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  1. Proviron

    Bloody hell, you lost me at.. I'll try explaining...... I need a nap after reading all that 10+ times! Lets just all agree Proviron sucks balls!
  2. Proviron

    Everyone can mate!, problem is you need a goddamn degree to decipher what Daz is saying
  3. New to Bodybuilding Christchurch

    Turn it around bro! Id take it as a compliment, normally when another male is threatened by your presence its because he feels inferior simple...its like at the gym its normally the puny little runts who puff up there chests and walk like gorillas with there arms out the side, the feel small and inferior so they have to act tough and think they're massive.
  4. Laced test e??

    Highly Doubt its Tren bud, tren cost x3 the amount of test and getting it to hold @300mg you'd have to either use guiacol or 100% EO even then prob crash
  5. Laced test e??

    Nope no way to find out bro, Unusual as to why its dosed at 300mg/ml. Sorry to say but you get what you pay for and this gamble is a serious one. Should have waited until you were sure as to what you were getting bro.
  6. New to Bodybuilding Christchurch

    Get yo ass into the gym bro and throw some tin around. simple! Once your in the gym you'll be surrounded be like minded people which you can get advices on exercises, form, diet, etc.
  7. Bodybuilder or not, lock the piece of trash up and throw away the keys!......pure scum of the earth.
  8. Preferred Needle Gauge

    25G 5/8 in da house
  9. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Oh LOL my bad Daz! i did kinda think that was a weird post! As you were..
  10. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Shit we must all be serial killers , I know I'm guilty of this! I honestly actually think they do Daz! I mean look at that f*ck knuckle who massacred those poor 58 innocent people recently, I reckon that POS scumbag did wake up and think hmmm yeah I'm in the mood to slaughter today.
  11. big tummy prob

    Diet and cardio my friend, crunches will strengthen your mid section to a degree but you need strip away the layer of B/F to reveal them, this can only be done through a well balanced diet and cardio x3-4 per week, Start by brisk 30-40 min walks or jogs x3-4 pr wk if you can, Post up what you eat here so people can give advices for your goals.
  12. True Half-life Tables

    Please Sticky this mods

    Shit the Bed Daz, your a walking Encyclopaedia! Very insightfull info indeed!
  14. New!!!

    Hello Daisy... are you lost? what brings you to this neck of the woods? theres lots of scallywags around here you know
  15. Old School thoughts on Estradiol

    Again...Well done Sir another great read!