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  1. Anvar 10

    Thanks for the replies, I'm running test e 250 twice a week, got enough left for 9 more weeks, bf gone up a bit (peaked at 129kg, down to 126 now) so want to bring it down, have added in more cardio. popped one of these suckers this am and could be placebo effect who knows but have a very similar feel now to what was like on Hydroxy hydrocut . Probably due to the hydroxy within! no rocket scientist here!
  2. Anvar 10

    This label is gray with red bands Has british Dragon gear labelled all over it Says Manufactured exclusively for British Dragon Gear Amount per serving -1 Capsule Anvar 10 proprietary Blend 10mg 3-(2-aminoethyl)-1H-indol-5-ol 2-methl-3-hydroxy-4 5-bis(hydroxymethyl)pyridine hydrochloride
  3. Anvar 10

    Tried uploading pic but keeps saying "The extension is not allowed".
  4. Anvar 10

    Any body had any experience with this? Just received some British Dragon Gear caps, supposedly good for cutting?
  5. increase in gymmers

    Try and change the time you go, hard with some jobs I know. I usually try and get to the gym at mid morning, and unless there is a visiting sports team the gym is usually pretty quiet until lunchtime rush comes. Other wise i go 230/3 and same thing.
  6. To old to train?

    Yep age is only a number, we think we are still 21 until the next day DOMs
  7. Sticky topic for first timers

    If you can't workout how much 1kg of Test-E makes off the top of your head, you probably shouldn't be toying with homebrew. And I think price discussion is banned, but you're paying too much (assuming you're dealing with the producer directly) Chill dude, its only a discussion didn't say I was doing it. Was only mentioning that had been offered it and was a thought alabeit not serious as i don't use that much and have no intentions of getting into the supply business.
  8. Selling steroids here? Don't.

    Don't often agree with what he writes but does make a good case!
  9. Sticky topic for first timers

    :nod: true that was all up cost first time with bloods, consultation etc UG is cheaper, now toying with home brew Can get 1kg Test E powder for $900USD yet to work out how much that would make!
  10. Sticky topic for first timers

    depends on dosage 250 Test E at once a week = 10mls , 10ml vial approx 160 to 170 dependant on supplier Pharma product thru Doc approx $800
  11. Pain in my ass.

    Interesting Just started a new vial of a brand not used before (Thanks NZ Police for taking out reputable suppliers!) and have pinned twice this last week one in each quad and yeah real sore, like have been kicked really hard. No other signs of anything other than pain.
  12. The perils of raising teens

    This, if my teen years are anything to go by. And I wasn't fussy where I fvcked either. Bushes, parks, bus stops, my home her home someone elses home. There will always be somewhere they can go and party or they'll just lie about where they are going and who with Best to just educate them and have that awkward talk or two. My parents never really gave me much of a talk but I didn't need it. Did a bit of BS sex Ed at intermediate but I was already jerking off to pornos and trying to get into girls knickers by then anyway :twisted: I feel for you man, cant be easy, especially with a daughter. I know what I was like..... It would be fun being a jacked dude and intimidating your daughters boyfriends though \:D/ :nod: It helps but as the previous have all said its going to happen -eventually. Being in the predicament of 2 teenage daughters we have always talked to them about consequences of their actions, pregnancy,STI's , and the emotional side of these scoundral boys using them and moving on! I was no angel or puritan but once settled down all that changed and have raised our girls "properly" as our grand parents would say, to have respect for themselves and others, use their manners, not to swear, dress properly hahaha Forbade them to have boyfriends, sent them to a girls college ( buit just as much untowrd stuff happens to these girls) Mostly it all comes down to how you raise them and get on with them Would I let them sleep together, no not as teenagers. But at the same time they wouldn't dream of asking.
  13. Riding my bike

    Good to see that you are still posting and not getting put off by the knockers, and no I'm not sayin u have gyno Re: Dbol have to say it also does little for me, this cycle taking 20mg a day, cant say noticable increase in strength Cutting you diet may be a bit drastic? if the intention is to bulk, usual story for a cycle. But good that you are trying different approaches to see what works for you. The one thing not mentioned is rest, how much are you getting? Say this because have been pushing it myself the last few weeks and came down with cold which then turned out to be flu, trained Friday, light cardio sat, no training sunday bed rest, by end sunday apart from feeling crap body was tight and swole.