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  1. how much is enough Caffeine as a pre-workout

    1000mg has been known to be FATAL.
  2. how much is enough Caffeine as a pre-workout

    200mg or 2 tsp black coffee.
  3. PCT required?

    Very unlikely.
  4. PCT required?

    Hi, Would PCT be needed after a few weeks of 60mg test cyp?
  5. First Cycle - PCT Question

    Hi, would you recommend taurine & royal jelly in conjunction with TRT?
  6. PCT or no PCT

    1/2mg adex every third day.
  7. Liv.52 DS

    Mods, please delete if breaching Forum rules. Have a good supply of LIV.52 DS (Double Strength). PM if interested.
  8. Where did you start from?

    Sorry, I was just over 38 kg - 6 stone.
  9. Where did you start from?

    I just grew man. I was 5'7" at the end of '84 & had increased my chest by 12" to measure 40".
  10. Where did you start from?

    1984 5'3" 16 years old, 36 kgs and a 28" chest 2014 5'10" 47 years old, 85 kgs & a 32" waist.
  11. Legit dbol?

    Thanks guys, appreciate it
  12. Legit dbol?

    Here's a shot.
  13. Legit dbol?

    Just wondering if this dbol is legit.
  14. MK-2866 Ostarine [SARM]

    You're thinking of S4 man, used for cutting.
  15. BPI RX6 - 3 bottles

    I've still got these if any one is keen, take one, two or all three.