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  1. Testosterone boosters

    agreed 👍 and I have just started another two bottles of test freak 2. If it didn't work I wouldn't be taking it. Christmas deals are awesome. NZ Muscle has great deals. 😎 Not a big boost from taking these tbh, But I do notice the slight extra drive And energy. And fun between the sheets feels great. 👌 Not sure if the average person would notice to much. 💪
  2. Anyone still following>?

    Yeah for sure Daz, 👍 Gym nation is lucky to have someone as knowledgeable as yourself on here. I often come here for gooòd accurate advice you can trust is correct. (depending on the source) of course. Shit I've spent hours on nzbb/gym nation each night after training hard out, And learned so much from all the info here. At one stage I was a beast 😁 from doing it. I have won a few different prizes on here aswell,from a 3kg tub of balance whey protein powder to gym nation tee shirt, nz muscle singlet and other stuff. This place use to be pretty busy with alsorts of banter and discussion. It's pretty cool to see the workout journals are still going for a few though. These days I'm not addicted to gyming like I was 6/7 years ago, 🙃 but health & strength will always be a passion I live by. May be like others ,that use to post here daily/weekly, Life gets busy 🤔 Circumstances change and they fade out. 💪
  3. Anyone still following>?

    What's happened to gym nation ? from nzbb to gym nation , this forum was full of good info and advice. I still look on here ,when browsing or searching for info on something to do with gyming. 💪😎👍
  4. Hi, I'm new here.

    Hi ya Paige And welcome 👋
  5. Testosterone boosters

    I've tried having 6 at once ,- and 3 morn, 3at night. see directions for best results. Tbh taking 6 in morning felt more than 2 doses of 3 felt 🤔 You might not get that much of a boost if you have healthy test levels? You will get a boost though as long as you have a good brand. I've tried a few different boosters and herbal ignite, For me Best booster is Test Freak ♊ 💪
  6. Testosterone boosters

    I'm going to go against the grain here, 😁 in my experience, Test Freak works to raise test levels after coming off cycle. I've used it for over 1 year now and have a high drive. As well as bloods done 3 or 4 times in that time. Each to their own though, So many peeps say they don't work ? (would love to see how they come to that conclusion) 🤔 Best research is to do it. It's gooòd to be natty 💯%
  7. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    good customer service 😎
  8. Erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety etc

    try spicing it up a little, like meeting another couple , Goood fun when you both click. 😎
  9. Tren Wellington

  10. Roids to Natty

    hey Jemmy, I found in my exsperance going back to natty that, yep you do keep all that you've gained. What you lose is the swole look and strength. keep gyming and you will keep ya gains. 💪
  11. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    yep i have, but unsure if it helps with faster recovery? I seem to be getting faster recovery using Test freak and 200mg DHEA. 😎
  12. Awesomw thanks Daz, I will give the easier streches a go to start with. 😎 👌
  13. Been in constant like nerve pain . ( It seems to travel from my glute to my knee to my foot. ) It's been near 2 months now after pinning 1ml test e in my upper outter glute Trying to decide weather or not i tell my doctor about it ? or just wait and hope the pain goes. Has anyone else experienced this ?
  14. No loss of control, but I have had pins and needles in the past. no loss of sensation . And no loss of motor control, however, I don't have much flexibility in my groin area when lifting leg out to the side and I feel a constant pain that stops me from being flexable . Weird I know , a bit hard to put into words. I'm confidant that it's getting better though. 😎
  15. Thanks Daz, yeah near 2 months is why I'm a lil bit concerned. The pain has got less , most painful while seated watching tv at nights. After putting this post up And hearing from you, has had me thinking . This has happened around about 1 year ago aswell, not as bad and it did come right eventually. ( im conscious of this because I run my dog alot And it makes running painful as. ). I thought I had a tight sciatica nerve or something like that, caused from squats and leg press . But the more I think about it , I'm thinkimg may be I had hit a nerve back then as well.? Also I had something tear / rip in the same leg doing leg press About 18 months ago ( at a guess ). I have never told my doctor about this issue. My Doctor knows about my aas use from other issues I've had in the past. He's not opposed to steroid use as long as there's no problems . Thanks for looking into this Daz, If it's still like this in 2 weeks time I will go see my doctor And take it from there. Cheers Daz 😎
  16. hey Daz, Looks like I have been using Dorsogluteal site method? found by dividing buttock in to four parts + and using the top outter portion to inject. I've had trouble with scar tissue in this area for a long time. I will look more into Ventro gluteal injections for my next cycle. Cheers 👌
  17. Thanks alot Daz, I do eat pretty well, and i will add more healthy fats now I'm aware . Because I have alot of scar tissue in my glutes from pinning, I had been trying to find new areas in top outter glutes. ( outter inner upper and lower But always in top outter area ). Thanks again Daz , your knowledge is bang on and much appreciated. Justin 😎
  18. hey there Daz, thanks for the reply. It is a bit of a worry and a deep feeling nerve pain. Looking at that diagram it feels like L5 maybe L4 at times. When pinning on that occasion I did get a sharp pain as if I hit a nerve or something with the needle. the pain has lessened but it's always there. At the same time I did this I had to ride my motorbike full time because my ute broke down. I wondered if riding the bike aggravated this as i was in severe pain riding each day. After getting Ute back on the road the pain did settle down but is still there. About 25 years ago I broke my femur bone after being bowled by a car, but I have not had a pain like I'm experiencing at present. Even elevating my leg don't give me relief. I don't think my doctor could do much about this, as I'm sure i caused this issue ? Going back to work on Monday, So I think I will just hope it gets better and the pain goes. I'm off cycle now for another 10 or so weeks.
  19. DHEA in pct ?

