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  1. Clenbuterol.co.nz - Operations/Jail Story

    Obviously this wasn't the focus of the story, but I'd love to know how many of his products actually had the ingredients (and the amounts) that customers thought they were getting. That was an interesting read. And pretty well-written too - it seems to avoid the usual explosive claims and scare-mongering, and just sticks to the facts. Thanks for sharing the link, mate.
  2. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    What do these bars cost to buy? I'm about to make a trip to Aussie to buy an underwater camera housing, because it's cheaper to do that and bring it home yourself, than import it and pay for shipping and NZ's GST, duties, etc. Plus you can claim Aussie's GST back at the airport. Depending on the cost of this bar, you might find the same maths works for you too.
  3. Just protein code

    Is Nutratech still going to be around? I've been getting "closing down sale" emails from Bodybuilding.co.nz, which was their retail store and (I think) parent company. But I'm not sure if the Nutratech brand is also affected or not.
  4. Lynx's Workout Journal

    ^ What he says.
  5. Eating plan for bulking

    Hey Badfish, have you tried using the MyFitnessPal phone app? Most people (myself included) use that and find it's an excellent tool.
  6. Fit20, NZ's latest gym chain, is about to open their doors next week. They're catering to a very specific section of the market - a customer I would cynically describe as "has more money than sense, and would rather not be gym training anyway". What do you make of this? Read the full story here: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12043502
  7. Just keeping tabs

    Bit of a difference in those pics, mate! Well done! EDIT: Just went back and had another look - was that a before/after, or just a flexed/unflexed?! I need to know before I wrongly offer you congratulations. Were you seeing any particular sides from the AAS that made you (or your doc) think it was time to take a break?
  8. Halloa!

    Hey man, welcome to Gymnation! Congrats on the weight loss - very impressive. I watched your first video, and scrolled through the last... but I couldn't see any progress pics. Did you take any? PS. Why (and how) do you live stream from the entire video from a median strip in the middle of a road in Wellington?!
  9. Homemade mass gainer shakes

    Yeah, I can't do any better than what Kalidane's already said. Good advice there.
  10. how much is enough Caffeine as a pre-workout

    1-2 tsp of instant coffee, eaten dry. The taste wakes you up even faster than the caffeine does.
  11. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    I'm a bit late to the party here, but... Yeah, I checked it out when this topic first started. As far as I can tell, everyone looks relatively legit - ie, different posters have different IP addresses from different NZ-based ISPs. Of course, that's still no guarantee they're completely unrelated. But for now, I think we can give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So welcome, all you new people!
  12. back to the grind

    Don't sell yourself short, bro. Yours is an excellent journal. Good to hear you're back on track and feeling positive.
  13. Tradie gains

    If that's what builders eat, I need to change jobs!
  14. Gym for casual visit - Rotorua

    Where did @tomleegolf train? I presume he'd have found a decent gym...
  15. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    There may be some slight difference between front and normal squats, in terms of focusing on certain muscles - but I think that's a relatively technical detail, and they both work the same muscles more or less. If you prefer front squats to back squats, and if that means you'll train them more consistently, then do front squats! Having said that, you probably won't be able to load up the weights as much on front squats, but as long as you take that into consideration and go heavy on some other exercises, I don't see that as being an insurmountable problem.