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  1. Arnold Classic this weekend!

    No contest for dex
  2. Guess Who?

    Any ideas should supprise alot of people come show time.
  3. Guess Who?

    I am from auckland the other paul is in Taranaki
  4. Guess Who?

    Phill is doing the amateur not the pro

    I am north shore regional champion I rule supreme i will crush your puny arm on your TABEL
  6. The Pump?

    hey rocket scientist! he said his days off Cant all be brain surgeons like yourelf 2 guns .I was being facetious
  7. The Pump?

    3 hours ? are you employed ?
  8. Target - Wellington...

    I would be doing at leat an hour am pre breakfast and 45 after weights .Eight weeks is not long
  9. My cycle leading towards a comp

    f*ck me at least u are living up to your name :shock:
  10. Thats some fucken funny shit right there pure gold :^o
  11. I think lisa imagines all her hunks :puke: are created just from a geniune desire to succed she is so far removed from reality its ridiculous .No offence to the 'hunks' of course .
  12. BEER!!

  13. :pfft: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/topic/story.c ... d=10489932
  14. Guide to GH

    A well informed comment :roll:
  15. proposed 1st cycle

    I would get my diet and training dialed before even looking at this as an option do you feel you have tapped out your natural potential .
  16. Your cooking habits

    Good call he is a retard trying to be funny
  17. Alias why dont you just f*ck off everything you contribute is just rubbish
  18. Dear Diary

    Double :-s
  19. Dear Diary

    your whole persona just reeks of bullshit
  20. dreaming??????

    Michaelk have you added any more horses to your fine collection?
  21. What is NZFBB's stance on HRT?

    Umm all I can say is so what. Why would you give a shit if it was dodgy.Which I am sure its not its a drug test at the end of the day if you pass u pass and thats it :shrug:
  22. What is NZFBB's stance on HRT?

    im sure quite a few would have wats that spoze to mean? and the answer is no its not a problem for me because ive never been tested, is it for u paul? Well you said it like an innuendo "certain people" and the exclamation marks makes it seem like you have an issue sorry if i misinterperated
  23. Update Pics

    There is plenty he has already posted
  24. What is NZFBB's stance on HRT?

    yes, this is how certain people get off testing positive!!! Is that a problem for you 2 guns?
  25. Police Raids II

    No one asked you to dig up the worst thread in nzbb history either ''Alias'' :roll: