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  1. Stalin's log

    chest/delt day flat bench 10x60kg 3x70kg 3x75kg 8x60kg 8x60kg incline bench 10x60kg 6x60kg 3x60kg 10x15kg 10x15kg db oh press 8x20kg e 8x20kg e 7x20kg e 5x20kg e 7x20kg e db raise partials + full reps to failure 14x20kg partial + 8x 8kg full 13x20kg partial + 6x 8kg full 11x20kg partial + 4x 8kg full 12x20kg partial + 7x 8kg full 11x20kg partial + 6x 8kg full 10x20kg partial + 5x 8kg full 11x20kg partial + 7x 8kg full 12x20kg partial + 6x 8kg full chest press machine 14x40kg 16x40kg 16x40kg 18x40kg 12x40kg 11x40kg 12x40kg 13x40kg db lat raises 10x8kg e 8x8kg e 10x8kg e 12x8kg e 9x8kg e 7x8kg e 8x8kg e 7x8kg e db machine lat raises 10x25kg 10x25kg 10x25kg 11x25kg 12x25kg chest flies 12x60kg 10x60kh 8x60kg 12x55kg 10x55kg
  2. Stalin's log

    coming back to posting, leg day recovering from knee injury 6x front hack sqauts 12x60kg 12x60kg 12x60kg 6x80kg 12x60kg 8xback sqauts 3x60 paused atg 3x70 paused atg 3x80 paused atg 3x90atg 1x100 atg 12x60kg 12x60kg 10x60kg calf raises 8x2pl8 12x1.5pl8 12x1.5pl8 12x1.5pl8 12x1.5pl8
  3. Stalin's log

    Back/shoulder day Bw: 68kg Deadlifts 8x60kg 6x100kg 1x120kg 6x110kg 10x100kg 8x100kg Standing Barbell ohp 8x20kg 6x40kg 6x40kg 6x40kg 6x40kg Barbell rows 10x40kg 10x50kg 8x60kg 8x60kg 8x60kg 7x60kg Lat pullovers 12x60kg 12x80kg 8x100kg 12x80kg 12x80kg Iso pulldowns 12x30kg per lat 12x40kg per lat 6x50kg per lat 11x40kg per lat 12x40kg per lat dB ohp 10x20kg e 6x22kg e 8x22kg e 5x22kg e 8x20kg e Low machine rows (close grip) 12x49kg 10x56kg 6x63kg 8x56kg e 10x49kg e Facepulls 12x40kg 12x50kg 12x55kg 11x60kg 10x60kg 8x60kg, 10x50kg, 10x40kg, 7x30kg Wide grip low rows 10x42kg 10x49kg 8x56kg 10x49kg Lat raises 12x30 12x35kg 8x40kg 11x35kg 10x35kg sir Charles raises 5x10x8kg e Pullups 4x7xbw
  4. Stalin's log

    Hit back/shoulder yesterday Flat bench 8x50kg 6x60kg 1x65kg 2x70kg 6x60kg 6x60kg dB bench 6x28kg e 8x26kg e 8x26kg e 7x26kg e 8x26kg e 8x26kg e Preacher curls 6x30kg 10x25kg 8x25kg 8x25kg 7x25kg 9x25kg Decline bench 8x50kg 4x60kg 6x60kg 6x60kg 3x60kg 8x50kg Tricep pulldown (bar) 12x42kg 12x49kg 12x56kg 10x63kg 10x70kg, 6x63kg, 6x49kg, 10x42kg Cable curl (bar) 12x42kg 8x49kg 7x49kg 7x49kg 12x42kg 10x42kg, 10x32kg, 10x25kg, 10x18kg Tricep pulldown (rope) 12x35kg 12x42kg 10x49kg 8x56kg 6x56kg, 8x42kg, 7x35kg, 8x28kg, 8x25kg Cable curls (close grip) 12x35kg 11x42kg 8x49kg 10x42kg 8x42kg Pec fly machine 12x50kg 10x50kg 12x56kg 7x65kg 9x56kg 8x56kg dB curls 10x12kg e 7x12kg e 7x12kg e 7x12kg e Will finish arms tmrw
  5. Stalin's log

