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  1. Police Raids II

    Do you have an intrest in body building or have you come here just to stir up shit pretty crap first post if you ask me
  2. This guy????

    He did pretty bloody good juiced or not that physique would not have magically happened by shoving a needle in his ass
  3. Good to see ya back ! last time i see u in the naki was just before ya got banned ! how come ya dont look as big as back then? With comments like this no wonder people think your a dick
  4. Miada Gym Auckland

    The thread was started as a poll to see if people had a negative experience with the guy no big deal 2 guns called it as he saw it as usual :flames:
  5. Birthday Wishes

    thanks wassup my nigga ice ice baby
  6. Whats happening here :poked: you still doing the show or have you canned the idea.
  7. Tuna Shake Recipes

    Why? :-s
  8. I have you beat this is me with a little bit of a pump on
  9. The Police Raids

    Yes and the piece of crap wiped his ass with it q
  10. The world famous NZMM is here!!

    this needs to be a Sticky it is integral too NZBB running smoothley.
  11. The exit door :puke: especially after legs
  12. New pictures of the Viking

    Are you posing in your roof? :-s
  13. Where to get dextrose

  14. recipe for pure Energy needed.

    Yes your balls fall off
  15. Drinking Carbs.

    how? well theres a steak in every beer :pfft:
  16. Drinking Carbs.

  17. Nice collection of horses
  18. That is awesome I would not go any were near gear if you getting gains like that
  19. Moving on (cheers for the help)

    I think we all do thats y we all come here isnt it :roll:
  20. Moving on (cheers for the help)

    Harden up who gives a shit what other people say

    Judging ny your photos last time you could get away with it .Alot of people myself included arent as umm let say well perpared.So treats are not really an option.
  22. hows my diet looking?

    You need fibrous veges Beans,or broccolli ideally
  23. What has happened to the free weights in gyms

    What? Why? is there no other gym were u r ?
  24. The world famous NZMM is here!!

    Maybe they should make you a MOD 2 guns then you could sought that shit out