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  1. nicksmith3 - 10 week CUT.. Wait wut?

    No one does shakes a few weeks out that I know of .Shakes tend to have little metabolic value
  2. Planning the NZBB Challenge 2009

    Awesome again nzmm another fine contrubtion from a great man
  3. Any skin care clinic will write a script for isotane and it works fantastically . Liver damage is not an issue with isotane.
  4. BIGMD's Pro Debut, Texas August 09

    Best whishes and keep up the very good work.
  5. Ad-Fit

    who cares whats the point?
  6. Keep it up ed come in ripped and you will do well .
  7. Massage

    Congratulations your an idoit :clap:
  8. This means war Gym Rat style

    I think that is funny and hilarous gym rat
  9. This means war Gym Rat style

    How about I am a little yellow rubber ducky
  10. New president for the NZFBB

    iT should not change what you do or how u do it .It certanily did not stop Daniel hibbs taking the Mr NZ title
  11. Before and After - 6 months progress

    wow u can tell a persons genectics buy looking at them you have a gift :pfft: Everyone responds diffrently to training , eating, steriods etc.alot top BB were bean poles too begin with
  12. NZFBB Coromandel Classic

    Team Club Physical
  13. NZFBB Coromandel Classic

    http://www.muscle-xpo.co.nz/Judgement%2 ... ESULTS.htm
  14. bikes best for hit IMO

    WTF is that supposed to mean ?
  16. "Gym Weirdos"

    Geeez dont get them started :roll:
  17. Weight Belt

    Why would use it for leg presses ?
  18. "Gym Weirdos"

    Aww mannnn.. :oops: Damm We do that all the time there is quite an art to placing next to the bench
  19. Jonah Lomu Switches Codes

    Well gym rat made it because Optimass made it , and I guess its relative due to Lomus profile
  20. yep that's being picky man , Dennis is an animal :clap: we all like to act as the judge, I say just appreciate the awesome parts of him and let the panel do the picking Umm thats the whole idea of BB to be picky and judge especially with your peers(not that wolf is our peer bit u get the idea) so that when they get to a Judging panel they have worked on their weak areas.BB has to be the most critical sport out of all of them
  21. Bodybuilding Doco on Documentary Channel

    My sky is the geatest invention known to man :grin:
  22. Aussie ravers

  23. It means he trains hard 2 guns and that we are all pussies :pfft: