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  1. Is your job bullshit?

    Well, I can't say it's that bad, and the fact that I work from home makes me like my job even more. I'm a forex trader, and I know that many people would like to get into that field as well because it's quite profitable, but it's pretty hard, I have to say. This platform http://usforexbrokers.com/ helps me a lot choose the broker, so if you try becoming a trader yourself, highly recommend that page to you.
  2. nzbb gamers

    For me, there's no reason to buy a gaming console because I usually play shooters, and it's more convenient for me to aim using a gaming mouse. So it was a better decision for me to upgrade my computer, and my gaming experience has improved a lot. Now I even manage to get more skins like cs go xm1014 than before and sell them, and I don't feel like getting a gaming console at all.
  3. Death from a Power Cut

    Don't you think that traditional funerals have outlived their usefulness as much as possible? I think that now we have to make a choice in favor of something else. I don’t know why cremation and mini urns are so negative in my country, but it seems to me that it is more environmentally friendly and more respectful towards the deceased person than burying him on the ground
  4. When I play computer games, on the contrary, I lose weight, because they fascinate me so much that I forget about food. I missed the moment when buying a skin for m4a4 on https://dmarket.com/csgo-skins/product-card/m4a4-desolate-space became more interesting and important for me than buying products in the store.
  5. Can I have a coffee please???

    Good afternoon, everyone! K-Cups are a type of coffee capsules that are used in single-serving coffee makers. There are many K-Cups brands that you can buy online and offline. I found for myself k cups on sale on the Internet pretty quickly, as well as quickly prepare such coffee.
  6. Fun n Games

    I do sports, but only cyber, I really like to go through all sorts of levels in games, but so far I mostly play counterstrike, of course I can't do without skins, they really help to diversify the game, because after a couple of months of playing cs go, it seems that everything is the same there, thanks to the skins that at least do not let you go crazy from the uniformity of the game. My last purchase was cs go usps. And what was yours?
  7. NFS Supplements

    Well, I've never used it either, so I can hardly tell you how effective it is. In fact, the food supplement Bio X4 helped me a lot in achieving my goal in terms of weight and athletic shape, the composition of which you can see at the following link . I had to give up junk food in order to see the results of exercise, and this supplement helped me with it.
  8. There are so many different nutritional supplements out there now. Sometimes I get lost in a huge variety when I try to find something specific. With the help of reviews on various sites, I decided to buy Dermal Repair Complex . In fact, this complex is well worth the money because I can see my skin starting to look better than it did a while ago.
  9. olimp supplements

    Nutritional supplements are something I love very much. I'm always interested in trying new products and assessing how well they perform the declared qualities. Right now my favorite addition is the apple-cinnamon-flavored invigorating drink I ordered from this site . I replaced it with my morning cup of coffee, and I feel a significant amount of energy.
  10. Gymnation app

    There are so many different applications and solutions for business development now. For some reason, I ignored these proposals for a long time, although I could have developed my business much earlier. Now I got kindgeek.com credit scoring solutions and it really helps me understand which way to go for good results.
  11. waste of money????!!!!

    You shouldn't stop just because you assume that it's a waste of money. It's not, and if you're so worried about your finances, you can try to raise your income, and there are many sources for that. For example, you can try trading, and this page https://www.ironfx.com/en/ironfx-trading-school will help you learn all the necessary information. Just don't give you on your passion.
  12. Movie making software

    There are so many software solutions now that I don't know how to navigate this technological world and what to choose, because the choice is really huge. If I can't find what would suit me, then I turn to specialists who offer software development services. It immediately solves all my problems, because I can be calm about the result, knowing that everything will be fine.
  13. Kiwi muscle kitchen bulking for summer?

    Did you manage to gain muscles? I started to work out as well, and I hope I'll be bigger by the spring. I know that it's also important to keep a diet full of proteins. I used to eat only junk food, but now I'm determined to cook at home, and since I got new Solid Wood Cabinets Philadelphia, it won't be torture for me to stay in the kitchen and cook there.