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  1. Side effects of test e

    Would have been smarter to procure all meds FIRST before even thinking of pinning!
  2. Something weird when skipping the gym...

    Paranoid much? Tell him to quit chasing the dragon.
  3. Clenbuterol

    BS aside bro and from personal experience unless you are sourcing from a reputable source best bet would be to low dose it and work up to "YOUR" tolerance as who knows if the product is dosed correctly, echoing what everyone else is saying that shit gave me brutal cramps i was shaking like i had tourettes even when i high dosed taurine and potassium! i opted for Albuterol instead as it was the short estered cousin which in my stupidy hoped it would lessen the side effects but gave me bad reflux and even more cramps HA! Sooo it was back to the tried and tested method, simply eating less and more cardio...... worked a treat! good luck mate
  4. Clenbuterol

    Oh dear here we go! WTF another one who thinks a magic pill will do all the hard work for them. Enjoy those cramps pal oh hang on just take more pills for the other pills and you'll be sweet......as you were then
  5. steroids within new zealand

    Not sure where your going with this pal? but i think you need to lay off whatever your taking mate WOW!
  6. Do you REALLY love your mrs?? 🤔

    Ive been married for over 10yrs! yes my Mrs was/is hot but its like buying a new car the first 6mths im totally IN love with it thrashing it every second i get and then after a while the shine wears off !...sure i love my car BUT i was more IN love with it when i first bought it and now its like meh yeah its a cool car it runs well need to spend a lot of money on it to keep it running, but you know for me its better the devil you know then the devil you dont!...so i guess im stuck with the same 10yr old car!...i can afford to trade it in HA! Jesus sorry boys just read my twisted post! no more beersies for me! mods feel free to delete
  7. 4ml test? you mean 40? Test only for first cycle will see ya right mate
  8. Skinny guy trying to get buff

    Nothing wrong with 2kg mate!! Your winning bud! Feck those other ass clowns just focus on yourself, maybe you need to review your meal plan? You “may” need to simply eat more! You Keep throwing that Tin around bro! It will happen
  9. LOW T & TRT

    FFS! Maybe ask your mummy to do it for you after she's tucked you in and pulled her tit out of your mouth! CMON MATE!!! DO IT YOURSELF!
  10. Critique my body

    Meaty looking wheels there brother!
  11. My brothers & sisters!

    Welcome bro
  12. Bulking meals

    Sorry to hear that mate, my go toos Oats,whey and p/b Rice / Potatoe and beef / mince ( if you can get it under $10-$12/kg ) its seems to be more expensive then chicken these days!! Hope that helps a little
  13. To cycle or not to?

    yeah bro I'm sure i said that like 20yrs ago hahaha
  14. To cycle or not to?

    Bro i sooooo love the "plan is for 1 cycle only". once you go to the dark side theres no turning back! Your young stay away from the gear, eat more, train more, it will all come together in good time.
  15. AAS and depression

    I suffer from bouts of depression regardless being ON or OFF more so when I’m off! Post cycle anxiety and depression can become overwhelming maybe it’s because in my head I feel smaller and weaker then when I’m ON? all I know is I must stay physically active keep up the cardio etc and keep my meals clean this does help me... eitherwise it’s down hill fast