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  1. Clear Tren

    Nah bugger that bro, Tren was ordered and Tren was not recieved fuark knows what it is, best place for it....in the bin!
  2. Clear Tren

    Oh true! yeah your right bro shieet doesn't sound good sorry man!.. that dirty rotten mutha fuarker!
  3. Clear Tren

    Could just be an honest mistake bro? i mean if the other goods were sweet? id get comms up and ask to switch it out.
  4. Clear Tren

    Sorry bro looks like you got Test...IF its Test. Doesn't matter what carrier is used Tren will always be light to medium amber and your right bro overheating the hormone can cause it breakdown and result is dark Amber colour. Bugger....id be opening a can of whip Ass or asking for my coin back!
  5. My DNP Cycle Log

    Keep us posted on progress brother
  6. My DNP Cycle Log

    Shot bro, hey forgot to mention frozen pineapple works wonders helps keep liver glycogen up also get in plenty vitB6 complex! I start to feel lethargic as week 2-3! Good time to run DNP too bro feck running it summer!! I had to sleep on a towel last time Mrs was suspect as lol
  7. My DNP Cycle Log

    200mcg? you mean mg? is it crystal or powder? Sounds like you know what your doing too man!, nice and slow with DNP at this dose sides will be minimal if that, adding T3 is a smart move also, probably wouldn't rely too much on the mirror bro as I've found you look worse running this drug its only till cessation of it (2weekish) do you start to look a shit ton better! in my experience anyway. Nice juicy wee cycle you got going there too!! Have a smooth ride mate!
  8. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Hmm not sure if your just trolling pal but to say this is pretty ignorant, no disrespect bud, but why not just simply change PTs?? Whats your diet like? If you had issues with your form i think your in need of a PT to guide you with this?, switching to dumbbells doesn't just magically correct poor form regardless if you enjoy using them or not.
  9. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Dumbells and a bench is a fantastic start and you can do a lot!...but If money isn't an issue why not go to a gym and get a PT?
  10. Heck yes! Just up your cals slightly and eat clean plenty of rest train hard, and dont do the rookie mistake of eating everything in sight inc those nasty ass mass gainer shakes ....weve all been down that road!
  11. No bro just slowly decrease Test each wk, if your going to run another compound along side eg Deca then yes PCT protocol to follow , HCG id use throughout but since its your first cycle keep it sweet and simple, id get your AI on hand though just incase! 500mg Test pr wk will make huge gains!!
  12. sounds like a good plan mate!, id just taper off the test
  13. General consensus is, Study up on the effects of AAS on your body before choosing this path, also if you eat like shit you will look like shit! Do you know what you first cycle will look like?
  14. Proviron

    Bloody hell, you lost me at.. I'll try explaining...... I need a nap after reading all that 10+ times! Lets just all agree Proviron sucks balls!
  15. Proviron

    Everyone can mate!, problem is you need a goddamn degree to decipher what Daz is saying