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  1. I would say if your leg workout is the one you look forward to the most then there something wrong I start dreading legs 3 days before .How long have you been training ? Legs are not an easy body part to bring up unless you are genetically gifted in that area normally take a few years of hammering. Whats your routine.
  2. Man Beheaded on Bus

    I agree
  3. Cool Bodybuilding Photos

    I dont know who he is but he better pull his pants up before he gets arrested
  4. NZFBB Classic Class

    :roll: I dont agree
  5. 10 yr old female bodybuilder

    Did U even watch the programme? Much better than those kid pagents they have in the states .She wasn't in the gym doing weights just had a healthy diet and exercised regulary .No big deal
  6. NZBB angers Angels!

    Is there any thinng you dont agree with :roll:
  7. Bodybuilders are ignorant!

    geez :roll: double :roll: and a :-s :-s to the last post
  8. Bodybuilders are ignorant!

    That made no sense at all
  9. Bodybuilders are ignorant!

    I would like to sum it for everyone Who gives a f*ck
  10. Countdown to next comp

    Why do you always get selected? Do you look like a cheat? MOJ Please delete your account your a dick
  11. 2 guns ban a bunch of b.s?

    Its only 2 weeks I am sure we all will survive
  12. Sam posted pics when he joned .dude looks like he claims
  13. results from elite show

    Mike looks great in the comparisons bring on melbourne 2009
  14. results from elite show

    Great post Matrix .By the way mike on stage is well above 90kgs
  15. check the thread beneath this on
  16. Absolute rubbish the last 3 I saw mike the week before in melbourne and there was no contest between salah and him.Let alone salah beating con
  17. So how many were competing in the pro event ?
  18. Pectorials

    :-s post your diet you make no sense
  19. Call me stupid but a twelve kilo loss would be no big deal to get ripped for a show .If your 82 now I would not be competing in the under 80 .You will lose a kilo or two dehydrating.
  20. Yeah NZMM is right under 70kg novice pretty hard to gain muscle while dieting best to try and mantain what you got :nod:
  21. 2008 Australia Pro Grand Prix

    http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow ... /index.htm beats my photos
  22. 2008 Australia Pro Grand Prix

    I am just about to head of to the show to watch Mike and the boys .With a bit of luck I will figure out my camera and get some photos up.