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  1. Software discounts

    You can buy both. Don't worry about it, friend, and you can buy both for a neat price. All you need is an online marketplace where second-hand licenses are sold. And I can share one, here, check this cost-effective software selection https://software-gate.com . Visit the website and see for yourself.
  2. Dubai suggestions

    Just check this link https://lovequeensescort.nl/
  3. Buying gold

    It is not a miracle I just know a good retail chain that has stores in all the big California cities. And yes, I've just fact-checked and here you go the Walnut Creek shop https://goo.gl/maps/KesWYTubZUyNfK3y6 . Of course, you can find their website, before visiting the store to get the full list of the things you can buy. So that's it. I hope it will help you.
  4. I need Revit

    I guess you're right. I am a bit suspicious about these second-hand licenses, but I think I don't have a choice.
  5. I need Revit

    Discount won't help you much. Official resellers just can't go below the original price, and that is a lot anyway. The best solution rn is a second-hand marketplace, and I will even share a link to one. Here's the link to buy cheap Revit licence https://procadis.com/ . It is all you really need.
  6. I need Revit

    But I can't afford it. Where can I get discounts? The question is that simple. Please share all the options I have.