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  1. Methylphenidate?

    Is dexa a drug used for ADD as well? never heard of that one.
  2. Methylphenidate?

    Nice one man. I'm finding when it peaks around 4hours I can get a bit on edge. And having an anxiety disorder while experiencing this ain't no fun. But at least I know what's causing it so I just try to relax and tailor my diet to try and keep my BP down. Rich Piana talks about adderal I think? Which is illegal in nz. It's basically the salts of amphetamines. Methylphenidate isn't actually a amphetamine. Although it's chemical structure is similar.
  3. Pec Tear

    How's the pec feeling mate? I would defo recommend the old slingshot by Mark bell. Just used one for the first time the other day. I'm absolutely no expert. Or had a bad tear before. but the way the slingshot assists you is very impressive. it may well be one tool to help you towards recovery.
  4. Marijuana and working out?

    Before a workout isn't the best. Sometimes 2 hours or so after a smoke is OK, if energy levels up. But still not ideal. I usually smoke in the evenings but if I workout a bit later until around 7pm for example I found I don't feel like getting baked. I've never really thought there would be much of a benefit to smoking. other than relaxing
  5. N-acetyl-para-aminophenol?

    All I can say is mix it with (RS)-2-(4-(2-methylpropyl)phenyl)propanoic acid. now your talking. I'm not sure of the affects of taking these two combined while on test though? I would need to investigate further
  6. Methylphenidate?

    I'm on 36mg concerta which lasts around 8 - hours. And yes that's good advice. I do try to take it later on in the morning as I need it to help with my study in the evening after work. yea it's crazy sometimes I just forget to eat if I get busy at work. It's like my stomach just stopped talking to my brain. But yes it will be easy to get over. A huge breakfast will be a good start.
  7. Ive recently been but back on Methylphenidate and wondering if any one else on here takes it? And if they find it affects there cycles at all. I can't find anything to say it does have a negative affect on gear. But it is a major appetite suppressant. So apart from having to force feed myself I can't see it being a problem.
  8. Test e cut or bulk

    In all honesty I guess my first comment was a bit off the cusp. I personally use it to bulk. And I throw something else in when cutting. Everyone is different and I find by its self it's not overly fantastic for me to lose BF.
  9. Test e cut or bulk

    Im just saying other compounds like var or stan are better for cutting. Test is great for bulking. But of corse you can dictate a lot of what you want to achieve with deiting.
  10. Test e cut or bulk

    have you not done your research man? test is a bulking compound.
  11. Reddit

    Back in a sec. Actually no... can someone one just pm me. I want to go back to the good old days when I got my gear off here.
  12. Someone please help

    Lol typical nz forum response. harsh, and completely unhelpful. Hahahah You will be fine mate. Don't stress. Just do your math properly and make sure you use the correct dose you want next time.
  13. Is Trestolone banned in NZ?

    http://www.ironmagazine.com/2012/trestolone-ment-explained/ Wow I had not heard of this before. Sounds great. let us know how it goes mate. How long are you running it? are you running anything else with it?
  14. Prescription A.I and serms

    Hey that's not bad thinking at all. :)