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  1. Situations Vacant

    You are one cheeky c*nt, I swear.
  2. Flying into NZ with Protein

    My experience...Travelling through LAX - customs did a quick swab test on an opened tub - then i was good to go.
  3. Tattoo

    All kindzz of walking billboardzzz..
  4. Natural Test

    Trolls be errrywhur
  5. Hi gym rat. Who will be doing your diets and training prep? Will attending sevens in feb derail your progress? Cheers
  6. Post Comp Epic..... $38 Burger

    Eat a few of them burgers and you'll get back there Nate haha
  7. Post Comp Epic..... $38 Burger

    Did Anyone see Nate (Nathan) on dog patrol last night lol

    Guys.. Gym rat has a PHD... In trollllllllllling
  9. Squatting with barbel above head

    You can't do them because you do not have the flexibility so yes, this is a big no no! Over head squats should only be attempted by experience athletes that also have an experienced trainer to supervise. Also, these really are rather unnecessary exercise for most people, so unless there is a reason you are doing these, I say drop them from your routine immediately and just squat the way the iron Gods intended But Dolan.. what about Crozzfitz?
  10. Hello from BazaarFind

    cery cery vool
  11. Olympian quads

    Serious LOLS at this
  12. Gym Rat The Movie was a for comedy/troll value, not for tutorial purposes.
  13. The WPC they currently have in stock, although not advertised as instantised, i can tell you it mixes fine. I got a 25 kg bag for $500.
  14. this is a woman...................????

    If you want good looking females take up crossfit brahs.
  15. Which whey protein??