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  1. Prices

    $120 for TestE 250, $100 each for qty of 4 or more. Used the same guy for a couple of years now and he's helped out some peeps on here too. Msg me for his deets.
  2. Kiwijuice Test

    Ive used this guy for years and just ordered some Sus400. Hit him up on WhatsApp. No orals anymore tho :( WhatsApp +642041251784 (Big Nic)
  3. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    NZ Needle Exchange Program http://www.nznep.org.nz Great Service and Initiative with an Online Store to purchase kits etc. Find a local Exchange and everything is free...
  4. Kiwijuice Test

    British Dragon used to be the absolute best of the best but anything British dragon these days is counterfeit as and has been for like 6+years now.
  5. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    I work at a gym and have spoken to a few people who tried their products and not very good results or feedback in my opinion. I handful of others have ordered through a site called Purerawz and have had crazy experiences with their rad product. Visually, I never noticed much gains etc and I see them everyday. I'm old school tho, nothing better than good old test. I have a good source down the south island, since 2018, always comes through, test never fails! I'm all for the SARMs revolution tho but it's pretty expensive in comparison. Pm me if anyone wants me to forward my guys number. Beast mode 4L