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  1. Can anyone help - Big fella needed

    If your keen send me a message. We will be doing this in September. Cheers
  2. Can anyone help - Big fella needed

    Like I said it's shit there is no money involved. No one is getting any money unfortunately. All those involved including suppliers are are doing it for free cos the idea has never been done before and they are just excited to be involved. Don't mean to offend anyone. Cheers
  3. Can anyone help - Big fella needed

    yeah I know doing it for free is shit but what we wanna do is pretty cool. Lots of people and talent pitching in for this one. Thanks to everyone who has got back to me so far. You guys rock
  4. Hi everyone. My names James and I work at an advertising agency in Auckland. We are doing a job that requires someone with a similar build to the Incredible Hulk. There is no money involved sorry, we're just doing it cos it's a cool idea. I can't give to much away at the moment but your upper body would be famous for a week and seen by thousands on a billboard in Auckland, it also involves some pretty cool never before used technology plus it would be a pretty cool experience. If you're interested send me an email james.conner@nz.ddb.com and make sure you attach a photo of how muscly you are. Please keep in mind that we are looking for people with similar builds to the Incredible Hulk (the new movie version) Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers