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  1. How about this cycle

    who cares hes is not asking your advice on trainning or diet sheesh every one wants to be a guru okay bro.. so if my 17 year old brother come on here and told everyone he can max press 130 and bench 100 for reps you would tell him to go hard? its people like you that make young fellas think its okay to use steroids when its not! Yeah right :roll:
  2. How about this cycle

    +1who cares hes is not asking your advice on trainning or diet sheesh every one wants to be a guru
  3. Smith machines

    hi mike :dancing: :dancing:
  4. Olympia 2010

    http://webcast.bodybuilding.com/fitshow/2010olympia/ Branch looking good
  5. Anadrol or Dianabol

    looks like get big is still down :roll:
  6. Phil Heath-Arnold Classic

    awesome conditioning great structure definite contender if he can dial that in for the Olympia
  7. Introducing Im Hungry

    Hey Dean you will need to train a bit harder than I saw today if you want to compete again old man :pfft:
  8. Gym Rat has landed in Auckland

    :-s :-s :-s
  9. Training session with Flex Lewis

    50 kg lateral front raises :? is that possible FFs thats amazing
  10. BigKiwi vs Les Mills

    Les Mills Auckland city is a great gym good equpment freindly stuff no problem with it
  11. I have had major problems with my shoulder dislocating at random moments during trainning .My course of treatment has been Physio first then refered on to sports specialist(doc) .Finally I have been referd to Bone and Joint surgeon, surgery on the 3rd of feb .I will let you no how it goes :grin:
  12. The Rules

    The power wtf are u talking about .Have u had a relationship ?
  13. Versa Gripps

    they are shit imo rather have some double loop straps more versitile .
  14. still sore..

    Is that your reply? Shutup auckbuilder you never know WTF youre on about. Ha ha So true

    Just because u always seem to comment on shit u have no idea about there is no need to encourage it

    Why would you make the comment then :roll:
  17. I want to get ripped

    Bullshit if thats you in the photo you have got it over half the members on the site and should be offering us advice
  18. I want to get ripped

    For f*ck sakes the guys taking the piss :roll:
  19. Campbell Live Tonight...buy a 6 pack..

    f*ck HE just needed to diet I never had abs till the night before a show :oops:
  20. Bag Of Crap

    Geez your not doing a good job of keeping away :-s
  21. Sucked in by Weirdo

    Nah you have to have Veteran status like lugi before u should let dirty old men approach you :wink:
  22. I said I would so here they are!!!

    good improvment are u still planning on competing this year ?
  23. nicksmith3 - 10 week CUT.. Wait wut?

    :roll: If thats seven days u should run an informercial :shock: