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  1. PRESS 70x7 80x2 60x12 JM PRESS 80x6 90x5 60x20 60x15 60x15 60x10 Shoukder raises 100 Face pull 100
  2. DEADLIFT 200x10 (belt) 135x10 135x10 135x10 135x10 135x10 Abs 10 4am wake up. 8pm training. 88.1kg training weight. I think my butts growing.
  3. 5km walk
  4. BENCH 112x5 (required) 120x2 130x1 (long pause, solid rep but no where near 150kg PB lol) BENCH/PULL UP SS 80x10-10 80x10-10 80x10-10 80x10-8 80x10-7 Machine press/cable pull SS 3x20 Facepull 100 Decent, but elbows flaring up a bit. Started low dose creatine cycle.
  5. SQUAT 150x6 (sleeves) 170x2 (sleeves/belt) 100x10 100x10 100x10 100x10 100x10 Side bends 100 Ab machine 100 Felt decent. Some elbow pain.
  6. Just some pull ups, Kroc rows, and face pulls. Slept terrible due to shoulder pain, need to drop the amount of OHP, usually clears it up.
  7. Cave and lighting..
  8. Some very small changes to the body, obvious no body transformation lol just a couple I can notice
  9. PRESS 62.5x10 45x10 45x10 45x10 45x10 45x10 Shoulder Raises/200/bands/dumbells/plates/bunch of crap Some shoulder pain. Am going to do a back session tommorw to target what I've missed this week on my upper days. Weird, have kinda started training "shoulders" haven't really done this since I first kinda started out. But it's fun. Should train arms really.
  10. DEADLIFT 220x2 (belt) 130x10 130x10 130x10 130x10 130x10 Ham curls 100 Side bends 100 Ab machine 80 Worked upto a heavier double, felt pretty "easy" considering nothing "heavy" for a while. Deadlift felt off right from the get go tho so not the best session techanacly, a bit sluggish, but lighter sets were fast, explosive and solid. 87.3kg
  11. 45min walk Ok lets hope all the flu and crap is done and dusted so can just focus on getting bigger and stronger! Body feels ok otherwise. do you ever wish you started training calves 10 years ago??
  12. BENCH 120x2 70x10 70x10 70x10 70x10 70x10 Tricep/face pull 2x50 Just got what needed to be done, done. 24hourz no food and limited water, vomiting/shitting like crazy. Recovering ok. Oh well. Time to get jacked...
  13. absolutely. Using something or not using it can create mental blocks too.
  14. 531 the weights will get heavier in time. Although last heavy set I did was 180x2 beltless late June. Frequency definetly helps my squat and bench, when it's time to peak.
  15. Hello