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  1. RIP Old Bull

    Some nice words here and my first post for years but being far luckier than Old Bull. I talked to him many times how Id trained a 20,30,40 and 50 year old but never a 60 year old. Old Bulls words to me were simple.... Just get under the bar and start squating, the first set hurts like f*ck and then it gets hard. A true warrior and set a great example to how real gyms should still be. Respect.
  2. Not sure if its bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting or just sick of the downward spiral at this stage. GASP hits 57yo and 109kgs so Ive kicked my ass back into some hard training lately and will log it to keep the pressure on. I may be forced to do one more comp next year after being reminded of some late night bet.Its 16 years since the 2000 Nationals though but the body is intact apart from one disc flattening out. Ill be combining high rep med weight with semi peaking heavies but dropping back frequently. I used this process a few years ago in an attempt to squat 200 x 10 and believe this is the process that will still work for me. Ive read a lot from Jack LALANNE and share his thoughts about limited rest days when you have a goal and need to get out there to keep the metabolism up. His logic isnt shared by all but is sound when motivated to a goal. Bent over rowing 60kgs x 10 60kgs x 10 100 x 10 120 x 10 130 x 10 135 x 10 8 sets of lat pull-downs Today Squats (deep) 60kg x 12 80kgs x 10 100kgs x 10 125 x 6 150 x 10 150 x 8 100 x 10
  3. Sorry folks just logged in for the first time in a squillion years and wondered if this site was a) as popular as NZ Bodybuilding and b) had as many bloggs. Juries out with me but being a dinosaur I went off this quit quick even though Im have a variety of fitness/bodybuilding/strength interests. Just saying.
  4. Finally got my training gear back on after getting my warrant of fitness following a broken shoulder last September. My aim this year is to daily break my personal best for the number of consecutive days without dying. If I can achieve this every morning I'll be structuring my program initially heavily weighted towards a broken down 55 year old then upping the tempo along the generally accepted previous mission statement of "you dont know your limits until you burst all of your fu-fu valves" I'm quite motivated by scanning some of the logs on here and banging into many of the "Old Plodders" at the gym so I reckon theres still some milage in this old Model T Ford.
  5. David Shaw-Over The Edge

    "David Shaw" or "Mark Shaw". I suspect the latter clocked up a few rugby tests in the 80s:-). BTW I still have the book and may be generous enough to lend it out if any diehard express enough interest.
  6. Nabba/Wff Wgtn 14th Sept

    Thanks for the feedback (and thanks for helping with my log-in Pseudonym) Camera is a Panasonic HDC-SD1. Took these from about three vantage points from back of the house inbetween clipping tickets, to the front row etc.
  7. Nabba/Wff Wgtn 14th Sept

    Great show yesterday. Good competitor turn out and well supported. Great to catch up with a few of the "Old" warriors again too!! Heres a few photos and more to come hopefully. Easy to pick which gets the most views (Sorry probably not yours Nate!) *smile*
  8. Vanilla Protein

    Still applies!! "Those who complain about the taste of protein drinks are 10 x more likely to be pussies in the gym!!"
  9. squating with mirrors

    I think they tend try to go without them occasionally at "The House" these days :pfft: No need for a mirror really. We just used to use the primitive method of sticking a knob of bluetack on the wall and focusing on it the whole time. Try it....it works!!
  10. Dorian Yates coming to NZ!

    When were you going to announce thats hes here auditioning for your next movie?
  11. Bugger it! I'm in. Good excuse to train again especially over summer.
  12. TFB goes Oly style

    Good luck TFB. Hope to be there supporting.
  13. I wondered why DHL staff were all over 100kgs!!!!!!
  14. This came out a couple of weeks ago. Can be handy if you arent a mathemetician plus it demonstrates the extra charges if you overshoot $60. The drop down boxes for exchange rates will vary a bit at times due to Customs using a fortnightly rate for each country. Dont fret if you can't find protein on it.The drop down for confectionery/chocolate has the same rates as most supplements. http://www.whatsmyduty.org.nz/
  15. Exactly!!. What I did was order a 1.3kg of BSN Syntha-6 (great stuff!!) It was $42.31 and freight was free and the invoice clearly showed the discount. Items: $42.31 Discounts: ($2.12) Shipping: $0.00 Total Before Tax: $40.19 Tax: $0.00 Order Total: $40.19 Reward: ($20.00) Grand Total: $20.19 Leaves a bad taste when they just go and ammend it at will and nab the extra $20 off AmEx. Imagine seeing a $1000 telly at Noel Leeming and they offer it to you for $700 so you dont go to Harvey Norman and after you buy it they take another $300 off your credit card because the salesman shouldnt have dropped the price!!!....hymmmm. :evil: :evil: