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  1. Clothing for the larger male specimens

    If you are after a suit then look out on Grabone for a deal. I grabbed a deal for my wedding suit and it fits like a grove and was pretty cheap $299 for three piece suit from memory.
  2. Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    What an absolute joke! Makes me embarrassed to be associate with bodybuilding and I don't even compete in NzIfbb
  3. Wrist wraps?

    Cheers mate, very helpful as per
  4. Wrist wraps?

    Thinking I will get the flexible as im not competing at the mo (can always get the stiff If I choose to in the future) Would you have any recommendations on size... Small are 40cm, Medium 60cm, Large 1m... ? Wrists are around 190mm Circumference
  5. Wrist wraps?

    Cheers Boys, I had been eyeing up the Sbd Flexible, got the Knee sleeves on everyone's recommendation and they are fantastic.
  6. Wrist wraps?

    Trying to build my bench up and starting to get pretty bad pain through my wrists. Thinking about buying some wraps to help with this. Does anyone have experience with them and recommend any particular brand/type ?
  7. Drying out for comp

    This is the conclusion I came to after doing some research before my last comp. I just monitored sodium in the weeks leading up to the comp then in "peak week " made sure I kept it the same all the way through. Have done the sodium thing before and TBH I felt much better and if anything "dryer" when I didnt mess with sodium.
  8. Drying out for comp

    I think most people end up screwing it up trying to be smarter than their body... Esp when it comes to taking sodium out completely. Try getting a pump without sodium. It seems to be 90% risk for maybe 10% benefit if you get it 100% right. Most of the time the competitor just needs to get leaner. So many people think their body is just going to transform with some peak week magic.
  9. Rehband vs sbd

    I dont feel like they have much if any carry over so thats perfect as the main goal is to build up a decent squat, weak as piss but between You (realtalk) Skeletor, Hamish, Tom I'm pretty motivated to get half decent at the big three
  10. Rehband vs sbd

    Gave these a blast last night, felt slightly awkward at first to get on and walk around in but soon got used to them being nice a tight. Felt really good on all sets of squats, keep knees nice and warm throughout. Everything just felt really solid and secure, really happy with these
  11. Rehband vs sbd

    SBD Sleeves arrived within a day of ordering, Stoked with the awesome service at http://raiselower.co.nz/, Size is perfect, Cant wait to get under a bar with them on.
  12. Rehband vs sbd

    Holly quads batman! Great, thanks man that is extremely helpful, I measure 41.5 ( calve) 39 (knee) and 52 quad so I'm thinking the large should work and like you say I will just send back before using if they are not on the money. Thanks for all the feedback guys very helpful
  13. Rehband vs sbd

    The centre of my knee measures 39cm what puts me just out of the normal fit for the large but not by far, would you recommend just getting large and have them tighter or go up a size and risk them being loose..
  14. Rehband vs sbd

    Awesome! Sounds like they are worth the extra cash even if it's jut for longevity, how did you find the sizing guide?
  15. Rehband vs sbd

    Going to invest in some knee sleeves and tossing up between rehband and sbd. From what I gather the sbd are pretty much the gold standard but also most expensive. What are some opinions ?