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  1. 18 months progress 20kg heavier

    Thanks mate. I'm cutting at the moment, started at 94kg about 3 months ago, down to 86.3kg today. Doing it slowly just taking my time, have reduced my calories to around 3000, cardio maybe once or twice a week which ill increase in the coming weeks. Plan is to be lean for summer, then the fun (bulk) begins
  2. 18 months progress 20kg heavier

    Height: 173cm. First pic 73kg, second pic 92.5kg at end of bulk in April, Only started paying real attention to diet past 12 months. Goal is to be a lean 90kg, currently sitting @ 87kg ~15% (guess) This site was such a great source for information when i started!
  3. Blood work pre/during/post cycle?

    Where in Wellington can one get proper blood work done? Aotea Path only do very limited tests for walk ins... No test or oestradiol... And no labtests in welly either...
  4. Which blood tests are recommended to get done before, during and after cycle?
  5. First cycle test p & e

    Good posts, cheers for the info. Could you please comment on the above?
  6. First cycle test p & e

    The plan is to be <10% before I start. Currently on a cut.
  7. First cycle test p & e

    Test-E hits the bloodstream after about 2 days, its only the compounded half-lives that take about 4 half-lives to reach maximal blood concentrations (about 20 days)... Instead of dropping the Propionate after 4 weeks, try 75mg EOD week 1, 50mg EOD week 2, 25mg EOD week 3, by then Test-E should be at Maximal levels and its not too much of a bounce down from dropping the Prop'.... Cheers for your response Daz. Since I have 10ml of prop, following your tapering suggestion, would it not make sense to do 100/75/50, or is this a bit much? I've read a lot of people's pip is pretty bad when using prop and some say to stay away from it first time round - any reason why the pain is worse than test e?
  8. First cycle test p & e

    Would like to get some feedback on a potential bulking cycle I plan to do early next year. Training is good and diet will be mostly clean with well timed cheat meals, eating and training like a beast. This will be a 12 week test only cycle, front loading with prop until the test e kicks in. I have 10ml of test prop (100mg/ml) and 30ml test e (250mg/ml) plus clomid for pct and nolvadex on hand just in case. The plan: Weeks 1-4: 75mg prop EOD Weeks 1-12: 500mg per week (250mg x2 mon/thurs) Weeks 14-17: Clomid and nolvadex I only have enough test prop for 4 weeks at the above dosage, would it be fair to say the test e would have kicked in by this time? I'm open to suggestions and improvements.. Cheers
  9. First cycle and blood pressure

    LOL just wanted to get some advice, that's all mate. I don't see the harm in gaining as much knowledge as possible, this is new territory for me after all.. Appreciate your comments..
  10. First cycle and blood pressure

    It will limit it somewhat but not much. The water retention from Dbol does play a part in helping you lift the extra pounds, but it's also the extra aggression that comes from it that helps a lot as well. Possibly just trying running Test for your first cycle. You're still quite light for your height and you'll likely be able to put quite a few solid kgs on if you train and eat right using just test alone. The quality of Dbol around here in NZ is pretty debatable as well... you might end up getting some bunk. wise words :clap: known majority of people who have gone thru this process of using just test to avoid the dbol effects. but dbol at the end of the day is still a strong product with mint results to it. I'm more than happy to run a test only cycle - i understand it will just take a bit longer for the test to kick in, which is why the dbol at the start of cycle is so effective right? Might take the advice here and keep it simple, if everything goes smoothly first time round and bloods/pressure is fine, i can start adding compounds in future cycles if i decide to run more, plus with all the check ups ill be doing, ill be aware of how my body may react..
  11. First cycle and blood pressure

    Hey man, yeah I don't believe it is diet related as the bad fats are very very limited, I eat the same clean foods day in day out. I don't have much stress in my life (single) haha, and my desk job is not very demanding. Thinking of investing in a decent blood pressure monitor to check my levels daily.
  12. First cycle and blood pressure

    26yo, 5'8, 83kg around 15% body fat give or take, been training on and off for a few years but more cereal for past 12 months. Bulked to 90kg several weeks ago and now 7 weeks into 12 week cut, down to 83kg. Are you running anything to cut such as Clen or any other stims? They might be giving you a high bp currently. Water retention from the Dbol could be a factor, you'd do well running some Arimidex along side while you're on the Dbol if you do go ahead with it. No special stimulants or pre workout formulas. Just 1-2 cups of coffee a day. Not an alarming amount of salt that I can see in my diet, though I thought cardio should help with sweating a lot of it out. Getting bloods done shortly to check cholesterol and a few other things. Does taking an anti-e during a cycle limit your gains? This doesn't worry me too much as I'd rather be safe and not gain as much during first few weeks then risk my BP shooting through the roof...
  13. First cycle and blood pressure

    Thanks for the input mate. Do you know how much your BP rose while on cycle from your baseline?
  14. First cycle and blood pressure

    26yo, 5'8, 83kg around 15% body fat give or take, been training on and off for a few years but more cereal for past 12 months. Bulked to 90kg several weeks ago and now 7 weeks into 12 week cut, down to 83kg.
  15. Just would like to get some thoughts around cycling and high blood pressure. I'm thinking about starting my first cycle next year once I get to 10% body fat. It will be test only, 500mg per week for 12 weeks, potentially kicking off with dbol. I had my blood pressure taken in the weekend, I was 150/90. Had it taken today at doctors and it was 156/86. Normal range as per doctor is 120/80. My diet is very clean, no takeaways or alcohol and I do cardio everyday. Apparently with my family, high blood pressure is heriditory, as mum and brother are taking meds to keep it within the normal range. From my research, i understand that certain compounds can increase blood pressure. My question is, to those with experience, is there a way to safely cycle if you already have slightly higher than normal blood pressure? FYI I plan to discuss all this with my doctor prior to going on, as I will be getting bloods done before and regularly thoughout the cycle. Cheers in advance...