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  1. I am sure if you clipped a vein you would be fine, the OMG my ears feel numb will be a psychosomatic (you thinking something is going to happen). If clipping a vein and some of it going directly into it was a problem there would be a LOT of dead or messed up bodybuilders. I have never heard of anyone dying from injecting steroids and there would be many cases of people accidently getting some in a vein.
  2. Vodaphone bastards

    Contact this guy: Sutton, Gareth, VF-NZ [Gareth.Sutton@vodafone.com] and explain everything to him. There is vodafone customer services who are as helpful as a big zit on your nose on prom night then him. He can do more than any customer service staff member and might be able to delete charges. Let me know how you get on.

    since when has 12 weeks been a long cycle ? Ditto, 12 weeks is pretty standard for a cycle.
  4. advanced stealth

    Have had but when tested the batch the whole lot was test prop. Customs are onto packaging they use too :cry:
  5. David Tua Fight

    Clarence Tillman vs Leamy Tato fight was crap. You could tell Clarence was just there for the paycheck.
  6. Nintendo wii

    PMd http://wiimodsnz.webs.com/
  7. What I bought today....

    lol, it came free with purchase of wedding ring :nod:
  8. What I bought today....

    Cheers guys! :grin: :grin:
  9. What I bought today....

    I brought my 10lb baby and his mum home..
  10. Nintendo wii

    If you mod it right the wii itself can copy the game for you. My wii copies games to my external HDD drive attached through usb. Took around 10 seconds for the new super mario bro's to be completely backed up. Never have to use discs anymore.
  11. Nintendo wii

    Anyone scored themselves a Nintendo wii? Got one not too long ago for my downtime and they are actually pretty decent. Got the New Super Mario and the balance board. The board is pretty good for those without great balance. Also if your reasonably switched-on you can softmod the console itself and 'backup' those games. No need for a modchip these days. Install a few simple pieces of software and you can backup any game there is. Good thing about softmodding is that is does not affect the warranty (as long as you remove the software if anything does go wrong with the console before you send it into Nintendo) :grin: Anyone else got one of these?
  12. Trademe

    Trademe make the rules as they go. Love the fact that some sellers can blatently write on teir auction that using their mod chip gives you the ability to play copied and downloaded games. The ones that get away with it seem to be the ones with the highest feedback. High feedback = high sales volume = high success fee for trademe. Thats how they get away with it. Yes I downloaded that one too. Check out http://eztv.it/
  13. Trademe

    Just had a listing on trademe withdrawn due to the fact that trademe believed I was selling a service and not an item. Other than demanding a refund of my listing I will be relisting the same auction under the same catagory of nintendo wii for the sale of 1 car wheel nut. Comes with free modification on nintendo wii allowing you to copy games breaching New Zealand and international copyright laws. Why pay for games when you can hire them and with the power of the purchased wheel nut back them up using your wii. Was advertising a softmod on the wii allowing people to backup their own games and allowing them to play dvd's. My listing was withdrawn by trademe however one selling a modchip had written the ability of being able to 'copy' and play any games including downloaded. Lookout for the car wheel nut or perhaps it will be a dead fly I will sell with free wii mod software service. f*ck Trademe
  14. Fake gear

    A mate of mine gets anything he uses tested at some place in Hamilton. Ill see if I can get the info. I am not sure about costing however for anyone that has brought something they feel a bit suspect about they can always send a sample away for anaysis.
  15. Luge Death @ Olympic Vancouver Games

    Take a look at the latest google banner.. Bit insensitive.