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  1. Healthy/ clean snacks

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can help... I generally have a savoury tooth but I'm not really sure what to do for snacks- like what sort of crackers are good? Or are none worth eating?! What would you put on a cracker? Is bread any good? Thanks in advance :0)
  2. Mum trying to lose the wobbly tummy!

    Ok so the diet is going something like this: Breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled with 2 tablespoons of trim milk. With either quarter of an avocado or some smoked salmon. If I have neither I up it to 3 eggs. Lunch- Salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn and asparagus. With desert spoon of cottage cheese and either small tin of tuna, chicken or prawns. I often chose the 'flavoured' tuna/chicken, e.g. Tomato and onion. Then I have balsamic vinegar on the whole thing. Tea- This is usually what I've cooked everyone else in the family. I've knocked back the amount of carbs I will have. So if we had meat and veges I will do kumara mash instead of potatoes. The evening meal isn't unhealthy as I try to cook well for my children but may sometimes be pasta bake or a lasagne. I usually do my exercise in the evenings as that's when I only really have time. If I don't get back too late I'll have a protein shake made with a cup of trim milk and a banana. Otherwise I try not to snack too much between meals. I've stopped eating bread altogether. Ummm... Not sure what else... Weekends can often be a bit more tricky to be as careful so one night may well be a takeaway option like Thai... Hopefully you can give me some more advice from there? I'm worried about having 'too much' protein powder in case I'm not using it an its just being stored on the stomach! Oh I'm also 5ft 7 and 72kg and 30 years old! Thank you in advance
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me. I'm back trying to get fit and tone up post having 2 children. I'm doing some HIIT, a couple of boxing for fitness classes, a 'proper' gym weights session and just some free weights at home each week as well as some walking. I'm working really hard on a clean diet but the thing I'm really struggling with is losing the remains of the pregnancy tummy! I dream of a six pack! I'm not really doing specific abdominal exercises - is this the real problem? But basically I'd love some advice on what I should be doing to try and tone up the wobble! Thanks, Natalie
  4. Breakfast

    Hi all, I'm back on the fitness and toning mission after having had 2 children and I see a lot of you say don't have bread as a breakfast food. I really don't like oats so I'm wondering if you have some suggestions of other breakfast ideas that will help wi weight loss, etc? Thanks, Natalie
  5. Something sweet

    They sound like great ideas i think a coke zero might just be my fix. I definitely couldnt do just one biscuit... Im with Laura - a packet maybe!
  6. Something sweet

    Hey guys, Diet seems to be going pretty well - now back into it after Christmas. I was just wondering though what you eat/drink when you get a sugar craving? Or do you just ignore them? It seems to be something I'm struggling with a little at the mo :shock: Thanks, Nat
  7. New to it all - is this ok?

    Awesome - thanks guys. So going more for yoghurt and a banana in the morning for breakfast and then having a protein shake for meal 2. Is it best to have carbs more around lunch time than in the evening? Or is there no real preference? There is a lot to learn!
  8. New to it all - is this ok?

    lol - yup she is planning on giving me a hand just crazy busy at the mo. She is also better at the fitness side of things than nutrition. I should be catching up with her this week but I jsut wanted to get on the right track and thought you guys might be able to help too :0)
  9. New to it all - is this ok?

    Aim is to lose body fat and tone up. Eye is more on body sculpting than body building...
  10. Hi all - after a bit of advice really. I'm not totally sure what I'm doing with nutrition but think I had a good day today advice would be greately appreciated... M1 8.30 am = low fat yoghurt and a banana M2 11 am = strawberries and some low fat rice pudding M3 1.45 pm = salad (cucumber, tomato, avocado, pepper and onion) and tin of chop chop chicken M4 6.30 pm = tried the protein pacakes but did a dreadful job of it! They were horrible - more practice needed! So only had a half one - oats, whey powder, cinnamon and 3 egg whites. Yoghurt, flaxseed oil and strawberries on top M5 8.30 pm = tuna, red pepper, onion, chopped tomatoes, garlic, lentils and herbs and brocolli Between 1.45 and the 6.30 meals i had a trip to the gym and did upper body stuff. Just drunk water and had a cup of tea during the day... What ya reckon?
  11. Vee's Journal

    Cool thanks for that I reckon it'll be an awesome place to start -dont really know where to start so some direction will be good! If you dont mind me asking - what made you decide to get into body building?
  12. Vee's Journal

    Hi Vee - probably a stupid question but what is the 'BFL' programme that you talk about??
  13. Newbie

    Cool - thanks guys - good to be made welcome. Think its a trip to the supermarket tomorrow to stock up on essentials. I took some pics tonight but still deciding whether or not I want to share them with the world! I think a journal is a great idea though... will get on to that...
  14. Newbie

    Hi all - thought I would introduce myself. I've been thinking about getting into body building for some time and now with some encouragement from a PT friend of mine I've decided to bite the bullet and start some proper training. I don't have the best self body image - weigh in at 69kgs and am 5ft 7. I think its the nutrition thing that I will struggle with most as I'm pretty slack about eating and at the moment tend to have a big evening meal which I know I need to sort out. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated and I'll get on to starting a journal :0) Nat