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  1. The return of Musashi

    Musashi is the only brand I've ever actually notoced any real benefit from, their WPC and creatine mono was awesome.
  2. NZIFBB Pro-Am Champs 2016

    I think thats the whole point of this debate. The fact that many competitors in the US who miss out on pro cards would kill 99% of NZ pro card holders on stage. This is obviously due to the criteria for obtaining a pro card resulting in a situation where there is relatively less competition to get one in NZ than in the US. that's just a fact. Because the criteria is not about ypur physique per se but about what you've achieved in your own competitive career as an amateur. Generally when people talk about a physique being "pro worthy" they mean that there is a certain level of size, conditioning and symmetry required to be considered a pro.
  3. NZIFBB Pro-Am Champs 2016

    Lol, It's just funny that there is this massive double standard, I don't think anyone would bat an eyelid at a discussion around whether or not Israel Dagg should be selected for the All Blacks or if Josef Parker is ready for a title fight. Yet when it comes to BB, everyone loses their shit and takes it as some sort of personal attack. You put yourself on stage to be judged on your physique, you'd think BBers would have a thicker skin. I'd say the only pro worthy physique in The NZIFBB is probably Steve Orton. Having said that, I don't know every BBer in NZ.
  4. Nar Labs debate

    who needs supplements when you can just do 1000 rep workouts? Moe's nutt huggers are like Trump supporters
  5. WOW! Dave has no chill hahahahaha f*ck these threads are gold, this is why brand name discussions shouldn't be banned. Better than the real housewives of melbourne IMO.
  6. Toothpaste.

  7. IPF . Are they going to far?

    I thought introducing raw classes in the IPF was all about getting acceptance as an olympic sport, so my guess would be that if it were to make it, it'd be raw? It's academic anyway IMO, powerlifting has a snowflakes chance in hell of making it, they already want to kick out the weightlifters. Although they do powerlifting in the special olympics so who knows? As for Ed Coan, I can understand it, you don't want tested athletes around drug users, but going to a seminar? lol righto, why don't they ban their lifters from using the internet too, bunch of antiquated morons, half of them took gear themselves. If Ed was your coach, now that's a different story in my book.
  8. High reps for muscle growth

    The whole cortisol thing is just a way for your body to mobilise more fuel to do work. Only chronically elevated cortisol has any real appreciable effect on body comp. Having said that, high reps definitely have less of a place when it comes to muscle growth as tension is the number one contributor to hypertrophy. To create enough fatigue to generate appreciable hypertrophy using super high reps generally becomes impractical, no one wants to spend their whole life in the gym. Lower loads also fail to recruit high threahold motor units which generally have a higher propensity for hypertrophy. 6-12 reps is generally considered where you should spend the majority of your workout, with some low rep stuff also. Increase volume over time.
  9. Gyno

    Home surgery? Lol please tell me people aren't actually doing this??!
  10. Young hitter handing out free hair cuts to those pigs. Can only be a good thing.
  11. Stimulants

    how'd that happen?
  12. Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    Yeah I can see why it may be off putting to put things in writting in a situation such as The GPC's but perhaps its time to start doing that if these companies can't be relied upon? It's not like theyre getting nothing from it. They're getting a shit load of exposure to a tight knit group of athletes that will usually show loyalty and support to organisations and businesses that do the same. As for Amit's situation, we can only assume that he had nothing in writting as he's avoided the question like legs day but I guess hind sight is 20/20, when you go into business with someone you consider a mate, you don't expect them to screw you over and we don't even know if thats whats happened in this instance. However, I guess the lesson is, if you have things in writting it can help erase some ambiguity and afford you more leverage from a legal perspective. I personally wouldn't trust many people in the "fitness industry" as far as I could throw them.
  13. Juicing with medical conditions

    I think posting in here for permission means you know ypu probably shouldn't, so don't.
  14. Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    I can't be sure but somehow I think this is gona end up being Moe's fault lol