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  1. I hear ya man AAS+GH+Slin is the trifector for sure, but when your just a poor tradesman like me finding the extra coin is tough trying to sneak it past the Mrs well thats another story all together! Mission impossible styles!!
  2. Dang! Well sounds like you know what you doing man! you got some goodies in that goodie bag of yours thats for sure!
  3. Damn bro you must be eating like a Trojan To support that gear! kudos indeed man, even at 1g Test I struggle to ingest the Cals my body needs and the gains just plateau, did you run any orals bro
  4. Maybe your AIs was underdosed? with that amount of AAS i wouldn't think a 200mg dose of Mast E would have a shit show over an AI like Aromasin?or even Adex especially with 2g of Test and deca? but hey if its working for you man your winning, damn my tits are getting itchy just reading this post!
  5. Hello Daisy... are you lost? what brings you to this neck of the woods? theres lots of scallywags around here you know
  6. Again...Well done Sir another great read!
  7. id pay $150 shieet id even $200! IF i new the shit was legit i remember paying $300 for a box of x10 2ml amps of 200mg cypionax test cyp and the geneva amps back in the day at least i knew it was the real deal.....these days who the f*ck knows what your getting and like PETN said blood tests won't reveal if its dosed correctly anyway. Better the devil you know then the devil you dont!
  8. Its not about the vial or right label its about the contents bro, put it this way you pay for what you get
  9. The ol "THE PACAKGE ARRIVED SAFELY" trick aye..... hey idonttrainlegs1611 are you kiwi juice bro?..
  10. LMFAO yea was thinking the same thing bro, prob didn't want to get named and shamed not good for biz lol
  11. Yeah bruv looks like done a runner! Dirty Kent!
  12. The Ol moving house trick aye....
  13. Yeah thats one Pseudo! lol... jesus i feel old now looking at that
  14. True story. I must have been about 8 or 9 yrs old Me and my cousin used to watch his dad and older brother do lat and behind the neck pulldowns with a homemade rig... rope, pulley and a v8 engine block ( Probably a FORD block LOL) in there car port they also used to fill up the empty waikato big bots and carry crates up and down there driveway they had this bar with wheels welded onto the ends and do curls etc...fucking once were warriors kinda shit!....anyway back on subject first bench i got was a weider that came with the old school dumbbells that you could screw and unscrew weights on the ends, oh yeah i also had one of those things that had handles on each end and springs through the middle you could add or remove the springs for extra tension and shit.
  15. I dont think this idiot will even get that Daz. If it didn't know that Before taking steroids it certainly won't know now!