    Yesterday's log Training at new gym since on holiday dB bench 12 x20kg e 8x26kg e 8x28kg e 6x30kg e 6x30kg e 8x28kg e Flat bench 10x40kg no leg drive 8x50kg no leg drive 6x60kg 5x60kg 6x60kg 7x50kg Preacher curls 8x30kg 8x30kg 8x30kg 7x30kg 6x30kg 6x30kg Incline bench 10x40kg 7x50kg 3x55kg 8x50kg 5x50kg 8x45kg Cable curls 12x42kg 8x50kg 7x50kg 6x50kg 12x42kg 5x56kg, 8x49kg, 7x35kg, 8x28kg Tricep pushdowns (bar) 8x75kg 10x70kg 8x70kg 8x70kg 8x62.5 10x62.5, 12x50kg, 12x41kg, 12x30kg Cable curls (wide) 10x42kg 6x49kg 8x42kg 7x42kg 12x35kg Tricep pushdowns (rope) 12x42kg 12x49kg 5x56kg 10x49kg 12x42kg Machine pec fly 12x57.5kg 7x65kg 8x65kg 7x57.5kg 9x50kg Incline Hammer curls 10x12kg e 6x15kg e 6x13kg e 6x12kg e 10x10kg e Seated curls 10x10kg e 8x10kg e 8x10kg e 8x10kg e 7x10kg e Skull crushers 8x25kg 8x25kg 7x25kg 7x25kg 7x25kg Dips 10xbw 8xbw 7xbw 7xbw 7xbw 6xbw
  6. Stalin's log

    Back/shoulder day Conventional deadlifts 8x60kg 10x100kg 8x110kg 5x120kg 7x110kg 10x100kg BB ohp 12x20kg 7x40kg 6x40kg 5x40kg 8x30kg dB ohp 9x20kg 7x22kg 6x22kg 8x20kg 9x20kg Barbell rows 12x40kg 12x50kg 11x60kg 6x70kg 8x60kg 8x60kg Wide grip lat pulldowns 10x56kg 6x63kg 8x56kg 8x56kg 6x63kg, 6x49kg, 8x42kg,12x35kg Lat pullovers 12x60kg 12x80kg 10x100kg 12x80kg 12x80kg Cable rows (close grip) 10x56kg 7x63kg 8x63kg 7x63kg 9x56kg Cable rows (wide grip) 12x49kg 9x56kg 8x56kg 8x56kg 12x49kg Facepulls 12x40kg 12x50kg 12x55kg 10x60kg 12x55kg Rear delt fly's 12x60kg 12x65kg 11x60kg 12x60kg Lat raises 12x30kg 12x35kg 12x40kg 6x45kg 12x40kg, 9x30kg, 12x25kg, 12x20kg superset with plate shrugs 12x 20kg e 12x20kg e 12x20kg e 12x20kg e 12x20kg e
  7. Stalin's log

    Leg day Sumo deadlift 6x60kg 6x80kg 12x100kg 10x110kg 7x120kg 8x110kg Sqauts 8x60kg atg 8x80kg 5x90kg 1x100kg 6x80kg 6x60kg atg Hack sqaut 12x60kg 12x80kg 12x100kg 8x120kg 12x100kg 12x100kg Calf raises 12x51kg 12x61kg 12x70kg 12x79kg 12x88kg 12x97, 9x70kg, 6x61kg, 4x56kg Leg extensions 12x63kg 12x70kg 12x77kg 12x84kg 12x91kg 11x105kg, 6x70kg, 8x49kg, 9x35kg Leg curls 13x40kg 12x45kg 12x50kg 12x55kg 7x60kg 8x50kg, 7x40kg, 8x30kg, 12x20kg Leg curls 12x50kg 12x55kg 12x60kg 7x65kg Adductors 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg Abductors 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg
  8. Stalin's log

    Chest/arm day Bw morning: 67kg Flat bench 8x40kg 8x50kg, paused no leg drive 6x60kg 6x60kg 5x60kg 8x50kg, paused no leg drive Seated chest press 12x42kg 12x49kg 8x56kg 6x63kg dB bench press 8x24kg e 8x26kg e 7x26kg e 5x28kg e Machine curls 12x40kg 12x40kg 7x45kg 7x45kg 6x50kg Tricep extensions 8x40kg 12x40kg 7x45kg 10x40kg 7x45kg Decline bench 8x50kg 7x50kg 4x60kg 8x50kg 7x50kg Cable curls (wide grip) 12x40kg 10x45kg 6x50kg 10x45kg 11x45kg 2x60kg, 4x50kg, 3x40kg, 6x30kg Tricep pushdowns (bar) 12x50kg 12x55kg 10x60kg 10x65kg 8x70kg 6x60kg, 8x50kg, 9x40kg Tricep pushdowns (rope) 12x40kg 10x45kg 7x50kg 12x40kg 4x40kg Curls (close grip) 12x40kg 8x45kg 6x45kg 8x40kg 8x35kg Seated curls 8x12kg e 6x12kg e 8x12kg e 5x12kg e 8x10kg e Incline seated hammer curl 8x10kg e 7x10kg e 7x10kg e 8x10kg e 6x10kg e Pec fly 12x10kg e 9x14kg e 7x14kg e 7x12kg e 8x12kg e Seated dip 12x79kg 8x88kg 6x97kg 7x88kg 8x79kg
  9. Stalin's log

