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  1. How do YOU use social media?

    I've had this conversation briefly with Pseudo but I might expand on that since it fits this topic. Back when I was an active member (maybe 4 years ago) I used my phone for bugger all. I used FB a bit but most of my time was on here via PC. These days I can't be arsed with FB as it's too easy to get in the habit of reading it whenever I've got some time to waste and ultimately I just get pissed off with the crap posted. As for posting training stuff. If I got serious enough to share it again and seek feedback it would not be via FB (too many randoms end up seeing it) but on here and I would be 100% more likely to do it if it was easy from my phone. Now I use my phone for everything and I agree an app would be great. What I have noticed is there is no where near the amount of contributions on the site as there used to be but the quality is way up. The smack talk seems to have greatly reduced and the posts seem strangely relevant to the topic :pfft: I hate to say it but it feels easier to comment/contribute to posts on FB etc than to post in a forum...It could be the apps are spoiling me or I'm just getting lazier but I don't tend to look at the forum unless I'm at work in front of a PC. Of course it's 5am and my eyes are well hanging out of my head so this probably makes no sense anyway :|
  2. Arnie shaping up for Conan sequel

    The first one was pretty cool in it's day....the sequel not so much...As for the remake, I couldn't get past the eyeliner
  3. South island nzifbb results

    Hmm....want to add a pic but can't seem to from phone..
  4. almost famous

    Don't know if you have sorted a gym yet but Fitness Canterbury has always been very pro bodybuilders and have a fair few that compete out of there including the Orton brothers...
  5. Natural Physique Competitions

    I don't follow many of the feds but NABBA-WFF had a poster out end of last year with the full calender for this year on it which was pretty useful... And yep, why hide those legs?
  6. NABBA/WFF ChCh 16th May

    Yes but I avoid stringers and would never use the term
  7. Long time no post.. This was the first show I've been too in 4 years and while I was stuck back stage helping the Mrs out and didn't see a lot of it I did find the two physique ladies to be pretty impressive. If you haven't seen any of it gofigure has pics as usual and a video of the ladies in question. http://www.gofigure.co.nz/doc/bodybuilding/1886-nabba-wff-christchurch-grand-prix-16-may-2015 On a separate topic this site has certainly changed a fair bit since the NZBB days, rather flash looking now although I am unsure about this 'aesthetics' word... Anyway, my 2 cents worth and now I will slink back into obscurity and wait for Nationals
  8. Little late but a spectators view of the show. First up. For some awesome photos taken of the show check out here: http://www.facebook.com/SKMPhotography Taken by one of the staff at Fitness Canterbury who does her own photography work. I would be more than happy to pay for shots of that quality taken of me. Nice work Sam. The lineup. Overall excellent quality and it was soooooo nice to see a lot of big boys for a change, including Nate rocking the stage. As Soundsgood said, the overalls were impressive and actually competitive with 6 contesting the overall male. Standouts for me were: Kagan Orton(19?) :shock: , that's a family with some pretty amazing genes and it doesn't hurt that both him and Steve are good down to earth sorts. Kagan certainly got the biggest smile out of me when he stepped on stage. Watching him train in the gym he keeps it all hidden away so it was impressive to see him bust out and to come in the final 3 for the overalls was pretty cool. Lesley and Anette were as ripped as they always are and a real pleasure to watch. Lisa Bailey is my favourite female physique competitor and it's a shame that finding competition for her is so hard as yet again she was the only entry. This was the first time I had seen Hamish (Soundsgood) and jesus, the man's a tank. He manages to pull off looking huge without looking blocky and was pretty damn impressive. If he had been ripped as much as Tom (who's always a leanness freak) he would have been unbeatable. I think he got a bit of a raw deal with lighting for the overalls. With 6 rather large competitors they took up the entire width of the stage. The lighting on the right of the stage was rubbish, seemed like a bulb had gone or something. I would have liked to see him in the final 3 but I guess it's the same old problem of size vs leanness. Richard Parnham took the overall in what must have been a tight decision. The glamor girls were good and there was no doubting that Justine http://www.facebook.com/pages/Justine-Switalla-Sports-Model/128647647159327 was the deserved winner but it was awesome to see Peachy come in a very well deserved 2nd. I have said before I quite like this class but my only complaint is making them speak, I just don't think it is necessary although Peachy's "I have a dream" was good for a laugh :pfft: The athletic men which is usually one of the bigger classes had only 3 competitors (I think...). Maybe the rest heard Tom was coming and decided it wasn't worth the effort. I don't know what his weight limit was but he always looks massive and makes himself extremely wide. He would not look out of place in the physique lineup. Overall a pretty impressive show competitor wise. Oh, small plug for Mel from Fitness Canterbury who won her figure class in her first ever show. Absolutely stunning. The show itself. Started on time and ran from 12 to 5 which was about the right feeling length. The venue was not the best and I suspect it wasn't a first choice but needs must. The sound......it's 3 days later and thinking about this still irritates me. Worst sound ever...bar none. I suspect someone raided my storage boxes to find my cassette walkman from the 80's, chopped one of the ear phones off and ran the whole show through the other. I honestly don't know what happened but it seemed like the source, if it was two channel, was only being outputted with one. Weirdess thing I have ever heard and full credit to the competitors for battling through it. As an example some tracks played minus the vocals and only the background beat playing. It didn't help that the stage was recessed with the speakers at the front facing away so the audience got to hear the awfulness in a distorted loud way while the competitors struggled to hear it. Just to emphasize how big a problem this was, if it had been a lesser lineup I was waiting to see I wouldn't have waited. It's the only negative point I have with an otherwise run well show. Still can't beat the one show format.
  9. New Zyzz Legacy vid released.

    Ta, rather unfortunate at 22 years old I would think.
  10. New Zyzz Legacy vid released.

    I can't believe I watched that...well skimmed it anyway, I'm lost for words....Dare I ask how he managed to die in a sauna? Excessive dance move??
  11. Vaders rise to 115 kg

    lol... dude if you think like that now you will always think that and youll never end up getting on stage and when you do youll most likely look not very good (not lean enough) because your worried about loosing size and bodyweight. have some self confidence bro. but that will come with age. going well :nod: Didn't Vader compete at Top of the South? Yep.
  12. 1 Rep Bench press Vid

    I don't know if it says in the vid but stupid iPad won't play it grrrr....how much do you weigh?