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  1. Gpc NZ and social media

    Fair enough and I agree there were a couple of issues that you have brought up that were valid. You have always tried to be fair for everyone which no one can deny. The points you have raised will be utilised to make a better fed. I know this isn't your normal behaviour and you must feel very aggrieved to be pushed far enough to actually leave GPC because i know you loved lifting in it, and also to write all this. And for my part I apologise. I do respect you and your opinion or I wouldn't have even replied. Im happy to leave it there too bro.
  2. Gpc NZ and social media

    Well you are incorrect I definately wasn't present at the ref briefing so I'm curious as to why you keep talking about it. I went down to the Juijitsu mats and performed about 20 mins of mobility stretches and so forth after I went out to my truck to grab my gym bags. Don't even know why you would make up such an inconsequential lie ?
  3. Gpc NZ and social media

    Are you actually implying corruption? That I actually influenced the refs at the briefing by saying something? Are you also implying the referees in question are also corrupt? No surely not even you would stoop to such lows so stop bringing it up. Not to mention its complete bollocks Actually Tom while I was present at the competitors briefing as I was actually presenting it, I wasn't present at the refs briefing at all. I was too busy warming up in the squat rack. So cut the bullshit and making up lies. You're clutching at some seriously short straws here....
  4. Gpc NZ and social media

    There's absolutely nothing here that needs to be discussed on a public forum. Tom you haven't raised a single issue here that is worth talking about. Now you are no longer lifting with GPC I understand this is the only way you can stay relevant Tom. But this is nothing more than bullying. Your opinion ion used to mean something to me but it no longer does. You are a bully. If Andrew wishes to permit this thinly disguised bullying to go on on his forum I shall bid Gymnation adieu.
  5. Gpc NZ and social media

    "- thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I won't be having anything to do with gpc. I'm not like other people who leave just to get a reaction." But isn't that exactly what you are doing? We aren't taking about a watergate scandal here. If a real man didn't like the way a federation was operating then he would move over to a different one and just get on with his own lifting These little melodramas are so old already. What do you gain from them? You're better than this bro, You've got so many other positive things to focus on in your life and you're a bloody good lifter. Why not put this negative attention into that.
  6. Gpc NZ and social media

    Of course I was at the ref briefing. Where else was I supposed to pay the refs $500 each for giving me white lights
  7. Gpc NZ and social media

    You don't see Wayne Barnes having to defend his calls after a test match on his personal Facebook page either. Lifters need to learn that what happens on the day stays at the comp. If a technical director has an issue with the way a referee refs then they are spoken too and either retrained or their grading goes down.
  8. Gpc NZ and social media

    Some of you are reading way further into this than they need to be. A code of conduct among referees instills professionalism and unity. Each meet now has a technical director who oversees all of the referees and technical queries. A ref may be personally questioned on their call why it was given straight after the lift but any further queries are then passed over to the technical director of the meet. It is not the individual ref who needs to be continually hounded for clarifying and vilifying. This is not unlike super rugby. The individual ref who makes a call can be queried straight after a match then the referees representive fields any further questions. Theres nothing there that is gagging is there? It's about supporting your fellow referees and not letting them get caught up in any online bs. Its also there to stop refs from making judgement on lift videos on social media that are unwarranted. For example calling a lifters squat high when no hip crease can be viewed in the video. GPC is still a relatively new federation. It has grown and utilised a lot of people who are new to administrative positions and refereeing roles. Having things outlined on paper so they know what is expected of them is a good thing. Every single person I employ in my company has to read, understand and sign a code of conduct so they know how I expect them to conduct themselves whether it's their first job or 20th. It's helpful for both parties. As as for the drunk ref situation we have spoken about this several times Tom. I have already told you that I was not aware she was drunk until I was told AFTER the comp and at that point she was spoken too behind closed doors, not in public. No I'm not as hard assed as you, I don't throw people to the wolves. This code of conduct is clearing it up so it never happens again. Im disappointed in some of the above comments. There's no ulterior motives behind GPC. It's just a group of people trying to put in competitions for the rest of the lifters around the country and offer qualification to international meets. This doesn't feel like letting things go again Tom. You decided to leave GPC and that's your decision. You shouldn't feel like you have to light a match and make it burn at every opportunity. It's not to late to drop your angst and comp back and lift with us. There are international refs (including the head GPC international ref) coming out for nationals so it's very unlikely you will have an issue with the refereeing. Anyway I won't be drawn into a personal shit slinging debate. I left the GPC board for business and family reasons. But I'm Still heavily involved in growing GPC Waikato. We are having the Waikato regional meet here in Hamilton on Saturday. It's gonna be heaps of fun so if you're in Hamilton this weekend come down to Flex Fitness and check it out from 10am ?
  9. Ditching being weak

    Where did 170x5 come from anyway? Seems a bit yolo? That's a lot of reps, You starting to do cardio bro haha
  10. TRT and Clomid combined? advice please

    Are the NZ clinics actually prescribing HMG though? Would be the first I've heard of it Agree it's your best fertility option though
  11. maccaz 2018 prep log

    It certainly was a weird thing to do for the first time last night but I think you are right Wookie.
  12. maccaz 2018 prep log

    That must be why Thomas puts bench in between Heavy squats and paused squats
  13. Ditching being weak

    If you believe 1rm calculators that would put your 1rm around 195 bro. That 200 is looking likely at this stage ?
  14. World Masters Games 2017

    Get outta here youngun lol
  15. Training etc

    God damn I love how you just rock up to the bar, no fucking around, just pull the weight. Wish I had your confidence