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  1. AIs without blood tests

    Estrogen, maybe shbg. There are suplements that can keep your estrogen in much or less right range, arimidex is sometimes not necessary. Check DIM, estro clear etc...
  2. Females and SARMs

    Sarms can really mess up with your hormones, especially estrogen. Good advise to stay away.

    I took Rad140. Shutdown is real. Yes, after pct is coming back to normal, but I take only 1 cycle, I don't know how it works in the long run. I don't know how ostarine is, but I'm guessing it's blocking too. Rather not recommended. Only 1 good thing about sarms - I kept my gains, not like with steroids.
  4. SARMS

    Do not expect much from mk677...
  5. Third party tested MK-677

    Something between 100 to 150 bucks per bottle.