    Leg/shoulder + back day Split squats 12x40kg 12x50kg 12x60kg Sumo deadlifts 8x60kg 12x100kg 10x110kg 10x110kg 6x115kg 8x100kg Squats 8x60kg atg 8x80kg 6x90kg 2x100kg 6x80kg 6x60kg atg Calf raises 12x61kg 12x70kg 12x79kg 12x88kg 12x88kg, 7x70kg, 6x54kg, 9x32kg Leg curls 12x40kg 12x50kg 12x50kg 8x55kg 6x6kg, 6x40kg, 8x30kg Leg extensions 12x70kg 12x79kg 12x88kg 12x91kg 12x98kg 10x105kg, 12x 88kg, 8x70kg, 6x49kg Adductors/abductors 5x16x100kg each Leg curls 13x50kg 12x55kg 13x60kg 12x55kg Hack sqauts 12x100kg 12x100kg 12x100kg Calf raises 10xbw + 60kg 10xbw + 60kg 10xbw+60kg 10xbw+60kg L sit Leg raises 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw Russian twists 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg Dragon flags 5xbw
  10. Stalin's log

    Shoulder/back day Deadlifts 6x60kg 8x100kg 1x120kg 8x100kg 8x100kg 10x100kg Barbell ohp 12x20kg 6x40kg 5x45kg 6x40kg 6x40kg Lat pullovers 12x60kg 11x100kg 12x100kg 8x120kg 12x100kg Bodybuilder rows 12x60kg 10x60kg 11x60kg 10x60kg 11x6pkg Facepulls 12x40kg 12x45kg 11x50kg 11x55kg 11x60kg Lat pulldowns (wide) 10x56kg 8x56kg 6x56kg 6x63kg 8x56kg, 6x49kg, 6x42kg dB ohp 8x20kg e 8x20kg e 8x20kg e 8x20kg e 8x20kg e Superset with sir Charles raises 8x6kg e 8x6kg e 7x6kg e 7x6kg e Going to finish off my back tmrw (Yestrtdayd log)
  11. Stalin's log

    Leg day Bw morning:68kg Sumo deadlift 6x60kg 6x80kg 8x100kg 1x120kg 8x100kg 8x100kg Sqauts 8x60kg 6x70kg 6x80kg 6x80kg 5x80kg 8x70kg Hack sqauts 12x60kg 12x100kg 8x120kg 8x120kg 12x100kg 12x100kg Leg extensions 12x70kg 12x77kg 12x84kg 11x91kg 11x98kg 10x105kg, 6x 70kg, 6x 56kg, 6x28kg Calf raises 12xbw+56kg 12xbw+61kg 12xbw+70kg 12xbw+79kg 12xbw+88kg, 7xbw+70kg, 8xbw+49kg Leg curls 12x35kg 12x40kg 12x45kg 11x50kg 6x60kg, 6x40kg, 8x35kg, 7x30kg Abductors 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg Adductors 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg 16x100kg Leg curls 12x49kg 12x56kg 12x63kg 12x70kg L sit Leg raises 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw Russian twists 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg 20xbw+10kg Dragon flags 5xbw
  12. Stalin's log

    Chest/arm day Bw: 67kg Flat bench 12x40kg 8x50kg 6x60kg 6x60kg 5x60kg 8x50kg Incline bench 10x40kg 6x50kg 6x50kg 5x50kg 7x45kg 9x45kg Machine Arm curl 12x35kg 12x40kg 12x45kg 9x45kg 12x40kg 8x45kg dB press 8x24kg e 8x26kg e 7x26kg e 6x26kg e 6x26kg e 8x24kg Machine cable curls 12x40kg 10x45kg 7x50kg 9x45kg 12x40kg 12x40kg, 12x30kg, 7x20kg Tricep pushdowns (bar) 12x60kg 12x65kg 9x70kg 12x65kg 12x60kg Tricep pushdown (rope) 12x50kg 12x55kg 7x60kg 12x55kg Pec fly (machine) 12x60kg 11x65kg 7x70kg 8x65kg 8x60kg Wide grip cable curls 12x40kg 12x45kg 9x40kg 10x35kg 9x35kg Tricep pushdown 12x70kg 12x79kg 8x88kg 8x97kg Seated incline hammer curls 7x14kg e 7x14kg e 6x14kg e 8x12kg e Seated curls 10x12kg e 8x12kg e 7x12kg e 7x12kg e
  13. Stalin's log

