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  1. If you live near Pukekohe you can do this really cheap -free potatoes from the market gardens and fresh road kill from highway 27 (all done nicely in the slow cooker)
  2. Legalising Drugs in Australia?

    Was going to make reference to the UK - personal use of gear works very well over there although there were murmorings that after the london olympics UK could come back into line with USA/Australia/NZ etc
  3. Wonder if this is just another lot of hot air or something that might be taken seriously this time. Also, could "drugs" include AAS and other PEDS?? http://au.news.yahoo.com/latest/a/-/lat ... hink-tank/
  4. Who remembers these?

    Yip around 1990. The same time soy protein and boron were the "it" supplements (oh how times have changed)
  5. All the best with this mate
  6. 2012 Australian Pro Show

    Darryn's shoulders looked fine to me...assume Ray was inferring Synthol It must have been really close but from what i saw Omar had Darryn from the back - although Darryn's Hammies were diced....so not sure
  7. 2012 Australian Pro Show

    Awesome show. Biggest improvers for me were Michael Kef and Darryn O. Both putting on size and were in ripped condition - deserved 2nd and 4th IMO
  8. 2012 Australian Pro Show

    Its all happening up at Brunswick today just got back from an arms session. Michael Kefalianos was doing a photoshoot, Luke Timms was floating around, Phil Heath rocked in just as i was leaving - guess he must have come in from NZ this morning. Figure girls doing some light flush training. Moe was also floating around clocking in at what looked like about 70kg Melbourne's nice mate- but living in Thailand had it's perks
  9. Latest Pics from Muscletech FB https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 539&type=3
  10. 2012 Australian Pro Show

    Show is on tomorrrow From what i've seen Erin should finish 2nd to Nicole
  11. 2012 Australian Pro Show

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2 ... 1074218771 Erin and Alicia this morning at Doherty's Gym
  12. 2012 Australian Pro Show

    I live here now mate. Train at Brunswick. Will tell Tony you said hi - he was running around like a madman today...LOL
  13. Do you mean place hands 6" apart or do you mean go as low as 6" above the chest mate? stop 6 inches from chest - can use a plank of wood on chest so you don't go lower. Key is to limit engagement of pecs
  14. 2012 Australian Pro Show

    Just been into Dohertys for a workout Met Larissa Reis, Nicole Watkins and Lionel Brown Things heating up over here for this weekend.......