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  1. The Daily Grind

    BENCH 2x2 #140kg (sleeves) 5x3 #120kg PENDLAY ROW 5x3 #90kg Seates face pull/side raises 3x20
  2. The Daily Grind

    PAUSE SQUAT 8x2 #120kg (60-90sec rest) FRONT SQUAT 3x2 #120kg (sleeves) Cable Pull through 5x20 Ab machine 1x100
  3. The Daily Grind

    FLOOR PRESS 2x2 #130kg BENCH 3x10 #100kg Machince press/cable pull ss 100 Face pulls 60
  4. My shit technique bothers me more than my shit genetics 😅
  5. The Daily Grind

    DEADLIFT 3x2 #220kg (belt) FRONT SQUAT 5x3 #100kg DEADLIFT 5x10 #100kg Side bends/ham curls 100
  6. The Daily Grind

    FRONT SQUAT 5x2 #130kg (sleeves) BACK SQUAT 8x2 #100kg (60sec rest) Abdominals 100reps
  7. The Daily Grind

    That's my competitive year done I think. Pecs no good for max work, and felt a little funny on super light machine work. Went in and started warming up on the pec machine, straight away I knew there would be no benching today.. The worst thing about it is thst I've never had this injury before so have no idea how to manage it or how much I can work through it. Not real gutted but things were moving really well and 152.5 second attempt was likely. I completed 2 bench comps this year 147.5 and 150kg. I really wanted the third competition to close in closer to 160. Oh well. Time to get over it, find new goals and work towards that huge pump in the gym today push/pull super light weights
  8. The Daily Grind

    DEADLIFT 230x2 242.5x1 180x10 180x10 180x10 Pull through 200 Belt on all sets. 242 didn't move that great.
  9. The Daily Grind

    I'm pretty confident that I can rep 150x2 on the bench next week in sleeves. But now I don't even think I'll make the competion on the 28th due to this pec strain. 100 on the bar now and it doesn't feel great. Really frustrating because last sesh I felt I could blast up 140 doubles for 5 sets. My best is 140x3 with sleeves In April. I think it's over.....nooooooo
  10. The Daily Grind

    FRONT SQUAT 140x2 140x2 140x2 100x10 100x10 100x10 Leg ex/side bends 150 Sleeves on al sets
  11. The Daily Grind

    BENCH 140x2 140x2 Facepulls 100 Small left pec strain, so yea. Just felt like a very hard contraction in the pec with a bit of cramp. Called it early.
  12. The Daily Grind

    BENCH 120x2 120x2 120x2 120x2 120x2 120x2 Kettlebell shrugs 200 Hamsteomg curls 200 Sore neck but got some blood flow the area. Glad I went, bench moved great. Just annouying to miss a day of deadlifts
  13. The Daily Grind

    DEADLIFT Pulled trap in warm ups, went home. 19 days from bench comp.
  14. The Daily Grind

    BENCH 127.5x5 127.5x5 127.5x5 (left elbow sleeve) 127.5x5 (both elbow sleeves from here) 127.5x5 127.5x5 I lied. I missed a rep last set. Must be some sort of volume record tho.
  15. The Daily Grind

    FRONT SQUAT 130x2 130x2 130x2 130x2 130x2 Leg ex 300 reps Abs 100 reps Knee sleeves worn. Nice blood flow on the quads with the leg ex.