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  1. DBOL + DECA? EQ?

    So I bought a bottle of 50 x 50mg DBOL capsules for $85, and then learned by popping one that NO ONE needs a 50 shot unless they want a heart attack, so I opened the capsules and dissolved them in apple juice to divide them into 3 doses each. Gained 10 lbs in a month on 17mg/day as the last 4 weeks of a cycle. Fattened up a bit too, which I'm leery about. Then I lost the 10 lbs after the cycle, even with HCG and then Clomid. I won't end a cycle with a month of DBOL again. It drops you off a cliff. With EQ it was a mild transition to PCT. It's been 2 months and I only gained back 5 lbs. But now I have alot of DBOL left over and I'm looking to save a buck on my next cycle (shit adds up). Can I use low-dose DBOL as a test base for DECA or EQ and avoid the estrogenic side effects and loss of gains post cycle? Like 10mg/day? 5mg? My first cycle was Test E + EQ 1cc each and I gained 35 lbs in 4 months and kept all of it. If I could trade the DBOL for that, I would. I'm just looking to use what I have to save money. What are your thoughts?