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  1. Steroids

    Just here for the sauce
  2. 5th Cycle Advice

    So is the moral of the story cycle and pct when you're young dumb and haven't had kids and once all that stuff is over attach the iv port and walk around with a virbac drip once you're old and wise?
  3. 5th Cycle Advice

    Thanks for the advice, will be decreasing the amount of Clomid in pct. Current weight is 101kg at 14%bf, might look at taking away the prop all together, I did want to try to cut for 4 weeks to get bf % down as much as possible then bulk for the rest of the cycle. Also will maybe just leave it at that and have anavar for next time.
  4. Pretty simple cycle planned, have had issues in past with pct so need advice for that mainly; Weeks 1-4 150mg Test P EOD Weeks 1-14 750mg Test E Weeks 1-14 600mg EQ Weeks 3-14 250IU HCG E3D Am looking at either 0.5mg Adex EOD/E3D or Letro 0.25-0.5mg ED. Might look at Var 50mg ED last 6 weeks PCT Week 1: 100mg Clomid ED Week 2: 100/100/100/50/50/50/50 Week 3: 50/50/50/50/25/25/25 Week 4: 25 ED Nolva 40/40/20/20 Any good? Cheers
  5. Shutdown??? After 4th cycle

    @justhell This cycle started off as a cutting cycle, I reached 92Kg at 6'2 at 9% bodyfat, really cut (lowest bf i've been) but felt really small when I got to 92kg, so decided to bulk up again to 100kg, at the end I was about 102kg at 12%. It's been 2 months since and I'm at 98kg. Strength losses have been HUGE. I tend to work with db's more and was maxing out 50kg db chest presses at 12 reps easy and the same for shoulder presses but at around 6 reps, now i struggle with 40s for both chest and shoulder presses!! not ideal
  6. How do you cruise?

    interesting thread on cruising: http://www.aussiegymjunkies.com/showthread.php?t=4793
  7. Shutdown??? After 4th cycle

    I'm 24 years old, first cycle at 21. My 3rd cycle consisted of 500mg test e, 400mg nandrolone an this 4th one I started 12 weeks after. I used tren ace for 6 weeks and switched to winny 50mg Ed for the other 6 weeks. My concern is that I've done pct, but LH and LSH is non existent ATM thus test will be zero too as test results show. If I've done permanent harm to my pituitary so LH and LSH won't recover and hrt is needed. To android: what can I take apart from hcg to kickstart me again and what form is oral test in?
  8. After my last (4th cycle) and pct consisting of 8 weeks nolva and clomid my most recent blood test gave FSH and LH of <1 (normally both should be <11 but my values are almost 0) and my test levels were 1.1 (normal levels between 14 and 54) my cycle consisted of 125mg test p eod and tren a 50mg Ed for 12 weeks Doc prescribed test 1000mg every 3 months (long ester) is this right or should I be on hcg? Is this shutdown? On my phone ATM will write more details next time
  9. I'm still ages away from using tren in a cycle as I'm still pretty novice, will consider using it on possibly my 5th cycle, but just wanted to know from those who have used it whether the first time should be whilst bulking or cutting to utilise it for it's maximum potential? I know it's more of a cutting aas, but as it's benefits will be felt mostly during the first time on it???, will it be better using it when bulking to gain lean mass and strength and prevent unwanted fat gain? cheers
  10. Should I Cycle?

    in this case do it, u wont look back
  11. Should I Cycle?

    I started using at 22yo, after training natty for 6 years. Was 103kg at 6'2" at around 15-16%bf at heaviest naturally so gained around 25kg naturally before i decided to use AAS. I would prolly say get ur bodyfat as low as possible before ur first cycle and then bulk hard on cycle, i was eating around 5500cals average towards end of cycle, ended up gaining 15kg from 500mg test e/week in 12 weeks but bf was fairly high and had to cut down heaps after. AAS best thing I ever did and prolly will b on and off it for as long as I'm in the gym, which i hope will b a while still. I thought i was too young when i started, i have no regrets yet, but i reckon u shuld train at least 5 years natty before considering it, so i wish i started traning earlier so i coulda used it earlier :grin: . Just follow advice on here and use it wisely and do ur research otherwise go hard
  12. My cycle log on SARMS MK2866

    How'd u find the Osta? Finished mine about 1 week ago. Pretty unimpressed with the results, although i took it coming off 2nd cycle of AAS, so it felt pretty shit compared to the real thing. Good thing about it was i didn't have much of a crash after cycle, mentally i was still good in the gym, although this might b attributed to good pct. Did lose a bit of strength but weight is the same. Conclusion: Save ur money, either skip this shit and do proper AAS cycle....or stay natty
  13. 3rd Cycle - Test/Dbol/Deca

    Haven't tried Dbol before, this cycle is to gain some quality mass, prolly -+5kg that i can maintain maaayyyy choose to extend the cycle for 4 weeks and cut down to single digit bf with prop/clen/mast or winny, still contemplating. deca should apparently b run with a greater amount of test thus was wondering if my proposed dosages is good enough. yup might post up a log
  14. Planning my third cycle (bulking) in a couple of months as follows: Option 1 Weeks 1-4 Prop 50mg ED Weeks 1-10 Enanth 250mg 2xweek Weeks 1-10 Deca 400mg/week Weeks 1-10 Adex 0.5mg ED/EOD PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20 Possibly HCG Option 2 Same as above with Dbol 30-50mg/day first 4 weeks instead of prop Just wanted to know in terms of gaining quality mass and less water option 1 would b better? And as test dosage should exceed deca dosage would 100mg be enough or should I b taking 600mg test instead? Last cycle (cutting) was 12 weeks of: Prop 100mg EOD EQ 400mg/week Adex 0.5EOD PCT Stats Age 23 Weight 100kg Height 188cm/6'2" BF 11% Been lifting 8 years with proper diet