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  1. You might have to tell us about it instead, mate... What did you think of the place?
  2. I agree with ^ this opinion. But yeah... this is a public forum. Ask your questions publicly, and then we can all learn.
  3. Myprotein impact whey

    Yep, I've used it. It's always impossible to know what the quality of protein is really like, but this stuff mixed well and tasted pretty good. I think they also had a heap of exotic flavours which I wasn't a fan of - so stick to the choc or vanilla, and you can't go wrong.
  4. nzscrapbook.co.nz

    Wow, that does seem scammy. I would avoid. I'm sure that despite the domain name, it's not a NZ site. It's got a dropdown for other currencies, and it just feels like a copy-and-paste of someone else's store. I'd say there's a good chance they'd take your money, but you wouldn't get whatever you ordered. And if you did, I'd be amazed if it was genuine Rebok.
  5. Kia ora Everyone

    Hi Kua, welcome to Gymnation. I'm not a powerlifter, and can't really comment on what is/isn't achievable. But I will say this... Where are you training? If you're an aspiring powerlifter in Wellington, you absolutely need to check out the Powerhouse Gym. If anyone can get you ready for a comp, those guys can.
  6. getstrength nz

    Wow. I'd be demanding my money back by now. And if that didn't work, talking to my credit card company about getting the charge reversed.
  7. Keto diet

    Hey Iron46, welcome to Gymnation. Over the years, I've tried various "special" diets, from keto, to CKD, to the anabolic diet, to intermittent fasting... you name it. Basically, I've come to the conclusion that if these diets work at all, they do so simply because they're restricting calories - not because of some other magical reason. My suggestion is this: - Track what you're eating in an app like MyFitnessPal. You don't have to do this forever, but do it long enough that you can see what an average day's meal contains in terms of protein, carbs, and fat - and therefore how many calories. - Reduce those calories. How you do this is up to you... You could reduce meal sizes across the the board. You could drop a meal altogether (I tend to skip breakfast because it suits me to do that). Or you could eat "normally" (as long as it's clean and healthy) for 6 days a week, and just designate one day as a low-calorie day. Ultimately it doesn't matter, as long as your average daily calorie intake is lower. It's about what will suit your lifestyle and be easiest for you to sustain on an on-going basis. Diets like keto that severely restrict what foods you can eat, IMO, are much too hard to sustain long-term. Hope that helps.
  8. My brothers & sisters!

    Haha! Sorry, but that's pretty funny! I think you have two choices... Either find a way to live with the fact that your partner is on gear, while you're not... Or reconcile the use of gear yourself - it doesn't have to come from a start point of self hate. Maybe you could just share her anavar? 😁
  9. Wanganui

    Seems that way. But you never know... Often people stumble on these sorts of topics later, and reply down the track. Are you looking for a training partner, or advice on gyms?
  10. Clen - AKL?

    What Ratz says about clen is spot on. The difference is negligible, IMO. Same thing with supps. Stick to a basic protein, and maybe a multivitamin and creatine. It all you need (and really all that works!) Focus on the diet and training - that's where your results will come from.
  11. Newbie.

    Welcome mate. Good to have you here. It's true your test levels will decrease as you get older, but typically oldies still have a few other advantages over the young guys... like focus, patience and commitment - all of which will do more for your gains over time than a young guy with high test levels who half-asses it at the gym. Go hard!
  12. My brothers & sisters!

    I think there's a lot of truth in what you just posted. More than many would admit to themselves, let alone others. Kudos for such a brutally honest self assessment, mate! Could not agree more. Hormones throw our emotions off balance, so unless you're completely stable mentally and emotionally, adding AAS into the mix is a recipe for disaster. Trouble is, many unstable people think AAS will be their cure.
  13. To cycle or not to?

    Over what time period? Gains do come slower the further you progress. Patience is the key in this game! As PETN says, you probably need to eat more. Shoot for more like 200g of protein, and increase the calories until you slowly start gaining weight. (And make sure it's a nice slow weight gain, otherwise you're just getting unnecessarily fat.)
  14. My brothers & sisters!

    Hey mate, good to have you here. Welcome! That's a really interesting comment, and shows a lot of self-awareness. Can you elaborate on this? What did you find unhealthy, and has it improved now you're off the cycle?
  15. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Awesome job, man! Haha! That must have been satisfying. Bet you didn't think you'd be up on a bodybuilding stage a couple of years ago!
  16. Critique my Physique

    Heh. No, I agree with you on the vacuum pose - I've never seen the point of it either. As an aesthetic pose, it actually doesn't make your waist look smaller, it just shows off your hollow ribcage. Why would you want to do that?! And as an exercise, I think it's of limited value too. At best, vacuums are just a static contraction, so I'm sceptical about how effective it is. And yes, big compound exercises do use the transverse as stabilisers, but they're not hitting it directly. I feel like it's all too easy to let other muscles compensate for a poorly-activated transverse (at least, that's my experience at the moment - I can't activate the left like I can on the right). I might start doing some direct work and see if it helps. What's that exercise where you sit on the floor, lean back to about 45 degrees, and pass a weight from one side to the other? That'd be good for transverse, right?
  17. Lame reason to lift...??

    Play nicely, guys. There's no reason why Intern's story can't be true. Let's see... - Man in troubled relationship joins bodybuilding forum in effort to impress his Mrs. Considers using steroids, but then decides that's not for him. ...or... - Cop proactively on the hunt for steroid dealers joins dead-quiet bodybuilding forum, concocts elaborate back-story about why he needs steroids in the hopes that someone will PM him, then inexplicably does an about-turn and says he doesn't want gear any more. I know which I think is more likely! Sounds like all that gear is making you guys paranoid! Oh, and @intern - I think PETN's comment was his suggestion on how to deal with a broken relationship, not a welcome to the forum. Not sure if that makes things better or worse!
  18. Critique my Physique

    To be fair, the "pullovers expand the ribcage" theory was pretty widely believed - particularly around Arnie's time. So lots of people see videos of Arnie and other old-school bodybuilders doing them, and think they must be great. But sports science has moved on since then, and now we know better. Having said that, I like dumbell pullovers as a weighted stretch for lats and shoulders. Good for general health and mobility, I reckon, but not so much for physique development. @Realtalk - what do you think of vacuums for working the transverse abdominals and tightening the waist? Another old-school myth, or is there something in this one?
  19. Cycle after a break

    I would think so. It'd actually be interesting to do as an experiment anyway, just to see how much of your test+deca physique you can regain with test alone. I'm guessing probably quite a lot, since you've got muscle memory on your side now.
  20. Critique my Physique

    Agreed. Everything looking pretty proportional so far - keep at it! How are the legs?
  21. Lame reason to lift...??

    Yeah, cycling and bodybuilding don't really go together. One keeps you light and lean, the other you're trying to gain size. It can be done, of course, but the two sports will constantly be fighting each other. If you're still training for cycling, you'll need to eat a shitload more than "regular" bulking gym-goers... purely because the extra cardio you're doing is burning up everything you eat as fuel. It's simply physics - calories in versus calories out. Steroids aren't going to help you there.
  22. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Captain Tom does have a good ring to it. Thanks for posting, mate.
  23. Kia ora

    Hey mate, good to have you here. What's Snap Fitness like?
  24. Clenbuterol

    Frankly, anyone who comes up to you offering to illegally sell you a prescription medicine is VERY dodgy! A good source would never do that. So you already know you're dealing with someone whose main interest is making a buck. I wouldn't be at all confident that what you're getting is the correct product, or mixed to the correct dosage. It might be, or it might not. You just don't know. The other thing I would say is: if you haven't tried clen before, don't expect amazing things. I don't know of any fat burner that even comes close to a good diet. The best you can say for most of them (including clen) is, "Well, maybe it helped." So you've got a dubious product that at best might produce only a small benefit. Sorry to be cynical, but in this situation, I wouldn't waste my money.
  25. Hello

    Hey man, welcome back! I love seeing old members return. If you want us to reconnect you with your old account, send me a PM. Otherwise if you're happy to keep going under this username, that's all good too.