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  1. Multipurpose bench

    looks cheap as. best I've seen to date is the iron master super bench. not cheap though and out of stock / not shippable.
  2. Multipurpose bench

    Hey guys I’m considering training from home, again… What I need is a solid bench that can do: Incline DB bench flat DB bench decline DB bench Overhead DB press Leg extension Leg curl that is all but has anyone found a bench as above that will actually give a good quad and hamstring workout With good tension throughout the Entire range of motion? I need something that will have good resistance at the bottom of the leg extension and at the top of the leg curl. my plan is to have a good bench like this and a good set of adjustable dumbbells. Pretty sure that’s all I need for a full body workout these days. I don’t care if it’s new or old, it just has to be fully functional. any suggestions? cheers
  3. Hi, I have no gear, only my car to lift. one of the PT's has a Tyre and some ropes in the carpark. we could take some weights down and do a firemans walk too. Ive wanted to do strangman training for many years but always told myself that Im not strong enough. but it doesnt matter what you lift, just to get involved have some fun. Anyone from Cityfitness Newmarket keen? maybe just once a week? Cheers Stephen
  4. Dimethyltryptamine

    good to know your average bodybuilder is into something else other than MMA... but that's stereo typing.. Been a while since I watched it but i was interested in the fact that human evolution could come in many forms, if it meant re opening the files on DMT for scientific research then why not. the fact that a large percentage of participants received "communications" was very interesting. maybe it could help unlock those unused brain cells, pathways, whatever you want to call it. must watch it again one of these days.
  5. Dimethyltryptamine

    Great Doco that, apparently shamanistic stuff DMT. would love to try it at least once but if it messed with my ceratonin levels i wouldn't go near the stuff! over a week without ceratonin is just bad bad bad.
  6. damn it i just lost the lot.. here we go again.. if anyones familiar with this kind of training can you help me understand this..: according to HST you find your 5 10 and 15RM's then you subtract 5% so say your 15RM is 100kg workout 1:77.38 workout 2:81.45 workout 3:85.74 workout 4:90.25 workout 5:95 workout 6:100 so you start with 77.38kg 15RM and finish with 100kg and at the end of the 2 week 15RM mesocycle youre still no stronger...? I dont get it.
  7. Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST)

    hmm thats an old school program for sure, not discounting it though. what it does have in common is the full body workout 3 x a week, maybe in this way the body is forced to adapt. could do with a weeks rest after 6 weeks of it though ("strategic deconditioning") and instead of working up to your 5, 10, 15RM's I guess you could just add an extra rep to your RM's each time. I guess just choose a whole bunch of compound exercises.
  8. Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST)

    oops heres the article btw http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/ridgely1.htm
  9. Hey Guys, Im starting to feel a bit guilty about buying supps and going thru all these plastic containers... does anyone know of a Flavoured Creatine Mono source that comes in a "food grade" bag? Ive looked at trueprotein but there shipping cost is thru the roof.. Cheers
  10. flavoured Creatine Mono in a paper/plastic bag??

    Thanks guys, thats awesome, I havent come across eatme before. "Caring for our environment Eat Me products are packed in environmentally friendly zip lock foil bags. And you won’t find a plastic scoop in your bag, because we know you already have a spoon at home somewhere." yeah I'll just add some flavour, it just helps get down the water as well.
  11. flavoured Creatine Mono in a paper/plastic bag??

    so I'll take that as an "I dont know" to a flavoured creatine mono in a food grade bag...
  12. flavoured Creatine Mono in a paper/plastic bag??

