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  1. Any other pics of show out there ?
  2. Try clicking on the link he has in every post
  3. Congrats Pseudonym

    Have you posted your diet somewere anything diffrent than your standard comp diet ?
  4. 6 Months of CrossFit

    Which crossfit are you at?
  5. Why the hate on John Key gym rat?
  6. Supplement retailer reviews

    Orderd from Shotgun yesterday turned up today with a free sample A+
  7. Body composition tests

    dean geddes @ les mills city
  8. Harbour Fitness Glenfield

    It will be sad if the School of Boxing goes looks like a great set up
  9. Les Mills Britomart

    The gym is awesome if you want to do cardio. Shitloads of flash treadmills, bikes etc
  10. What I bought today....

    Hmmmmmm you didnt by any chance buy a hockey mask to did you? :shifty: No.... Why ? :-s
  11. Peachy's Bikini Progress

    Calm down Calvin :roll: it's just the internets bro
  12. beastdrol??

    Fuckin troll shit
  13. Loochi video

  14. Exertion headaches and migrains

    I had this exact problem ended up at osteopath in the end had put my neck out. Had a realignment and was cured