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  1. Plank Exercise

    I was mucking around with one of those TRX systems the other day, and discovered (or invented?) a few tricks for abs which I really liked... Doing planks with my feet in the TRX loops raised my body position to parallel with the floor, which makes things a bit harder. There's also the stability factor - having your feet in the loops is much shakier than when they're on the floor. To make things harder again, continue the planks with TRX, but place one hand on a medicine ball. Hold for a few seconds, then swap the ball to the other hand, keeping your plank position. Swap back and forth. Then superset with pike crunches until knackered. (It won't be long.) I haven't really used the TRX much before, but I liked this little routine a lot. I'll definitely be doing it again.
  2. Tap, snap or nap

    Holy shit! How'd you score that one? You're going to get some good tips there, I bet! My boss got an invite to play there a couple of weeks back. Said it was like he'd died and gone to golfing heaven. (And I think I've already said congrats on the exams, but if not, congrats!)
  3. New to Bodybuilding Christchurch

    Strange... Usually people in supplement stores are only too eager to sell you as much protein as they can.
  4. Double unders

    Welcome, @JimBo1732. And awesome first post - you can stay!
  5. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    Not really Black Friday, but NZMuscle had a big warehouse sale on Saturday. I didn't see anything else from them about Black Friday. Shotgun did though - 20% off everything. Americans seem to get particularly excited about Black Friday, but I don't think it's really much of a thing over here, is it?
  6. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Good numbers, TFB! So do you get more out of the suit by lifting sumo? Interesting. Not that it applies to me, never having lifted equipped (and being somewhat slack on the deadlift front overall), but I just find sumo works better for my limb lengths and/or inflexibilities.
  7. Max bench at bodyweight

    We ran a bodyweight bench competition a couple of years back. You might find some tips there:
  8. I genuinely went back and forth between photo and article, trying to work out which of the two guys was the bodybuilder. But maybe his troubles with meth took its toll on his physique? I was curious to see if I could find any pics of him on stage, so I did a quick Google. Didn't find any photos, but I did find this story from 2009... http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/592878/Three-jailed-for-street-attack-on-tourists He was one of 5 young men who attacked a group of tourists in Christchurch - stabbing, punching, kicking and stomping on them. Nice guy.
  9. Customes in NZ

    Yeah, it will be confiscated if discovered. I assume it's a sachet of powder? If so, that's possibly more likely to get through than if you were importing vials of AAS. But what your actual chances are, I have no idea. But to Welderguy's point... Are you sure you need DNP?
  10. Help required - Police PAT

    Hahaha! I imagine 16yo obese Maccaz probably had more incentive to run than the cop did!
  11. OnlyHuman's ...

    I think my own sweet cravings have just been triggered.
  12. Double unders

    Hmm, tricky. But I generally train like a bodybuilder, so all this speed/cardio shit is a mystery to me anyway! @Realtalk - have you got any suggestions?
  13. New to Auckland -advice

    No worries. If City Fitness is that handy, it's probably worth checking them out too - they still have their share of big guys. And for $7/week, you can't go wrong!
  14. 2017 log

    That makes sense, and it's true my lats ARE too tight (I discovered this struggling with overhead drills while scuba diving). But it's not the hyperextension that hurts my wrists, it's the rotation needed - I can't pronate them far enough round to be comfortable gripping a straight bar. So yeah, more flexibility work is required. Or maybe I could just front squat with an EZ bar...
  15. OnlyHuman's ...

    I'm a little late to the party here, but it's good to see you back, mate! Even if you have let yourself go a wee bit! How do you find this? Notice any difference?