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  1. Taping thumbs

    Sorry to answer your question with a question - and particularly sorry if mine is a stupid question (I'm not a powerlifter, but since no powerlifters have replied yet...) What do you use the tape for? Is it for wrapping the thumbs on deadlifts? And is that for protection, or extra grip? My first thought is simply some strapping tape - either 3M or some of the sports brands. You'll find it in the first aid section of the supermarket, and it's probably a lot cheaper than something that's made specifically for a very small niche market. Would that do the job?
  2. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    As it happens, I think one of our long-time members has been accepted as a medic, just in the last week or so. It's probably too early for him to be able to tell you all about it, but he might have a few thoughts to share. @tomleegolf, can you chip in here?
  3. DISCLAIMER: NZ Muscle are a long-time sponsor of Gymnation (and they're truly awesome people and you should hit them up for all your supplement needs), but I think this is a topic that's legitimately news-worthy on its own merits anyway. ______________ As you might have seen, Shotgun Supplements has now been bought out by NZ Muscle. This is huge. Two of the biggest players in the NZ supplements industry, and one has just eaten the other! Shotgun had been started by a couple of guys in New Plymouth - one of them is/was a member here. It grew exponentially, and in 2014 (I think?) was bought by Torpedo 7, which in turn is owned by The Warehouse Group. So it's not exactly a small fish. And now... it's been gobbled up by NZ Muscle - another independently-owned business going through their own exponential growth phase. Impressive. What's your opinion on the NZ supplements industry? Who are the major players now? NZ Muscle, Xtreme Nutrition... and then who? Is there anyone else fighting it with these big guys at the top?
  4. Testosterone.

    And in other testosterone-related research news... Scientist-marketing team proves testosterone link with status products A team of French marketing academics and neuroscientists has found that male sex hormone testosterone increases men’s preference for status goods – compared to goods of similar perceived quality but seen as lower in status.
  5. Buying Gym Gear Online ?

    I haven't heard of them before, but I think you're right - they do seem to be based in Aussie. Having said that, they look like they're being reasonably up-front about it. So should you risk it? I guess it depends on what you're buying, and whether it's the kind of thing that might need after-sales service. What are you buying? The other thing to watch out for is that you don't get stung for GST and customs on the way into the country.
  6. Testosterone.

    Interesting! Although I'm not wildly surprised that people who grow up in richer environments have higher testosterone than the down-trodden poor. I followed a link from your article to another one in a similar vein: New study finds evidence that prestige increases testosterone levels in men I find that one even more interesting, because it seems to support the theory that alpha males are wired to become even more dominant. Success breeds success (if success is a high testosterone level...) Of course, as with all these studies, the devil is in the detail. I'd like to know more about how the study was conducted before attributing too much value to the findings.
  7. maccaz 2018 prep log

    It seems to have changed to "Maccaz 2018 prep log" without me. So by my doing nothing, the problem has solved itself. #LifePhilosophy
  8. Losing weight while on test only

    The fatter you are, the more likely you are to experience nasty side effects from steroids. Increased estrogen, increased blood pressure and probably heart problems are all more likely to happen if you're overweight. On the bright side, if you get your diet and training nailed, you should be able to lose weight at a good rate anyway (steroids are unlikely to speed things up much, if at all)... and you've just saved yourself a decent amount of coin!
  9. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    Pretty sure they have a maximum size and weight limit.
  10. My DNP Cycle Log

    True. I was just reading this topic and thinking, "I hope this guy posts pics..." @Csruk - can we encourage you to share some progress photos? Did you get any before you started?
  11. Taking down 650kg among other things

    Too easy!
  12. So are you treating this almost like a competition prep? That is, the goal is to look awesome at week 20, but not worry about sustaining that condition long-term? TBH, I've never planned out any cut to that level of detail in advance. Theoretically, continually decreasing the food intake and increasing the workload will mean continual progress, sure - at least to a certain point. But whether that'll take you to 10% BF on the scheduled date of week 20... who knows? Personally, I'd prefer not to plan it out so far in advance, and then just tweak as I go. It might be that your tweaking results in the same plan as above. Or you might find you can get away with eating more or doing less cardio. Just try it and see. The only other thing I'd say is... as of week 9, your carbs are getting pretty low. If you find yourself wanting more carbs (eg, for energy in workouts), I'd sacrifice 5-10g fat and hold onto more carbs for longer (because fat is so calorie dense, a few grams of fat lets you keep significantly more carbs). I don't think 55g fat is the absolute magic number for hormones. Particularly if you have the occasional refeed or cheat meal.
  13. New Here

    Good intro, bro! Welcome to Gymnation.
  14. No pct after cycle

    Looking at those timeframes, I just wonder whether the OP's problem is actually unrelated to his cycle. He came off cycle at the end of December, and felt fine until March. So it was only several months later that his sex drive disappeared. Surely that means it can't be the cycle or lack of PCT to blame?
  15. Clenbuterol.co.nz - Operations/Jail Story

    Obviously this wasn't the focus of the story, but I'd love to know how many of his products actually had the ingredients (and the amounts) that customers thought they were getting. That was an interesting read. And pretty well-written too - it seems to avoid the usual explosive claims and scare-mongering, and just sticks to the facts. Thanks for sharing the link, mate.