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  1. Lisa @ go figure seemed to get a few shots .Looked like a fairly high standard congrats 2 guns .
  2. Jono Hater oh i mean haeta!!!!!!!

    Troll will only get bigger if u feed it :twisted:
  3. Catabolism

    I normally have a shake pre workout .Then do cardio straight after my workout if I am not going to eat within 30 mins of finishing.I will have a protein shake at the gym after cardio.
  4. Overtraining or not?

    BRO if u are trainin legs propely there is no way u would be able to train back (hardest 2 body parts imo) Give each the time they deserve.If your not feeling sick on leg day u arent doing it right
  5. 2 average pics

    looking awesome bro great delts how much d u weigh?
  6. G'day all

    Gidday mate
  7. AMA Training Log -

    Thats a lot of squats :shock: How long u in the gym for bro
  8. AMA Training Log -

    I really like your approach I cycle heavy week then light 20 rep squat etc on light week makes you wanna puke put gains are good.Calf sets also look brutal I know u have to thrash those mothers
  9. New Supplement store

    Sponsors keeep the board alive my friend .If you burn your sponsors you would not have a board.
  10. Club Physical Champs

    I went to the one last year at kelston girls i think it was late august .I thought the idea of the whole show was to give novices a taste of a show.
  11. hi everyone

    These guys are the distrubtors for liquid and powder egg whites. http://www.bodysculpt.co.nz
  12. Big Kiwi in trouble...

    In Regards to the towel question.taken from his website Hey guys bet you all wanting to here how BK is getting on. HAve had a bit off comunication with him and have seen him a few times in the last two weeks. Bk looking good, still huge as ever and determined to keep his size on. He has told me a list of exercises that he has been doing to keep his body in tact as he hasnt been able to get him self into a gym yet. For back he's been doing chinups against a wall, following it up with backpulls with a towel and two guys holding onto the other end of it. Shoulder pressing the largest guys he can find with another guy pressing down on that guy to create more weight. For legs hes been doing squats, having the largest guys he can find to press down on his shoulders. Having one guy press down on his shoulders another guy is holding the first guys shoulders down. Havnt yet heard what he does for arms but will let you all know what the secret is as soon as i find out. So as you can all see even from within the concrete walls BIG KIWI is keeping it big and his love for the sport has not vanquished.
  13. Help with diet!

    I was at avery similar weight and body fat% .IMO calories are to high if you want to lose fat you have to run at a deficet. I know its hard to lose fat and gain muscle .Howver initially you have to make a choice.I would rip some fat off which wouldnt be hard reducing cals would acheive this.I aimed for around 2500 cals a day I have a reasonably average metabolisim howver so possibly you could go a little higher.I am assuming your not digging trenches all day.And your of average size.
  14. Dieticians and Nutritionists

    I have found nutritionists very helpful for competition and general tweaking of your diet .A good one will take the guess work out of the equation if they have sufficent experince.Diet principals are essentialy the same when bodybuilding ideally tailor made to your body type
  15. Why ban him he is entertaiment :roll:
  16. Pretty funny thread bout a nabba guy posting his pics for all the world to judge not sure if this will work.http://www.getbig.com/boards/index.php?topic=52924.0
  17. post your current diet caliroes sound ok but what are u eating is the key.Do you have sedentary Job ?
  18. Calves are one of those things you have to train at least twice a week blast them with supersets I find good toe presses followed by calf raises do 4 sets or untill u cant walk.
  19. Hello everone

    I have been lurking around awhile thought I would introduce myself.Been tranin for what feels like eons did a comp last year hoping to do another this year.
  20. Hello everone

    I did the Pibba show
  21. Who won the CNI comp?

    hEY I Think Sam mohammed won