    of course I Recycle but thats a joke, ever watched Addicted to Plastic.
  13. yeah careful with the ol ligament AlBundy, i forget what its called, you can live without it.. but your "lifting" days will be over... I noticed a rapid strength gain on var, muscles will strengthen but tendons will struggle.
  14. mmm good memories. thats good tendon ripping shit... ping!
  15. Have you ever worked a muscle group then the next day for some reason instead of resting youve have to hit that muscle again..? and got much increased DOMS from it..? I wonder if that then equates to increased growth.. probably not...? I guess it would be a shock tactic, something you could do for a couple of weeks..
  16. training a muscle twice consecutively

    yeah well it wouldnt be overtraining if you got a full weeks rest... say 2 days of chest/bis the 2 days of back/tris and so on... proof is in the pudding though i guess, def sounds like a shock tactic though. i'll have to try it in a few weeks, just something to add to the arsenal i guess..
  17. of which there may not be an answer.. Ive tried a few different AAS etc, but the one that stoood out was SD, for some reason i "popped" on this stuff, the results were very different to any other, the traps started to pop out and muscle bellies started to round out if you know what I mean... i was shaping out in all the right areas. this was my first cycle btw of which may not have any relevance. oh and i lost all gains post cycle as i knew nothing of PCT at the time. has anyone had a similar experience on SD or the like? it was deffinately hard on the liver at 40mg tho..
  18. quick question on SD...

    nice one guys. interesting read MuscleNZ.
  19. Hey Guys just a quick question. so unlike the american health system we'll be covered for any health problems that may occur whether we have health insurance or not? so in saying that is there any harm in telling the doc youre ON or thinking of going ON? Cheers and thanks all for your knowledge and advice to date.. much appreciated.
  20. Any harm in telling your doc?

    Yeah true that, at present I ask my Doc for the typical blood tests (LH FSH total test, Liver ALT AST, cortisol, estrogen etc..) and he doesnt ask questions, guess thats the best you can expect from your local GP? Moving to Tauranga next week so will have to find another Doc, perhaps a busy public service type practitioners that are too busy to ask questions?
  21. my latest purchase (i new better and wasnt thinkin when i bought it!) was some Mega N.O. Blast.. ive tried a few different stims with and without caffiene and usually get a similar result.. its kinda like the sides of "coming down" from a herbal.. crazy to buy a stim and experience the exact opposite.. non responder.... especially $90 worth! what was i thinking.. its like the bodybuilder version of a women going out and buying 10 pairs of shoes.. Can anyone relate?
  22. Hey Rose, Male. interesting, Ive had my Cortisol levels checked once before and they were on the high side but "nothing to worry about" according to doc. I drank coffee and the odd V red bull a few months ago but only a couple a week but I quit all of that as I was sure my breathing and anxiety was worsening. I used to be on Anti Depressants for a couple of years on and off, I dont know if theyre a cortical extract. I just had a quick read about adrenal fatigue, i definately exprience quite a few of the symptoms. interesting. might call the doc and see if theres a test for Adrenal Fatigue. Thanks Rose.
  23. yup people respond different for reasons unkown sometimes. hmm i tried 2 scoops yesterday tempting to try three to four just to be certain.. but then the affects could just be worse. im willing to try in the name of science tho..
  24. it may seem a bit petty but $90 is a lot of money to me, I actually asked the guy for a non caffiene stimulant. so he gave me this MEGA N.O. BLAST.. which has methylxanthine (caffiene) i could try asking for a refund... but guess i'll just let it go..
  25. it contains: Proprietry extreme pump factor...: L-Arganine AKG Buffered Alkaln Creatine Creatine AKG Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate Di-Creatine Malate Creatine Methyl Ester Creatine Ethyl Esther Creatine Monohydrate' Vanadyl Sulphate Glutamine Peptide Glutamine Alpha Keto Proprietry Xtreme Power Factor: L-Taurine Beta Alanine Acid MSM Calcium Pyruvate L-Tyrosine D.Ribose White Willow Bark MethylXanthine (caffiene) Vitamin b6 vit B9 Vit B12 B complex Alpha-lipoloic acid Proprietry Xtreme delivery Factor....: DiPotassium Phosphate DiCalcium Phosphate DiSodium Phosphate sheesh... So in regards to the the creatine contents im sure that did no harm may have done no good either... the only thing that might have worked (negatively in my case) is the Methylxanthine at a guess.. other than that no idea. not touching that stuff again. anxiety and restlesness are about the only gauranteed results i get from stims. yup i tried a low dose ritalin a couple of times, that actually did really help with focus during workouts, was pretty cool. but not a long term solution i guess.. hey Ive just been reading a few posts on viagra as a pre workout stim! pretty funny.. but worth a try.