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  1. Hey Kesh, While it's definitely a good idea to post here (you never know who might see it), I always suggest people look in their own gyms as well. After all, those are the people who are already at your gym and training at the same time as you! The best way to approach someone is just to ask them if they can give you a spot on a particular exercise. Then thank them and introduce yourself. Do that a few times, and you'll have a workout partner before you know it!
  2. This is one for the science nerds out there. Or read the university's press release here: And for the real geeks, the full study: What's interesting is that this uses forskolin, a compound that the amateur pharmacists had been playing around with over at (a few years back when that site existed). As a non-injectible tanning product, it was considered the holy grail by many, and there was a lot of discussion about it at the time. It looked promising on paper, but I don't think anyone had much luck actually getting it to work. It seems the problem was the absorption (or lack thereof), and that is what these guys have now cracked.
  3. Meh. Someone will benefit from it, even if it's not the OP. Good to see you again, Dinah! How've you been?
  4. I'm curious to know the answer to this, too. Is the normal E2 test okay for females (presumably the usual candidates for the test) because they have so much more E2, therefore the level of precision is less important? But because guys have less, any variance proportionately makes a much bigger difference?
  5. Do they do vials too? Basically the idea is to minimise the harm from drug use by making it easy enough to obtain and dispose of needles, so that users are less likely to reuse old needles, and more likely to dispose of them properly. They also offer a one-for-one "new needles for old" free exchange.
  6. Welcome to Gymnation, bro! 🙂 And welcome back to training, too! Are you working towards a particular competition? Got any pics from your last comp that you want to share with us?
  7. Is there any way you can gauge the level of interest in the town before you start? For instance, set up a small website (just a landing page with some basic info, and a way to collect email addresses) then send out flyers asking people to register their interest. Have some incentive like the first 2 months free, or whatever. It's not an exact science, but it'll give you some idea of the public appetite for a gym like yours.
  8. Good writeup, Gazza! I'm not a big pre-workout person (usually just a strong coffee does the trick for me), but this one actually sounds pretty good. Where do you get it from?
  9. Damn, sorry I didn't see this earlier, bro! Hope it's not too late to help... Try this:
  10. Interesting. That gives me a much better understanding of Lucy's approach to this research project. Thanks, Hamdanz!
  11. Any athlete knows sport is just as much a mental game as it is physical. But if you think psyching yourself up prior to a competition is hard, imagine the headspace this guy needed to be in... Yesterday Alex Honnold climbed to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, with no partner, rope or safety gear. Here he is at 2000 feet, with another 1000 feet to go... Read more about the climb, and Alex's unbelievable mental strength here:
  12. Thanks for the update, Lucy. When will the results of this research be available? I'd be really interested to see them.
  13. You need to translate this back into English, bro! What is theoretical sampling? What is criterion sampling? How do you choose participants based on research finding if you haven't done the research yet? Give me some real-world examples to get my head around this! Are you saying that if I'm going to a small group of people who like fruit, and my only question is "What types of red apples do people like?", then it doesn't matter if this group doesn't include people who prefer bananas or green apples? What if I still don't have enough participants in that group to cover off all the different types of red apples?
  14. mate regard of the mma class, my number is 0211680718 mike, flick me a txt if you like to catch up some training, free of charge

  15. Maybe chuck it in the Injury rehab forum, so that other people can find it easily down the track?