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  1. LOW T & TRT

    FFS! Maybe ask your mummy to do it for you after she's tucked you in and pulled her tit out of your mouth! CMON MATE!!! DO IT YOURSELF!
  2. Critique my body

    Meaty looking wheels there brother!
  3. My brothers & sisters!

    Welcome bro
  4. Bulking meals

    Sorry to hear that mate, my go toos Oats,whey and p/b Rice / Potatoe and beef / mince ( if you can get it under $10-$12/kg ) its seems to be more expensive then chicken these days!! Hope that helps a little
  5. To cycle or not to?

    yeah bro I'm sure i said that like 20yrs ago hahaha
  6. To cycle or not to?

    Bro i sooooo love the "plan is for 1 cycle only". once you go to the dark side theres no turning back! Your young stay away from the gear, eat more, train more, it will all come together in good time.
  7. AAS and depression

    I suffer from bouts of depression regardless being ON or OFF more so when I’m off! Post cycle anxiety and depression can become overwhelming maybe it’s because in my head I feel smaller and weaker then when I’m ON? all I know is I must stay physically active keep up the cardio etc and keep my meals clean this does help me... eitherwise it’s down hill fast
  8. Lame reason to lift...??

    Sounds like you need to throw down a few BigMac-abols!.....Good "Gear" those!
  9. Hello

    I can relate wi I can relate with a lot of the above and I'm sure a lot here can too so welcome back brother!
  10. Clear Tren

    Nah bugger that bro, Tren was ordered and Tren was not recieved fuark knows what it is, best place for it....in the bin!
  11. Clear Tren

    Oh true! yeah your right bro shieet doesn't sound good sorry man!.. that dirty rotten mutha fuarker!
  12. Clear Tren

    Could just be an honest mistake bro? i mean if the other goods were sweet? id get comms up and ask to switch it out.
  13. Clear Tren

    Sorry bro looks like you got Test...IF its Test. Doesn't matter what carrier is used Tren will always be light to medium amber and your right bro overheating the hormone can cause it breakdown and result is dark Amber colour. Bugger....id be opening a can of whip Ass or asking for my coin back!
  14. My DNP Cycle Log

    Keep us posted on progress brother
  15. My DNP Cycle Log

    Shot bro, hey forgot to mention frozen pineapple works wonders helps keep liver glycogen up also get in plenty vitB6 complex! I start to feel lethargic as week 2-3! Good time to run DNP too bro feck running it summer!! I had to sleep on a towel last time Mrs was suspect as lol