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  1. Hi all, Been a long time since I've been here! Anyways I'm doing a shameless promo of our YouTube channel South Pacific Muscle, which hopefully is of use to some of you! We're aiming to profile up and coming bodybuilders from all federations, cover shows and interview athletes from NZ, Australia and the Pacific region...and talk about off topic shit from time to time! If you're into that kinda thing, check it out and subscribe to YouTube channel and/or follow on Instagram for regular rambling and competition results. Interview with Antony Morris up now. Hope all you fellas been keeping well in my absence! Nate
  2. Suck to be allergic to ground nuts.....wonder if anyone has gone amphalatic after a shot.... On another note most SEO's have a antimicrobial in them, homebrew tends to be MCT oil and a small % BA
  3. GH cycles - your experience

    Honestly I doubt you could stay awake for a 9-5 with 5iu morning and night. The old fake jintropin you could run this easily, probably take 20iu and be fine LOL, but with the real deal no way.
  4. GH cycles - your experience

    Real HGH that's not been exposed to heat etc is fantastic at low doses and affordable. 2-4iu is ideal and has some amazing regenerative effects, fills muscles up a lot and leans you out over time. Even 2-3iu is extremely tiring and I'd suggest the higher doses would be unmanageable with a 9-5 job, definitely need a food n sleep dominated lifestyle. To get the freaky mass building effect I have been told 8-12iu a day is required (I heard this in person from 2 Olympia competitors). Personally I can't afford to find out!
  5. 2016 GPC World Championships Live Stream

    Congrats Hamish on the Silver!
  6. My next cycle!!

    The upside of just test is ease on the body, no real foreign metabolites to push liver / kidney functions up or wreak havoc other than estrogen production.
  7. My next cycle!!

    He didn't call it cruise / blast. Just on or bulking lol.
  8. My next cycle!!

    One of the best novice stage appearances I ever saw (5'8", 98kg, 21" arms and big legs) was a guy who decided for cost reasons (and bad reaction to orals) to keep it real simple. Cruise was 750 TE year around, and he'd up to 1500 for 10 week periods when he felt the need! Seemed to work for him!
  9. 2016 Olympia

    Couple of photos from Venice Beach! On Arnie's incline at muscle beach, and Golds Gym with Charles Glass and Robert Oberst.
  10. Tlaf bodybuilding journal

    Congratulations bro - you looked fantastic! Back shots were sick.
  11. 2016 Olympia

    Went in a helicopter today and saw the grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Still not as big as Ramy's back.
  12. Pec Tear

    Looks like surface bruising from a bench shirt! Probably hear or feel it if you tore something
  13. 2016 Olympia

    Wifey with stolen Olympia sign right off a gaming machine in the Casino lol. Right better go support solo mums swinging on poles.....vegas is sick! Never been anywhere remotely like Las Vegas Boulevard on a Saturday night! My mate Dave went through nearly 10g of Pepsi already lol
  14. 2016 Olympia

    Jose again....a wee bit richer in this photo after placing 3rd!
  15. From the arena there were a few things I'd say: Judging was pretty good though Ramy was actually amazing and the crowd was booing hard at his placing. He was the only one hanging with Phil from behind. Bonac was unreal but didn't tighten up as much for finals. Josh should have beat Dallas IMHO. Justin looked terrible. 212's was tough battle for 2 & 3. Flex wasn't gonna lose on the day. I had jose 2nd but fair call it was so close. Re: Kevin - he had the crowd going mental. World class side chest & most muscular. Hi back actually surprised me. Legs were down though. When he finished he got a full house standing ovation, biggest reaction of the night, more than winners, Arnold or Dwayne Johnson. Highlight of the night for so many reasons.