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  1. Both amazing athletes at there giving profession but i think Mayweather will take this on throw Mayweather in the cage with McGregor .... well yeah no brainer there!
  2. Fuark i hear ya bruv! +1 quads never again! Give Triceps a shot bro, long head heaps of meat there smooth as!
  3. True that jeezus i used to start sweating bullets when i pinned quads FML! I get the mean as cramps trying to pin my ass end up twisted up as a bitch with my arm over my head trying to stretch the cramp off or I've had a huge jet of blood PUMPING out fire hose styles after i pulled the pin spraying the walls cause i couldn't reach around with the swab LOL..........i fucking love this shit!!
  4. Again AAS not for you! Obviously need to do more! Dont mean to flame you so hard OP but AAS is no joke mate. You want to put shit in your body BUT your scared of needles, and now you dont know how or where to inject let alone what tools needed to do it safely??? I genuinely think you need to do ALOT more study man.
  5. Not a fan of needles? yeah AAS not for you. Be a man and shoot that shit FFS.
  6. LOTS of "undesirable" people looking for that P head piece of shit! He turned NARK and was in protection last time i heard...still plenty of people hunting that c*nt. That name won't get forgotten....
  7. Welcome back. Dont need equipment mate, theres a strange phenomena called will power some have it some dont!. Put the donuts down and Hit the pavement!
  8. OMFG!! That looks DEVINE! ( drool )
  9. True that!! what a waste of talent.
  10. Sounds like Another ask a million questions and do there own thing anyway thread again.
  11. Years! mate. If you do get worried or paranoid pop the cork, filter it, and jab that shit!
  12. WTF??? 62g total protein consumption for the day??? FFS even a guinea pig needs more then that pal lol Try 1g per pound b/w daily as a starting point RiDubNZ and you need to outlay what your actually ingesting on a daily basis for advices.
  13. Start a hernia thread bro be interesting ! we dont want to thread jack bang_bangs
  14. Its algd will get the OP then charged up ready to roll, ill Run all 3 esters through out, TREN suspension pre workout!!
  15. OOHHH JUICY!! subscribed!!! Anadrol and Halo fark my nose bleeds just thinking about it yeah bro bring it on!! Niiiiccce! Im dealing with an umbilical Hernia ATM so can't train so no use hitting it, next planned cycle is Tren E, Tren A ,Tren Suspension blend with Tbol.. yip expecting my prostate to blow up like a balloon but its all bout the gains baby!!