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  1. There is no way the current government will legalise it in NZ theres no way key will do anything that we (the people) want him to and f*ck everyone who voted for him I gave my neighbours a copy of the Union documentary on Marijuana,they said it was BS and guess what when I told them to give me evidence if it was BS,my neighbours daughter is a bodybuilder and she calls Marijuana users losers and should be locked up
  2. There is no way the current government will legalise it in NZ
  3. Raven would you like to try refuting the videos?
  4. The Union Comes with the history and debunks the myths
  5. Does anyone here use Google Video,try searching for a Video Run from the Cure Above Video will show the true reason of banning it
  6. :pfft: :pfft: :clap: :clap:
  7. Marijuana CLASS B Drug,thats wrong,who in the hell would want to do that?
  8. In my old days at school,the Drug education course at the school I attended inclued watching Reefer Madness,I know of a mate who asked the Drug ed co-ordinator why did she not metion that cigarettes and alcohol are much more destructive than Marijuana
  9. Does anyone here know Dakta Green,he is for Marijuana and legalization of it too
  10. Did anyone hear about the charges laid on the Switched on Gardener staff and managers,very sad
  11. Nice one,I wouldn't mind trying it once its legalized
  12. Search DuPont and Henry J Anslinger,you best bet to search is on Youtube as well
  13. I know of a school which I will not name always make the students watch Reefer Madness,that is wrong
  14. I have to disagree with that one,I read somewhere that Tobacco and Alcohol was much more destructive than Marijuana