    Back/shoulder day Conventional deadlifts 6x60kg 6x80kg 8x100kg 1x120kg 8x100kg 9x100kg BB ohp 6x40kg 6x40kg 4x45kg 6x40kg BB ohp 6x22kg e 6x22kg e 10x20kg e 10x20kg e Iso rows 12x2 plates e 12x2.5 plates e 10x3 plates e 12x2.5 plates e 12x2.5 plates e Close grip lat pulldowns 8x70kg 7x70kg 6x70kg 9x63kg 8x63kg, 6x49kg, 6x42kg, 12x28kg Wide grip lat pulldowns 9x56kg 10x56kg 6x63kg 7x56kg 7x63kg, 12x42kg, 12x35kg Cable Rows (close grip) 12x56kg 8x63kg 7x63kg 8x63kg Cable rows (wide grip) 10x56kg 9x56kg 10x56kg 8x56kg Kneeling facepulls 12x45kg 11x50kg 10x50kg 10x50kg 12x45kg 12x45kg, 13x35kg, 12x30kg Rear delt fly's 12x60kg 12x65kg 11x70kg 8x75kg Lat raises 12x30kg 12x35kg 12x40kg 8x45kg 9x40kg Barbell shrugs 12x60kg 6x100kg 8x80kg 11x80kg 8x6xbw pullups T bar rows 12x1.5 plates 12x2 plates 8x2.5 plates 12x2 plates 10x2 plates
  14. Stalin's log

    Bw morning : 66.5kg Flat bench 12x60kg 8x50kg 6x60kg 5x60kg 6x60kg 8x50kg paused + lifted legs dB bench 8x24kg e 8x26kg e 8x26kg e 7x26kg e 6x26kg e 8x24kg e Machine curls 12x40kg 8x45kg 9x45kg 8x45kg 6x50kg Incline bench 10x40kg 7x50kg 6x50kg 4x50kg 7x45kg 10x40kg BB curls 11x25kg 10x25kg 9x25kg 9x25kg 10x25 kg Close grip BB curls 10x25kg 10x25kg 9x25kg 10x25kg 10x25kg Tricep pulldowns (rope) 12x50kg 11x55kg 6x60kg 11x55kg 12x55kg Tricep pulldown (bar) 12x60kg 8x65kg 6x70kg 10x65kg 10x65kg, 12x50kg, 8x30kg Pec fly's 12x60kg 10x65kg 7x70kg 10x65kg 11x60kg Skull crusher's 12x20kg 12x25kg 8x25kg 7x25kg 7x25kg 12x20kg Incline hammer curls 8x14kg e 10x14kg e 8x14kg e 12x12kg e Seated curls 8x12kg e 8x12kg e 6x12kg e 12x10kg e 11x10kg e Tricep pushdowns 12x70kg 12x79kg 9x88kg 8x106kg
  15. Stalin's log

    Back/shoulder day Deadlift 8x60kg 8x80kg 6x100kg 4x110kg 8x100kg 6x100kg Ohp 6x40kg 7x40kg 6x40kg 6x40kg dB ohp 6x22kg 5x22kg 10x20kg 9x20kg Lat pulldown 8x70kg c 10x56kg w 5x70kg c 9x56kg w 8x63kg c 8x56kg w 8x63kg, 6x49kg, 12x 35kg 12x28kg c 7x63kg, 8x49kg, 12x 35kg 12x28kg w Rows (close grip) 12x56kg 10x63kg 10x63kg 8x63kg Rows (wide grip) 10x56kg 8x56kg 8x56kg 8x56kg 12x49kg Facepulls 12x540kg 12x45kg 10x50kg 12x45kg 12x40kg 12x45kg, 35kg, 25kg Iso rows 12x2 plates e 12x2.5 plates e 12x3 plates e 12x2.5 plates e 12x2.5 plates e 12x2 plates e Rear delt fly's 12x60kg 12x65kg 10x70kg 12x65kg Lat raises 12x35kg 12x40kg 10x45kg 12x40kg 10x40kg Shrugs 12x30kg e 12x30kg e 12x30kg e 12x30kg e 12x30kg e T bar rows 8x2 plates 10x1.5 plates 10x1.5 plates 12x1 plate 6x6xbw pullups L sit raises 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw 20xbw Russian twists 20xbw +10kg 20xbw +10kg 20xbw +10kg 20xbw +10kg 20xbw +10kg 6xbw dragon flags