    Can dhea be used in post cycle therapy or na? would it delay recovery? Seen a few mixed opinions on the internet. Daz ? Seems fairly quiet on here these days, Not like it use to be. Thanks in advance for any info, much appreciated.
  20. Just protein code

    waiting on 2kg for $56 bucks, Queens25 code and a free shaker .
  21. DHEA in pct ?

    Na my headaches were already there So not caused by Losartan, I will swap Bisoprolol for Losartan As my doc did talk about taking both at one stage. I don't feel anything from either of them, but I want the best results. picked up a copy of blood tests tonight taken last week. summary: Last 100mg test e shot 18/4/18 1st may Blood test results: RBC 6.49 (4.0-5.8) Haemoglobin 188 (125-170) pcv 0.566 (0.40-0.54) 27th May Blood test results: RBC 5.9 Haemoglobin 173 pcv 0.52 I have another Blood test in one weeks time, looks like I will be in healthy range. Liver values still out but the doc didn't say anything about that. My headaches have stopped now So I guess they were caused from high bloods ? I had them almost constantly for a few months.
  22. this site use to be pumping hard, wheres all the peeps gone? feels weird So quiet now .... this place helped me grow , so much info. It' is still here I guess.... Life is busy
  23. DHEA in pct ?

    yeah Daz you are correct, my blood is too thick,I've had a headache for a few months now. It is getting better with time. After I mentioned to my doctor I need to donate blood he agreed . I stuffed up on 2 attempts to donate blood, over the fone, So have got another 3 weeks until I can donate now. He put me on Losartan to begin with but after I stopped taking it because I thought it was causing headaches He put me on Bisoprolol. If I could get Clomid I would use that as well. I will ask my doc in 3 weeks time if he would prescribe me some. lol Its worth a try. thanks for your advice Daz, you know your stuff. I wonder why this even happened? in the past I have ran higher doses and more compounds with no problem. I just hope I can get back on cycle problem free. I do love the testosterone lifestyle...
  24. DHEA in pct ?

    Decided to carry on taking what I've got at the moment gazza, I think things are going ok for 7-8 weeks post last jab. It's just a matter of time now , I think as long as I can train, It will get things moving along. And add pre workout and bcaa's. I could always add a test booster ? hmmmm
  25. DHEA in pct ?

    hey gazza cheers man , I'm keen on trying anything that helps. I just might give this a shot, seen some on that lippoguy site. What's anyone' thoughts on test boosters? Novadex xt use to work, I don't see why other wouldn't help. Cheers man ps...recovery is happening , feeling good And testes feeling fuller .