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  1. Stalin's log

    Bw morning : 64.7kg Back/shoulder day + a few bicep and chest sets since a mate came 5xpreacher curls 12x20kg 8x25kg 6x30kg 4x30kg 5x30kg 5xt bar rows 6x60kg 6x60kg 6x60kg 6x65kg 6x65kg 6x conventional deadlifts 12x60kg 7x80kg 5x100kg 2x105kg 1x110kg 7x80kg 8xlat pulldowns alternating grip, to failure 7x63kg c 8x56kg 7x63kg 7x56kg 6x63kg 7x56kg 8x63kg, 6x49kg, 5x42kg, 4x35kg c 7x63kg, 3x56kg, 4x42kg, 3x35kg w 5xFlat bench 12x40kg 5x50kg 1x60kg 2x52.5kg 12x40kg 5xrear delt flys 10x60kg 8x65kg 7x70kg 10x60kg 10x60kg 4x70kg, 6x60kg, 6x40kg, 3x35kg 5x lat raises 12x35kg, 8x35kg, 6x35kg, 6x35kg 8x35kg, 12x25kg, 10x 20kg 5xpullups 7xbw w 6xbw c 5xbw w 6xbw c 5xbw w 5xdb overhead press 7x20kg 6x20kg 5x20kg 6x18kg 5x machine rows to failure + dropset 7x56kg 7x56kg 6x56kg 6x56kg 3x63, 4x49, 4x35, 8x28kg Skipped abs because lazy c*nt
  2. Stalin's log

    better than nothing mate, and its a fair way to log stuff
  3. Stalin's log

    17, and im training primarily for aesthetics atm, dont really have a specfic goal in mind, nice to see that this old forum is still somewhat active tho :)
  4. Stalin's log

    Bw morning : 64.02kg Arm/Chest + core day 6xmachine arm curls ( to failure + dropset) 8x40kg 9x40kg 6x45kg 6x45kg 7x40kg 3x50kg, 1x45kg, 7x35kg, 6x 25kg 6xBench press to failure 12x40kg 6x50kg 3x55kg 3x1/2 60kg 1x60kg 3x50kg 5xdB bench to failure 5x24kg each 5x24kg each 6x22kg each 6x22kg each 6x22kg each 8x curls alternating grip ezcurl 6x30kg wide 6x30kg close 6x30kg w 6x30kg c 12x20kg w 7x22.5kg c 6x27.5kg w 6x27.5kg c 6xtricep pulldowns (rope + dropset) 8x20kg 8x20kg 6x25kg 6x25kg 4x30kg 5xChest fly's (machine + dropset) 8x60kg 7x65kg 5x70kg 7x65kg 2x75kg, 5x55kg, 3x45kg, 5x 35kg 6xSeated incline hammer curls 6x12kg each 6x12kg e 6x12kg e 6x12kg e 6x12kg e 5x12kg e 6xtricep extensions + dropset 6x45kg 6x45kg 6x45kg 6x45kg 8x40kg 2x50kg, 4x40kg 7x30kg 6x dips alternating grip 8xbw close 6xbw wide 6xbw c 6xbw w 6xbw c 6xbw w 4x l sits 16xbw + hold to failure 16xbw + hold to failure 16xbw + hold to failure 16xbw + hold to failure 4xweighted situps 12xbw +20kg 12xbw +20kg 12xbw +20kg 12xbw +30kg
  5. Stalin's log

    Bw morning : 63.4kg Shoulder/back day 6x deadlift 12x60kg 10x90kg 6x100kg 1x105kg 1x110kg 10x90kg 6x seated Db shoulder press ( to failure ) 8x20kg each 6x20kg each 5x20kg each 6x18kg each 6x18kg each 6x18kg each 8x lat pulldowns alternating wide/close to failure 6x63kg close 7x56kg wide 6x63kg c 6x56kg w 6x56kg c 8x49kg w 3x70kg, 4x56kg, 6x49kg, 5x35kg c (dropset 1) c 2x63kg, 5x49kg, 3x42kg, 14x 28kg (dropset 2) w 5xRear delt flys (to failure) + dropset 9x60kg 7x65kg 4x70kg 8x65kg 75kgx5, 60kgx5, 45kgx6, 40kgx7 6xmachine weighted rows ( to failure) + dropset 7x56kg 6x56kg 5x56kg 8x49kg 8x49kg 2x63kg, 5x49kg, 7x42kg, 5x35kg 5xmachine lat raises 6x40kg 6x40kg 8x35kg 8x35kg 6x35kg 5x T bar rows ( to failure) 6x 60kg 6x60kg 6x60kg 5x60kg 10x50kgs 5xshrugs dB 14x24kg each 13x24kg each 12x24kg each 12x24kg each 6xpullups (alternating grip, to failure) 6xbw w 8xbw c 5xbw w 5xbw c 5xbw w 5xbw c
  6. Stalin's log

    First post, been lifting and eating properly for about 6 months now, chronically overtrain. Currently lean bulking, counting macros Low bw, fairly shredded 63kg/11% bf Focusing BB but sometimes powerlift, 1:20 rest time for non compounds, 2-2:30 for compounds Leg day today 6x sqauts to failure/near failure 8x60kg 8x60kg 6x65kg 5x65kg 6x70kg 3x70kg 6x Sumo deadlifts to failure on top sets 12x90kg 6x100kg 3x110kg 6x105kg 8x90kg 6x90kg 6xleg extensions (drospet last set) 12x63kg 12x70kg 10x77kg 9x84kg 7x91kg 8x98kg + drops (didn't record) 5xStanding calf raises (dropset) 12x63kg 12x70kg 12x77kg 10x84kg 8x91kg + drops 5xcalf leg press/leg press (calf leg press with safety on then leg press immediately after) 10x120kg 8x120kg 8x120kg 6x180kg 6x180kg 6xleg curls to failure top sets + dropset 12x 56kg 12x 63kg 12x70kg 11x77kg 11x83kg 7x90kg + 3 drops 5x sitting calf raises 8x20kg + bw 14x20kg + bw 12x20kg + bw 12x20kg + bw 12x20kg + bw 3xabduction 12x 85kg 11x90kg 7x95kg 3xinduction 12x95kg 12x90kg 12x90kg 4x glutedrive ( hip thrusts ) 12x100kg 12x110kg 12x110kg 12x110kg