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  1. I think most people feel like they've got lower genetic limits than most people. I say that as a joke, but I actually think it's true too. Statistically, half the people I know must average-or-better genetics - but I don't know many who would believe it.
  2. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Be nice, Bruizer! There's nothing particularly wrong with Amenon's post. His first question is perhaps a bit "old school English" in style, although it's actually fine grammatically. But if you need it translated, he wants to know what it's like to be an engineering officer.
  3. Steroids

    You reckon? I'm not sure that happens as much as it once did. I've got no proof of that, of course, but my hunch is that most sellers have moved to more productive pastures like Facebook. BahLiew, in case someone DOES contact you offering to sell steroids (also against our rules, BTW), just be highly suspicious of anyone who will contact a stranger and offer to sell them illegal drugs. There's every chance you will get scammed.
  4. The plan...

    OK, I suspect our cache table was corrupted, which was probably causing all sorts of issues like slow page loads and server crashes - so if the website has been behaving badly for you, blame it on that. Anyway, I think we're up and running. There'll still be little tweaks as things annoy me but, by and large, we've finally arrived at the destination. Phew! So... Welcome to your new-look Gymnation.
  5. Steroids

    Hello. You must be new around here. The thing is, asking where to find steroids is against our forum rules. The rules you read and agreed to when you registered just a couple of hours ago. So, welcome. Apart from the content of your first post, it's good to have you here. #bepolite #smilingthroughgrittedteeth
  6. The plan...

    Ugh. I thought it might be two weeks. I didn't think it would be four. Anyway, the theme is finally done. I'm now trying to install it, and it's not going smoothly. I'll have another crack at it tomorrow night, but in the meantime, you might notice a few things looking a bit odd. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    Consider yourself booked in, TLAF!
  8. Hi Gymnation, My name is Stella, I'm a Casting Producer for a new AUS TV show called Spartan, which is an extreme obstacle course competition. We are currently casting and are looking for New Zealand and Australia's fittest teams of 3 to take part in the event. I thought it would be well suited to the Gymnation community. The teams are groups of 3 and can be made up of family/friends/colleagues or training buddies. It will be a race across specially designed Spartan courses challenging both mental and physical limits. All involved have the chance to win a generous (six figure AUD) cash prize. If you could help share this with anyone you think may be interested, that would be hugely appreciated. Key points for clarity: Teams of three can be male/female or mixed. It is a team based competition and any team is only as strong as their weakest member. Mental and physical fitness is paramount to compete in the spartan course. People need to be 18 and over. We will be doing a casting tour in New Zealand in the beginning of November and will then cover costs for shortlisted teams to travel and stay in Australia. Timing required would be approx. a week but if they do really well and decide they want to compete again there is an option of a second 5 day event period. Filming will be in December, exact dates TBC. We only need one team member to initially apply for their team providing the teams full contact details. We then take it from there. There are limited spaces so we don’t want anyone to miss out by delaying their application. Applications are closing very soon so don't leave your application to the last minute. If you want to do research to get an idea of similar shows see Spartan Ultimate team challenge but our series will only be similar and not exactly the same as this: The application can be found at: www.newzealandspartan.co.nz
  9. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    Interesting. And do you manipulate your sodium levels at all?
  10. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    Can you explain this a bit more, @trainlikeafreak? My understanding was that carbs replenish the glycogen stores in the muscles, which then brings water into the muscle, giving them that fuller, "pumped" look. To do that, your body may draw water from wherever else it's being held - eg, under the skin - and removing that subcutaneous water is what simultaneously gives you a dry appearance. But I don't understand how that redistribution of water could affect your weight?
  11. Fair point. Guys, Daz has gone to the trouble of writing a pretty comprehensive post (much of which I didn't understand, but I'm sure some of you will...) Let's show him the respect of not derailing this topic with rubbish. Now, we were talking about growth whore moans hormones.
  12. best on the go dairy protein

    Really? And you're sure it's not the flavourings that have been added that you don't like? What have you tried? Again, it might be worth trying a whey isolate protein. It's a lot more "watery" than the standard whey concentrates - it certainly has a lot less taste, and probably has less smell too.
  13. Gym Buddy

    Hey mate. There are indeed Aucklanders here, and sometimes some are looking for training partners. But Auckland's a big place... where do you want to train? Also, what sort of training are you doing, and what are your goals?
  14. Gym buddy

    I'm at the wrong end of the island for you, @katiipets, but welcome to Gymnation anyway! Fencing, eh? Cool! That was one sport I always wanted to do as a little kid. Not sure why - too many movies with pirates and musketeers, probably.
  15. I was about to reply, and tell you what I thought it meant... then I read on and you'd just defined it yourself! Isn't THAT the mind muscle connection? The ability to mentally focus on the muscle you're trying to work, and ensure you're using it and not some other muscle to perform the exercise.