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  1. Why cycle?

    Following my previous posts. T level measured in at a good 29nmol/L At half cycle of 4ml of Reandron 1000 every 12 weeks. This puts me at the top end of the 'normal' range. Thank you Daz or your input, I will continue this treatment now on smaller, weekly injections with consideration to possibly injecting twice a week in order to reduce the massive peaks and troughs.
  2. I stumbled upon an interesting topic: Dr. Crisler has taken his extensive clinical experience and written a practical "best practices" guide for both clinicians and patients to follow. Testosterone Replacement Therapy—A Recipe For Success. He suggests that subcutaneous testosterone injections give you more bang for the buck, even suggesting that 80 mg. of testosterone given sub-Q works as well as 100 mg. given intramuscularly. Here is a video where he explains: I would love to hear your input, opinions and considerations?
  3. Testosterone expiry dates?

    Great advice thank you!
  4. Why cycle?

    Thank you Dan, After a very long fight with doctors and endocrinologists in NZ, I was eventually diagnosed with hypogonadism. A lot has happened since then and I have not been working out for a few years since that diagnosis. Currently with a new doctor who is trying to get an understanding of where my T levels are, so am following the recommended dosage while he is ordering tests. Due to lockdowns, I am unable to get to gym, so it suits me, and this 'research' is an attempt to understand and devise a regimen for when I am able to get to gym again. (Might have to put a home gym together again :) Thank you for taking the time to respond to my queries, I will keep you updated with the progress.
  5. Testosterone expiry dates?

    Thank you for your advice cdqui. I suspected it would probably be ok because the carrier is an oil which should be relatively stable.... really good to get confirmation. After 5 years of not working out, I just managed to get properly motivated and started working out again when the latest lockdown hit... Starting to get frustrated with all these lockdowns keeping me out of gym so might have to rebuild my home gym!
  6. Testosterone expiry dates?

    Thank you Daz, would it be an issue if it was stored in a plastic bottle rather that the original glass with rubber stopper? I have about 100ml stored and would hate to throw it away if it was still good to use!
  7. Why cycle?

    As always, thank you for the response and great advice! If the recommended dose of reandron is 4ml every 3 months, what would you suggest as 'less, but more frequent'? Assuming 4ml over 3 months to put me within the 'normal' range, would suggest 1.3 ml every month, or 0.325 ml every week. If I injected 0.5 ml per week then it would equate to a 50% increase, Would that be in line with what you suggesting? I am awaiting blood results for mid cycle (1.5 months) of standard dosage of 4ml reandron and should have the results next week which should help in calculating total dosage to at least get me towards the higher side of the range (8.3-29nmol/L for my age) Again, thank you for the advice!
  8. Why cycle?

    Newby question: what is the reason to cycle with steroids? I suspect it is to give the body a chance tonrecover natural production after having artificially increasing testosterone levels in the body. I have been placed on TRT and have a reandron injection every 3 months to bring my Test levels to within the 'normal' range... would taking reandron every two months to boost my Test levels even higher be beneficial to body building? And what are the negatives to 'higher than 'normal' levels of Test for extended periods, rather than cycle on and off be?
  9. I bought some enanthate and cypionate a few years back but because I wasn't working out, I didn't use it. Is there an expiry date for steroids and if so, what can happen if I use it?