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  1. Hello! so this is going to be a bit of a long post - so sorry in advance. Hey folks, I'm trying incredibly hard to get back in shape, however, years of injuries - herniated disc, recent osteoarthritis, stiff bones from broken knee and foot etc. have made post gym recovery incredibly difficult and in turn off putting. I'm carrying 95kg at 6ft3 so quite difficult to motoviate in pain. I'm a total newbie to peptides, but it seems (possibly naively) that GHRP-2 could be incredibly helpful in my journey. I'm working on a whole food, balanced diet - think eggs for breakfast, smoothie for lunch (green, no dairy) and a barley based Buddha bowl for dinner, lots of weights and a touch of cardio. Would the community recommend a course of 5mg GHRP-2 nasal spray? A website I've found advises 4 doses a day via nasal spray...any thoughts on if it would be worth it? Is there specific times to take the sprays? A junior Dr friend of mine mentioned to take note of the difference between analogue and releasers, with releasers being dangerous, to quote..."Your pituitary gland is incredibly sensitive to neuroendocrine change. It also sits right on top of where your optic nerves intersect. Just not worth it" So here's the questions in a nutshell... Is GHRP-2 SAFE? Is the nasal spray worth it, or should injection be the more effective administration? How often should I actually take it? Thank you all for your patience and look forward to hearing some solid advice. Cheers.