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  1. clen doses

    Been lying low forever, anyway... I got my hands on some vet grade clen gel (people on this end of the ditch use it heaps- not sure what you guys get )... pharma name: Claire Gel. Started off this week with 40mg, will bump it all the way up to 120mg and go 2weeks on and 2 weeks off. I know this is really weird, but about one hour after consuming - I get sleepy. Yes, sleepy and tired... like I wanna roll over and sleep like a fricking baby..... I mentioned this to others who are using the same stuff - and they went wtf - we're all hyper active on it.... anyone else have this issue?
  2. NZ Bodybuilding tshirts

    Damn Pseudo, I remember the bad ol days where you gave away the shirts It wasn't 50 posts - it was something more than that for sure....those were the days when Jono's squats had 20kg weight increases week on week till he ran out of space on the bar or something ridiculous I wore that shirt for 3 long years till it was too tattered to be worn anymore. I can attest to that thing's quality! You also had a singlet give away for the closest guess to the number of people caught in N.Z. using steroids or something like that. I won that one too.. I still wear it (4 or 5 years later) - frayed, tattered, holes and all ... proudly worn
  3. Kevin Levrone 405lbs Bench Quest

    thought this guy quit the game to become an actor a couple ofyears ago ?
  4. Tennis elbow/elbow injuries (solutions)?

    Get it checked out. As someone said, if it is a trauma injury, I don't think it would be tennis/golfers elbow. If it was a non trauma injury and you were gripping something really tight, it might be tedonitis after all - either way, some massage, accupuncture and strenghtening excercises should help. 4 years ago I spent one summer scraping paint off the window sills of a century old house .... the teniis/golfers elbow began. I went through periods of not being able to do anything (gripping a door know/steering wheel would be quite painful). The only thing that helped a lot is the accupuncture. In fact after accupuncture, I am 100% ok, BUT, any weight excercises where I am controlling and lowering a weight aggavates it immensly. I cannot do any type of free weight bench because when I "stabilise" the bar, the pain kick in. I'm still looking for a permanent remedy .... oh heavy rows and lat pull downs sets it off as well . . . . Ive resolved to the fact that its just one of those things I have to learn with. If anyone has any permanent rememdies, immensly appreciate it.
  5. Opinions on "Pump" class

    Do you slow down on your reps cause you're going heavier than the others, or do you try to yell, scream and explode with your reps too ? (at the least the "pumpies" in my gym seem to!)
  6. Gear in Australlia

    Did you get my PM boosting?
  7. Depends on your diet overall - From memory - on the velocity diet the only carbs they get is dextrose in their PWO. I think it would be benefecial rather than harmful!
  8. Gear in Australlia

    Prices pretty similar - all depends on who your man is. Caught with posession and I am certain the law is harsher than in NZ. Go to the gold coast and have a night out - if you ain't juicin - you're the odd one out.... crap load of 19yo polo shirt wearing hair cropped wanna be tough boys :pfft:
  9. Stiffleggeds for mass or cutting or both?

    I've noticed pro Ivan Sadek doing the same at my gym... on a block for high reps super setted with standing leg curls pre contest.
  10. Bloodwork

    AO don't forget your saturated fats... friend did his bloodwork when cutting too (always natural) and test was a bit low... back on to 2/3 whole eggs a day... test was up a bit.. of course therese heaps of other inputs but from my rudimentary knowledge sat fats stimulate test production. Any of your more knowledgable folk wanna confirm this for me ??
  11. NZBB Auckland Meet Up

    Gym Rat will you bring a zimmer frame to the meet n greet ?
  12. It's story time............

    deflated air bags from a Volvo that had been in an accident
  13. Movie review thread

    Dont be a leech bro ... can u seed it
  14. Moe on cover of FLEX

    Gym Rat, if you are going to do 1000 reps for legs, I reccomend you attach a bucket to your zimmer frame.
  15. Stretching

    Tom Platz.. with those massive legs he was still very flexible.