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  1. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    LOL the trolls of NZBB were so much better than this. /bring back Pine Pollen threads
  2. UFC and positive tests

    Rules are rules but Hunt knew what the ufC was when he signed up. His motivations are selfish - why wasnt he campaigning for a union befoe the fight? Lifes not fair, Hunt was wroonged but hes going about solving it the wrong way.
  3. Chicken

    speaking as someone intimately familiar with chicken pricing, i would rather eat my own sh!ts than buy chicken from the Mad Butcher. Sign up to PAK'nSAVE's emails to get all their good deals.
  4. Gymnation Protein Testing - let's make it happen!

    I reckon if you were doing this and testing gear instead of protein, you would hit 15K in 24 hours
  5. Adrenal Fatigue

    sounds like being a Chiro is like getting a procard from Moe lol
  6. 2017 log

    Shoulda just done leg press bro, wide stance & making eye contact with as many people as possible. Protip - if any one meets your gaze, lick your lips.
  7. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    That depends. If you answered my original question I could tell you...
  8. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    I woke up this morning with a full size gang patch tatted on my back and forehead.
  9. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    I thought that you wouldn't answer, seems I was correct. Glad to hear you are well looked after old friend.
  10. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    Going by your posts I don't believe that you are as naïve or neutral as you say you are. I suspect this is an alt account for someone to try and peddle their opinions without recompense. It would be good if you could answer my question and clarify your claim of being 'chased' by the owners of a club that was bought out & renamed seemingly before you were on the scene? I may be having a slow brain day butit seems a rather strange/inflammatory thing to write about people you apparently have zero knowledge of? Best of luck with your goals stalkers.
  11. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    When was this? Coast barbell no longer exists and hasn't done for some time. Who were they and when were they chasing you??
  12. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    Stalkers, your posts are a good example of why another fed was needed. Not having a crack at you, but when nzpf were the only option, anyone who didn't agree with thee way of doing things, or who lifted but didn't sign up was tarred as a drug user/supporter. Comps were boring as Barbrother has noted, so actually the nzpf has improved as a direct result of their competition. There is also now options for people who want to take AAS/ pre workouts etc or use multiply has an outlet. Yes some people wanted to lift while juicing, but it's far from the only reason people wanted another option. If you are a genuinely new member you also won't be aware of some of the personality clashes etc that were happening that were the catalyst for change. I'm not going to open up old wounds, but I will say that the way some female lifters were treated who were simply associates with Coast barbell club was more than enough reason to bring another fed. Hope that helps clear things up.
  13. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    It's good that the PL scene in NZ has settled down now. As Reddog says shit got very personal and nasty when CAPO first came to NZ. From the outside looking in it seems that the NZ scene has found some sort of balance. Guy in the op vid seems like a top notch phaggott.
  14. Games Meister wanted

    True that life isn't fair, but neither are competitions were 60kg guys would be measured on strength with the same weight as 125kg guys. That's why lifting comps (only, pl etc) have weight grades. I agree that some people wouldn't bother, but again it could also encourage people to enter that otherwise wouldn't because one lift ( like ohp) puts them at a disadvantage. Pseudo asked for ideas on a fair competition, I just gave my view on what would be fair...
  15. Games Meister wanted

    The only way to do a competition that covers a broad spectrum is to do a broad comp lol. Do it properly and have like 5 'events'. That way you can cover a bit of strength, endurance etc. so no one group just cleans it up. Example: - Max full pullups (no kips) - Max deadstop reps of deadlifts at 1.5 x B.W - Max Bench reps at B.W - Max one arm deadlift as % of B.W (grip test) - Longest timePlank? (lol) You get a placing in each event against all participants, and the lowest score overall wins. E.G if you won all 5 events and came 1st in all 5, your score would be 5. Maybe using my new powers as a mod I will organise this