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  1. Who wants Tom back?

    Probably a good thing for Tom not being allowed back for the meantime. Maybe he will have more time to do something positive. Maybe we could all take something from that?
  2. Squat form check

    I'm wondering why we make things so complicated? I wonder if Reuben Simanu and Stephen Prichard think about pelvic tilt when they are on the platform?
  3. Squat form check

    What does this actually mean? Look pretty solid mate. The weight is obviously quite light hence you pausing in the hole. The technique test comes when you are near max effort.
  4. squating with mirrors

    I always find the mirror to be a handy training aid. To be honest I never found it to be a huge barrier going from squatting with a mirror to squatting in a competition.
  5. Building The Beast

    Week 1 bench. 180 for 8. Reps were predetermined. Nice start and some work to do technically.
  6. belts for support

    Here is an article I wrote a while ago. May be useful... http://biggerstrongersmarter.wordpress. ... you-train/
  7. belts for support

    Wear a belt. There is no good reason not to wear one. I see guys doing sets with out a belt all of the time. What is benefit I ask? You could have got an extra rep or 2 if you wore a belt so why wouldn't you? In terms of how to use, I tend to use on my last warm up and then my top set. For example: 60 kg x10 no belt 100 kg x5 no belt 120 kg x3 belt 140 kg x5 belt The reason is that I like to feel the difference the belt makes in my last warm up before my top set.
  8. Lance Armstrong

    I think it's gone beyond that stage bro. But it does show that the OTC testing is a sham.
  9. Lance Armstrong

    Not surprising that elite sport is full of drugs. OTC testing maybe effective in NZ but in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas it seems to lack credibility. Maybe it lacks credibility here. The big issue here is corruption. If the cycling authorities turned a blind eye or worse still encouraged doping, this is a completely different issue. The uninformed public will go after this one. I suspect that corruption in many sports is rife. I don't base this on anything other than speculation. There were rumours years ago in my own sport that sports administrators knowingly let some of the top guys lift enhanced. Again, speculation. If Armstrong coughs then this might see others do the same. Another issue for me is why the f*ck would you want to compete against clean athletes if you were enhanced. I suppose the justification is that everyone is doing it. Imagine how gutted that poor bastard would be who cycled the Pryenees and wasn't on EPO! Maybe he didn't exist.
  10. Building The Beast

    :shock: That is good money.
  11. I don't think we will be alive to see Powerlifting at the Olympics. Correct me if I'm wrong but I recall powerlifting once had Olympic recognition?
  12. Building The Beast

    Good work and nice progress. Reaping the benefits from the base you have built and are continuing to build. I don't think there are many raw lifters who train as hard as you. But you are smart and have a method. Attention to detail on smaller bodyparts (weak points) is something which I see as being a big part of your success.
  13. Building The Beast

    Is weighted chins a new movement? There is another one I heard about too. Incline barbell press. Maybe there are more?
  14. Stretching, Foam rollers and massage

    Another 4 kg and you will be able to touch the stereo at the gym.
  15. Huge Raw Bench 700 Pounds / 318kg

    I think you have missed the point here bro. Hooked your tee shot and ended up in the rough.