: 139 mmol/L ( 135-145 ) Potassium: 4.5 mmol/L ( 3.5-5.2 ) Creatinine: 93 umol/L ( 60-105 ) eGFR: >90 mL/min ( >60 ) Bilirubin total: 9 umol/L ( 0-20 ) Alk Phosphatase: 50 U/L ( 40-110 ) GGT: 24 U/L ( 0-60 ) ALT: 114 U/L ( 0-50 ) H Total Protein: 72 g/L ( 60-80 ) Albumin: 43 g/L ( 34-48 ) Globulin: 29 g/L ( 25-35 ) My cholesterol rerturned to normal levels after 4 weeks stopping tren.
  14. Blood test results

    Did you ask your doc Not to keep anything on your medical records ? Did the doc agree not to keep a record ? I have thought about discussing gear use with my Doc, but worried he would put it on my medical record. Then my life insurance could use it against me if i die.
  15. Filtering gear?

    Theres some of empty NON sterile vials on trademe. Check aromatherapy section. How many vials you got to filter? More the 20 vials I would use 150ml Nalgene 0.22um filter kit. Proper Sterilizing of vials and stoppers is a bit of work though. I would buy them already sterile off ebay from a reputable seller.