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  1. So Bobsta, you wanted an ab off?

    Powerbuilding. It's a revolution. :nod: http://www.criticalbench.com/bench-press-anniversarysale.php?hop=b2444
  2. Mind over Macros

    Damn! What are NZ's rules for bar placement, i.e. what's too high/too low? :protest: However, I was talking about the pressing part of the lift. Your elbows are tucked at the bottom but start to flare early once you press the bar off your chest. Not trying to be picky or a twat, I'm just trying to help but am really bad at explaining anything via written word. Go well :salute:
  3. Zercher Squats

    Agreed. Zercher Good Mornings are interesting.
  4. Mind over Macros

    Nice training Steak Hope you don't mind some feedback? When benching, try to stop your elbows from flaring out. Keep them tucked in to your side and use your strong triceps to help the lift when pressing.
  5. Sex In The City

    Stumbled across this 'article' ages ago and was reminded of it now... http://www.muscleenhancers.com/steroids/roids78.htm
  6. 430kg squat

    Walking out 430kg is impressive. A lot harder than a monolift squat.
  7. The Floor Press

    Floor press is one of my favourite max effort lifts, both wide and close grip. As a supplemental exe Dumbbell Floor Press is another good variation. I'd pick floor press over skullcrushers every time, for a number of reasons.
  8. The sumo equation

    I agree bro... to a point. If you do conventional then ok as long as you keep a few simple things in mind (bar close to body, using legs, shoulders behind bar). Not quite as simple with sumo. IMHO of course. Grip and rip a bicep? An often unmentioned essential is to take tension out of the bar before lifting. Some might look to lifters such as Konstantinovs, he still takes a few moments to set up, using a technique he's refined over a long period of time? If you lift with bad technique grip and rip isn't going to help you. Pearls: Food for thought re choosing a deadlift stance that suits you...
  9. Side Lateral Raise

    LOL. Weirdo :pfft: Hope you show them love at the top of the lift, kiss kiss, grow my little pretties :shock:
  10. Rookie Season

    I think I heard a pin drop :-$
  11. Rookie Season

    It's a verrry strange thread indeed :?
  12. Is 20% Bodyfat fat?

    Maybe a better question would be "is 20% bodyfat fat, for a competitive bodybuilder" I mean it's all relative, innit? Just saying Summer cutting, had me a blast...
  13. Is 20% Fat? (POLL)

    Are you shrinking? :shock: You used to be 5 foot 5, no? :grin:
  14. Is 20% Bodyfat fat?

    The bent over rows? They were Yates Rows weren't they?
  15. Is 20% Bodyfat fat?

    Please reset them to zero lest someone have a tanty about it :grin: