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  1. There's nothing worse than guys coming up and smothering their girlfriends with kisses in the gym. Particularly when their girlfriends are smoking hot, and you'd just been wondering if they were single.
  2. Yep. It's certainly easier, safer, and more lucrative than continuing to slug it out in MMA. Do this, then retire in comfort.
  3. Hey Lin, welcome! Unfortunately, I don't often train at Newmarket. But I do go there to eat burritos from time to time. Have you been to the Flying Burrito Brothers just down the road from City Fitness? (Warning: This conversation may not help your weight loss goals...)
  4. Looking like a beast, mate!
  5. I get achy knees from time to time, and quad stretching and foam rolling helps massively. I can't attribute the fix solely to foam rolling, but the combination of the two certainly works. Having said that, I have found a lot of foam rollers in gyms to be so soft they're basically useless. Like Maccaz, I use a hard medicine ball, which also concentrates the pressure in one spot more than a roller.
  6. Hey FatGig - welcome! Yeah, once you've got the diet sorted, your progress will really increase exponentially.
  7. Awesome, man! It's definitely a worthwhile cause - particularly if you can help a kid while doing the gym sessions you'd be doing anyway. Give them a yell. I'm sure they'd be very keen to hear from you.
  8. You reckon? Nah! Those delts and tris are awesome. I agree with you on traps though, and maybe chest. Still, aesthetic enough to make me jealous!
  9. Well, it sounds like it's just a matter of waiting and seeing if the team leader gives you security clearance, right? I'm not sure what your question is, sorry... I mean, if you've got a driving-related criminal conviction (what does that mean - speeding? Or theft of a vehicle?) I don't know what would help increase your chances. Maybe a character reference from someone in authority?
  10. Bloody hell, Daz! Do they give you a bulk discount yet? That's a pretty significant statement. What are your thoughts on it?
  11. Rolleston - town of the future! Be a wee bit nippy down there at the moment, wouldn't it?
  12. Hello new person on behalf of nice people of the forum very warm welcome to you
  13. Wait, I'm confused. Whose prick are we talking about now?
  14. Smart move!
  15. That's so strange. I can't imagine why people are reluctant to talk some random dude who's asking them for illegal drugs...