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  1. Game Changers

    You're a deluded idiot! All randomised clinical trials have shown meat and animal fat are harmless, but vegans like to use epidemiology to deceive others into an ideological diet!
  2. Game Changers

    Few points about the game changers: Plant protein is not nearly a bio-available as animal protein, That corn in your shit gave you nothing. The producer James Cameron has recently invested millions and millions of dollars into pea protein supplements #conflictofinterestmuch. Most of the athletes in the mockumentary are now performing at a lower lever, have got injured, or started eating meat again. There is no credible scientific evidence that meat is bad for you, weak epidemiology is not proof. Relative risk means nothing without absolute risk. Arnold still eats meat!!!!!!! Why would a human eat a diet that does not give them essential nutrients thus requires them to buy pharmaceuticals? i.e B12 EPA etc. Beta carotene is not vitamin A Long term vegan's usually have "bug eyes", it is real. Look at Wilks' eyes! Probably because you can't get collagen from plants.
  3. Game Changers

    TMAO is just another pseudoscience vegan/PETA beat up. The highest sources of TMAO are in oily fish! Hmmmm Oily fish are known to be good for heart health! But if we isolate things in a petre dish we can show they are dangerous? See what oxygen does when isolated in lab conditions! Super toxic! Oxidative damge etc. Should we stop humans consuming oxygen then?
  4. Newbie

    Hey, welcome
  5. What to do for cardio

    Are you still struggling with money? Join a proper gym and do some spin classes. Quick way to get cardio up.
  6. Knock out some more reps

    DB Bench 20 x 10 24 x 10 28 x 10 30 x 10 32 x 8 Dead lifts 65 x 10 85 x 10 105 x 10 115 x 5 125 x 5 Pull ups Shoulder raises
  7. finasteride prices

    It's around $40 per month.
  8. howsit

  9. green smoothies

    I've used flavoured protien power too, it's fine .
  10. How can we improve Gymnation?

    Yes, this is much better!!
  11. How can we improve Gymnation?

    Hey Psu, I think one of the big issues is, from the home page and a few other parts, people cant see the little orangey boxes that show there is a new post since they last looked. This is why there is more navigation. Adding this would be a big improvement.
  12. Knock out some more reps

    Squats 30 x 10 40 x 10 50 x 10 60 x 10 70 x 10 80 x 10 90 x 10 100 x 10 110 x 6 80 x 10 60 x 10 Leg extsion 2 x 10 Leg curl 3 x 10 Calves
  13. Traveling with a criminal record

    It looks like it only applies in NZ, not for overseas visa applications etc: http://www.justice.govt.nz/services/criminal-records/about-the-criminal-records-clean-slate-act-2004
  14. Knock out some more reps

    9th day in a row. Mon Spin, Tue Legs, Wed Chest/Arms, Thur Box, Fri Cuircuit, Sat Back/Chest, Sun Shoulders Calves abs, Mon Spin. Today Squats 40 x 10 60 x 10 80 x 10 100 x 10 110 x 6 120 x 4 60 x 10 Legs extensions x 2 Leg curls x 2